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 There will be a strong earthquake

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There will be a strong earthquake Empty
PostSubject: There will be a strong earthquake   There will be a strong earthquake I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 2:10 pm

Around the earthquake in Sumatra region (Indonesia) on 11-4, Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuong - Deputy Director of Center of notification of earthquakes and tsunami warning (Institute of Geophysics)

Earthquakes on the Pacific Ring of Fire is always permanent. If you look at this evolution, will continue the strong earthquake, even destructive and does not exclude the possibility of more in the future. However, countries which are full of fire that ring like Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines have suffered the most damage due to earthquakes and tsunamis.

* The earthquake in Sumatra (Indonesia) in 2004 up 9.2 on the Richter scale caused a tsunami destruction in VN but imperceptible vibration. Why earthquake on 11-4 -2012 lesser magnitude earthquake in 2004 and affects people in VN buildings feel very well, sir?

- This is not difficult to understand the situation generated by earthquakes of two different earthquakes. Earthquakes arise on the mouth of cracks in the fracture. Faults always have cracks in the middle and two wings (stratigraphic array - PV) on either side. Two wings can be located offset each other or in parallel, also called hanging off the wing lies.

The earthquake in 2004 two wings overthrust sliding mechanism, ie a rising wing and a wing dip by almost vertical mechanisms, like throwing a stone into the pond surface perpendicular to cause a tsunami.

But the earthquake on the wings slide 11-4 parallel, parallel to the Earth's surface, parallel to the horizontal plane should not cause a tsunami. However this mechanism to spread further and shock proof is in VN, Thailand, Singapore vibration felt clearer.

With the above that the vibration of tall buildings felt the tremors can be classified into three levels (MSK-64 scale consists of 12 levels), so only very mild discomfort in the light and falling objects, not breaking or cracking house walls.

* The last time there are some earthquakes occurred off the coast of Binh Thuan and Vung Tau. He said the earthquake was related to the operation of the Pacific Ring of Fire, or not?

- System Fault runs 109 degrees longitude and faulting Thuan Hai - Minh Hai in this area is considered to be lower than the deficit in the Sumatra fault or Japan, the Philippines. It has been assigned the type of faults and faults cause earthquakes cause destruction or Sumatra tsunami as Tohoku (Japan) in the highest grade for deep faulting thousands of kilometers long.

We thought the solid crust of the Earth was found and beat a crack large pieces, each piece which covers an array continent as Australia, Asia, Europe array. Boundary edges of the tectonic boundary that coincides with the Ring of Fire. But inside the array is the type of leg fracture, such as birds to small. VN in small cracks should still have earthquakes but no earthquake destruction level of 8.7 or 9 on the Richter scale.

Pacific Ring of Fire

According to Dr. Nguyen Dinh Xuyen - former Director of the Institute of Geophysics, Pacific belt of faults on the array crust on the Pacific Ocean from Alaska (USA) to Japan - New Zealand is considered to occur belt largest earthquakes, known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. This is where the junction between the continents left-dimensional motions: the Eurasian mainland moved to the east, the Pacific plate also known as oceanic crust array reverse motion.

When two arrays meet the overthrust Eurasian continental plates up, but wished array ocean down to 500-700m and generated strong earthquakes here as a tsunami earthquake in Japan in 2011.

According to Trans, of the strong earthquake like this will provoke different places on different rings around the planet. Accommodation which stresses the impact energy has reached the limit, then an earthquake. Not until that time that the stimulus will occur earlier earthquakes. This phenomenon has been observed and can not prove even confirm earthquake happens anywhere.
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There will be a strong earthquake

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