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  Tips to help her choose safe fruits

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 Tips to help her choose safe fruits Empty
PostSubject: Tips to help her choose safe fruits    Tips to help her choose safe fruits I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 26, 2012 7:04 pm

Fruit is an indispensable food for humans, especially pregnant women.
However, fruits should be selected carefully, thoroughly fresh and new to ensure health safety.
In apples contain vitamins and minerals such as maclic acid, tannin ... so eat more apples can keep your posture in pregnancy, avoid excess weight, obesity. At the same time help a baby has good resistance from within the womb. In addition, apples contain the necessary ingredients for the development of fetal bones and teeth and helps pregnant women to prevent osteoporosis.
Choose apples are packed in bags. This apple peel cleaner, less affected by air pollution, pesticides and preservatives. Autumn is apple season so this is also the season you will not be afraid apple drug.
Using your fingers press the apples are sure to see it or not, the color of the apples must be bright, apple should look smooth, faultless bruises. apple must be new and do not stink.
Read carefully the source, origin, safety of the apple. Apples in the new local farms and more aromatic fruit was preserved in the store.
Grapefruit are sour, sweet, cool, non-toxic, non cooling effect, resolution of sputum, ... can also treat saliva and constant cravings of pregnant women.
To pick grapefruit juicy, succulent, the parents should pay attention to the outer shell: shiny, pips, left circle and picking up a heavy right hand. Many people do not notice the spikes on grapefruit peel notes, but it is a sign that you recognize that young and old that grapefruit and grapefruit notes aging the larger spines on the shell.
According to scientists, is one of the orange fruits containing vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and fiber ... very nutritious for the body of pregnant women.
When choosing a good cam, pregnant mothers should note the increase results in hand, the light is too little water, foam, dry. Do not choose orange, bright yellow citrus, has fallen stalks - the expression of nine presses, insect, bee stings ...
Choose chicken fat yellow fruits, accounting for at least 1/3 fruit, smooth skin, blurred spots, thin skin.
Do not choose too big orange fruit, the skin rough, yellow Choe a party - fruit sunburn, so thick and sorrow, little water, not sweet.
Mango has good effects on the immune system due to tropical fruit contains many minerals, especially calcium and iron. According to studies, mangoes contain 3 times the amount of iron compared to other fruits. Therefore, the nutrition experts recommend that pregnant women with anemia and those who regularly eat mangoes, increasing the hemoglobin in the blood, this is the substance that keeps blood iron. Mango is actually a rich source of vitamins and useful!
The mother elected to pay attention when choosing mangoes, choose fruit with glossy skin stretch, light yellow, do not get deep black fruit, bark wrinkled, flaccid. First song ripe fruit, firm, abdomen below one eye, the small particles.
Le is a fruit with the cool, sweet sour, helping pregnant women low pressure, heat, diuretic, center bar margins lungs, cough sputum loss and refreshments. In addition, during pregnancy, women often face and hands were swollen legs, symptoms of high blood pressure, eat pears regularly will remedy this for you.
Mother elected attention when buying pears indeed to choose fresh, smooth skin, flawless stamping, deep. Unripe pears are light-colored crystal ball. Pear can be yellow, pinkish or blue. In general, color does not show much sweetness of the pear, because of crystal blue, yellow pears are delicious and sweet ... even if you know how to choose them.
Pineapple is known as a functional food, useful for health. It contains vitamin A, C, manganese, potassium, magnesium ... to protect tissues from oxidation leads to stress. The latest research shows bromelain in pineapple work to reduce swelling phenomenon. Eating pineapple also work drinks, beautiful skin, weight maintenance. The mother elected not necessarily pineapple diet as many people think that just eating as is reasonable.
When buying pineapple, the fruit to pick her memory, the eyes are, golden, flip the sure hand - sweet, succulent pineapple sure is delicious.
This is a favorite fruit because it helps remove the depression. In the banana ingredient helps the brain produce 5-HT, to dispel the feeling irritable and pessimistic, very suitable for pregnant women. Bananas are rich in nutrients but low in calories, so she elected assured to eat without worrying about gaining weight but still very good for digestion. The amount of iron in bananas not only provide help for women but also for infants not anemic.
When choosing bananas, she noted election round results were selected, nine spotted, bright yellow or yellowish green, not crushed, not blackened. Bananas too big, will not eat pineapple.
In 100g durian contains 32% Vitamin C, folate (9%) and magnesium (8%). We can say, this is a very good result for her vote.
Your note will have a delicious durian green stems, thick shell. It is common to harvest durian for nine processors.
When buying, you should select the hard green stem, dark sweet aroma, color characteristics, rigid spines, equally rounded bloom, no scratches, deep holes, no cracks, try to feel the shaking in liquid, vibration ...
Mangosteen fruit is extremely nutritious, good for pregnant women. Thus it is known as the queen of fruits. These are snacks that pregnant mothers should not give too light!
Choose mangosteen fruit stalk should choose green, dark purple, soft hand that bent, is the sweetest fruit pulp thin and thick crust. The hard-shelled fruit, light purple, dark circles or wilt is already so long, thick, thin and will not flesh juicy.
Choose fruit with a diameter of 4 to 5 cm, no fruit to pick, if too small the last branch shoots grow, not good.
Stems of fresh, moderately glossy cover, with chalk dust is sticking around nine trees, less sap, very tasty.
To avoid frost, pick fruit dark brown, not speckled wound pus, thick, hard crust.
Avocado capital abundant potassium, which helps baby thrive, strong muscles, improve nervous system (folate-rich avocados than other fruits). In addition, vitamin B6 in avocado also work to reduce the nausea during pregnancy. Vitamin B6 also helps strengthen the immune system, promote metabolism, red blood cell production support.
To pick up real good avocado is not easy, especially with how little you eat butter before. According to popular experience, when choosing butter, let's light hand is bent stem to see the butter is fresh or not. Next, the rice gently for thick or thin, did not hear the results, the rice grain running in thick.
Currently, the butter is still the type of wax is the most popular choice for women rice thick, fleshy and fat ... Often the outside of them are green even when ripe, and the cover is smooth than regular butter.
The safe choice fruit
When the goods, you remember every note is not always safe fruit. It is possible that imported goods originating fruit is not clear, contain preservatives, the shelf ... not good for health. So, when buying please:
- Choose a reliable place to buy.
- Choose fresh fruit stalk
- Fruits have natural color
- Choose fruit feels heavy, sure hands
Some fruit oils when used with nails flick, oil is shooting out quality results, not drenched.
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Tips to help her choose safe fruits

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