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 9 things parents should pay attention when your baby solid foods

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9 things parents should pay attention when your baby solid foods Empty
PostSubject: 9 things parents should pay attention when your baby solid foods   9 things parents should pay attention when your baby solid foods I_icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2012 3:24 pm

There can be many dangers lurking when she set the baby feeding like food allergies, food intolerance and the risk of suffocation ... Here are nine notes for parents to ensure the safety of food miles:
A. Be careful with food allergies

8 foods "responsible" for 90% of food allergies are milk, wheat, eggs, soybeans, peanuts, seafood, fish, some nuts other than optimistic. Berries, citrus citrus and maize can also cause allergies.

Of course you do not need to completely remove the items on the menu of her though, so avoid feeding them solid foods at an early stage (6 months) when the baby's immune system is still improving.
Two. Gluten intolerance

Glute intolerance is a sign the baby's digestive system can not handle gluten in wheat, rye, oats. Gluten is also present in numerous processed foods. Therefore, when introducing your child a new food, you should carefully consider the different reactions of her body. Intolerance is different than allergies. Allergies related to an autoimmune reaction to a specific food, and gluten intolerance can cause celiac disease, which affects the growth of the baby and should be discussed with the pediatrician.
9 things parents should pay attention when your baby solid foods

There are many hazards "stalking" when your baby solid foods
3. Beware of choking

Anything can be sure (questions) in the throat of the baby are likely to cause choking such as nuts, sausage, vegetables and fruit mass, peanut butter, raisins, hard candy, chewing gum, corn, raisins, dried fruits. Food sticks to the mouth, hard, tough meat, whole berries or large pieces of cheese are also potentially dangerous. When he caught eat, she'll love freely take something into the mouth, and therefore make sure things are not secure enough to stay out of reach of children.
4. Avoid foods that cause illness

Children are particularly vulnerable to foodborne illness because your immune system is fragile, needs to develop. Eggs (runny eggs) can provoke salmonella infection. Cheese, milk is not well maintained will cause listeria bacteria. Shellfish may contain bacteria. Honey is not safe for infants under age 1 because bacteria Clostridium botulinum.
Five. Do not wedge the

The baby does not need the dish and added sugar, as well as to limit processed food with sugar. Eat more sugar from early only increases the risk of tooth decay, not only teeth but also that mature later.

Natural sugar in fruits and vegetables is sufficient to provide the "sweet" for her taste.
6. Limit salt

Do not add salt to your baby's feeding meal or snack any dish you make at home. Should check the sodium levels in processed foods such as meat, cheese, smoked fish ... or are you feeding dish. Many salt makes the baby's kidneys can not handle, causing dehydration. If your child eat with her family, she should draw for a then season to taste.
7. Eliminate additives and preservatives

Children and even adults should avoid the many food additives and preservatives. The best way is your own cooking instead of buying miles for children available. If you choose canned map, should read labels to find out the nutritional components inside.
8. Choose full-fat dairy products (full-fat)

He is very necessary development of fat and calories. The low-fat products can not provide sufficient amounts of nutrients that babies need. In addition to breast milk, formula feeding, the age, she can eat yogurt, cheese ...
9. Do not forget fiber

Fiber is very important quality. It helps your baby's digestive system balance, works well. However, too much fiber can cause the baby has a shortage of other essential nutrients. No exact figures are infants under age 1, then how many grams of fiber per day, but a diet with a balance of nature is important. - - - - - - - - - -

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9 things parents should pay attention when your baby solid foods

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