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 These amazing about Bill Gates

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These amazing about Bill Gates Empty
PostSubject: These amazing about Bill Gates   These amazing about Bill Gates I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 4:22 pm

Each day Bill Gates earns $ 20 million, if the assets of billionaire change into paper money 1 USD can make the path from earth to the moon ... It's a few examples of the 9 interesting comparison around the fortune of billionaire Bill Gates, founder of software maker Microsoft.

1. Bill Gates earns 250 USD per second, about 20 million dollars per day and $ 7.8 billion a year.

2. If he dropped a dollar, he will not bother picking up again as this takes 4 seconds, or about $ 1,000.

3. America's debt is 5.62 trillion, if the debt is assigned, Bill Gates will be repaid in less than 10 years.

4. Bill Gates can make about 15 dollars for charity every person on Earth that still retains its own $ 5 million.

5. Athletes Michael Jordan is the highest paid in America. If the athlete does not eat and drink, keeping the entire income of about $ 30 million per year must wait until age 227 as rich as Bill Gates today.

6. If Bill Gates is a country, he will be the 37th wealthiest nation on earth.

7. If you can change all of Bill Gates money into sheets 1 USD, you can make the path connecting the earth to the moon. To make the path by 1 USD bills, you have to take 1,400 years and 713 using Boeing 747 aircraft to transport that amount.

8. This year, Bill Gates was at the age of 54. If suppose to live for 35 years, he was to spend U.S. $ 6.78 million per day to all the money he earns now.

9. If the Microsoft Windows operating system can get $ 1 for every time your computer crashes because of errors of the operating system, Bill Gates will be bankrupt in just 3 days.
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These amazing about Bill Gates

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