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 Tell the mother how to adjust salt, pickled baby properly

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Tell the mother how to adjust salt, pickled baby properly Empty
PostSubject: Tell the mother how to adjust salt, pickled baby properly   Tell the mother how to adjust salt, pickled baby properly I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:18 pm

children tolerate large amounts of salt, can cause buildup leading to edema, cardiac arrhythmias ...

Salt, fish sauce enough for baby
Every day, she needs to eat salt depending on the age and maturity of her kidneys. Common to all cases where parents are feeding more salt is the lack of salt.

The starting time for baby feeding (6 months) should not add salt or other spices. After this time, if using powder noodle spicy seasoning is not available any more. If eating milled rice flour (or broth 8 months) it started a little seasoning salt (or fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar ...), depending on the dish. After the meat (fish, flour and porridge) is cooked the seasoning salt (fish sauce) directly into porridge or flour. Need seasoning before the vegetables and cooking oil.

The amount of salt for each child under age:
- Baby 1-3 years: 1.5 g / day.
- Baby 4-8 years: 1.9 g / day.
- Baby 9-13: 2.2 g / day.
- Be 14-18 years: 2.3 g / day.

The amount of sauce for your baby should only be about 1/3 teaspoons and gradually increase. Wedge should be pale because of her taste buds are very sensitive. Adult wedge mouth is just too salty for her.

Other Considerations
If your baby to eat less salt (or salt, fish sauce) is also not afraid of your body salt deficiency in natural food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits ...) even without seasoning also had a volume sodium (salt is NaCl). Once there, her body will resolve themselves towards saving regulate sodium excretion in the urine for no more.

In case of excess salt feeding, the excess will be excreted in the urine. However, if you eat too much salt makes the kidneys work long, long to lead to high blood pressure, kidney damage. Immature kidneys in terms of functionality, the use of fish sauce, salt can be a burden on the kidneys, not to mention the kidneys are incapable of handling large amounts of salt in the body, can cause salt accumulation leads to high blood pressure, edema, cardiac arrhythmias, ...

When taking any food for her industry, need to read on the packaging of salt products. Since then, parents in reduction spices to match but always remember to light. Long-term feeding salt will create bad habits. Should limit its dependence on the salinity of baby food.

Choose salt to prevent iodine
The results of scientific studies worldwide showed that iodine deficiency disorders affected the development of man and of the national economy. Cases of severe iodine deficiency disorders can cause mental retardation, such as cretinism, even mild iodine deficiency can also reduce the possibility of learning. Iodine deficiency also causes goiter, stillbirth pregnancy, pregnant women iodine deficiency increases the risk of miscarriage ...

Due to high safety, low cost and anybody can use iodized salt should be considered a reasonable option and the most effective long journey eliminate iodine deficiency disorders. Prevention of iodine deficiency disorders through regular use of iodized salt is one of the main tasks of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), to ensure that all children have the opportunity to live and fully developed their abilities.
For children
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Tell the mother how to adjust salt, pickled baby properly

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