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 Aircraft rental, car rescue premature infants weighing 1.2 kg

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Aircraft rental, car  rescue premature infants  weighing 1.2 kg Empty
PostSubject: Aircraft rental, car rescue premature infants weighing 1.2 kg   Aircraft rental, car  rescue premature infants  weighing 1.2 kg I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 2:16 pm

He outstretched limbs jubilantly back pedal. Hard one to believe more than three months ago, the family was dumbfounded when she suddenly born at 27 weeks of pregnancy may be round, weighs a mere 1.2 kg, acute respiratory failure ...

That baby Cao Trung Dung, born when the clock about to move to a new day of new year: 1-1-2012.

The aircraft landed without

Nguyen Thi Hai had a miscarriage nearly a dozen times, tried to preserve absolute rest from knowing she was pregnant has not stopped the fetus in the abdomen requires early. More than 26 weeks pregnant, two abdominal pain, ultrasound results back home pregnant, inform your doctor saw two little feet sticking out cover. Immediately she was hospitalized Hai Lai Chau Provincial Hospital for injections to keep her as long as possible.

But all attempts to keep her only two days more, she should have surgery shallow amniotic fold.

He trem-theft 1.2 kg infant, as small as a cat, doctors want to move from room to incubators also can not lift, resigns in order to advance to a ... pot for easy moving.

A doctor close family heartily recommend: "To hope is to move to Hanoi, treatment at Children's Hospital Central in the first 24 hours. Have moved too far, for cars without power incubator, the family must accept the risk ... ". The family problems such as silk you.

"Or hire a helicopter to Hanoi to welcome baby". Somewhat illusory idea of ​​people thought she did not expect the family to respond immediately. Contact the Company Service Representative northern flying in the night, the family received notice of contract: "Flight Lai Chau - Hanoi has more than $ 20,000, ie more than 400 million. Song on New Year weather is very bad, can not land the plane. If aircraft can not land, the family must pay 50% of contract value. "

But the bad weather days 1-1, low temperature, have to wait until 12g new aircraft take off from Hanoi. 14g plane to Lai Chau. Before this, people want to move Lai Chau to Hanoi by plane must still go around 200km over Dien Bien.

There is no point landing, her family has agreed to local police for help, please be parked at the provincial square. But the helicopter arrived, parking and can not find the way to land. Bad weather, the temperature drops below 5 ° C, thick fog, landing doses can cause disaster.

"The plane can not fly more than 30 minutes on the square if you want enough fuel to return to the landing point. You sympathize, flight failure "- information from the flight service department which ones are the baby's elbow down.

"Although no longer popular at the news, I decided to implement the final plan: take her back to Hanoi by car with mileage of not less than 10 hours" - Mr. Cao Van Hang, her father Dung recalled.


But going by plane or by car, the family is completely have to worry about "logistics" to use the incubator. According to the technical staff of the Hospital of Lai Chau province, incubator works with 220V power supply, while airplanes and cars only very limited power, can not be used to run the incubator. The family rode back to find the "manufacture" battery, electric pulses to be able to use power in place for the operation of an incubator.

Dr. Nhu Le - deputy head of neonatal central Children's Hospital - said of a special incubator 500km journey from Lai Chau to Hanoi has made it wonderful. "Only the new hospital specialized vehicle equipped with an incubator, the rest moved away from this emergency plan usually only squeeze ball or cradling her son in the form of" kangaroo "should usually be down to child health very fast. Many premature infants are transported from this far along were all purple, severe infections, so treatment is very limited recovery "- the doctor as saying.

Over nearly 500km car ride to Hanoi was about safety.

However, when she Dung also hospitalized infections, two tiny toes had gangrene, a few minutes to stop breathing once. Both the first month he ate only by the sonde, along the two arms, two legs always plug in all kinds of infusion. But after two months of treatment, she has added 2 kg. Up to now round three and a half months old, she weighs 5kg, not different enough children born full-term date.

Today 12-4, to share with Youth special cases, the doctor as not hide the feeling: "Despite the direct care, monitoring the baby two months since the last birth but an appointment weeks ago I still do not recognize. The function, weight, current developments ... What indicators are no longer carrying "traces" of a child born prematurely. "

The aircraft was hired nurses

Company representatives flew north for the services or companies sometimes receive shipping orders emergency patients.

"Most customers are foreigners, adventure travel, accident, no other way to use helicopters to move than to Hanoi. Vietnamese patients are very few, increasingly rare neonatal disease. Aircraft rental costs are very expensive ... ".

Many people know little doubt Dung will be born into a family of great new adult should "be played" so. "Absolutely not. I am a nurse of the hospital district, sub-family my wife traded construction materials, "he said Cao Van Hang.
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Aircraft rental, car rescue premature infants weighing 1.2 kg

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