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 Sisters given day poem happy 8/3

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Sisters given day poem happy 8/3 Empty
PostSubject: Sisters given day poem happy 8/3   Sisters given day poem happy 8/3 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 26, 2012 7:11 pm

The man of many things he has tremendous
Pass the box of offspring, narrow office daily
I think the submarines, missiles, aircraft
To explore new planets
He is the property of the planet, the universe
He said the oil and silver mines in places where
The ocean recovery by the ship
Going forward on the shortest path
Each of these he is a politician
The story he takes care also of the country.

Knowing how important are set out
These agreements spell rotation world
We are just normal women who do not name
Little thing used to cook every day
Life is harsh to the star
Rice, bread, split firewood you enough oil
Miscellaneous full head thinking about markets
The eggplant, open the file, pickled vegetables
For tennis and Kang, the present and past Superman
Please confess: our indifference class

We also have to queue to buy meat
Shop for sandals to school children
We are interested in soaps, the toothpastes
Lo knit for husband and children from malaria ...

We are the ordinary woman on earth.
Accustomed to daily small kitchen
We do not have submarines, missiles, aircraft
As no atomic nucleus
We only have the fire pot pot
There is love and lullabies
The stork the cauldron from the past
Still catching shrimp swimming in the shallows
Life is a thousand generations serial
As trǎng up, as if a flower every day ...

Without this example we
Is life still life
Who will bring me happiness and sadness happiness
Open ourselves to the hardships he defeat
Think about the world only men
He will not know what love is hate
The fight him but that did not make anything
The world will be old and faded
Who will be born babies
To continue our race, and teach them to love, to sing.

Lay dawn step up his footprints in the sand
The mother gave birth to the Phu Dong Thien Vuong
Even the heads of state or heroes
As I learned ... or who take more
Still a child of a woman
A normal woman, age unknown name

He loved, the greatness of me
He is the sun, they are just a grain of salt
A little salt in the ocean superbly,
Moss unknown words ever
I just beneath the grass
As the dust jacket accidentally
But this morning I did not close the rice
Certainly he did not have the afternoon to eat lunch.
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Sisters given day poem happy 8/3

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