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 Drink 7-9 month old baby

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Drink 7-9 month old baby Empty
PostSubject: Drink 7-9 month old baby   Drink 7-9 month old baby I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:20 pm

Water, juice and milk are good for her third drink 7-9 month period.

7-9 months baby still needs milk Breastfeeding and drinking outside. Toddlers need about 240-300ml milk in the morning, 2-3 repairs it again until bedtime.

Once accustomed to feeding the baby only drinks milk at meals half the morning, before nap, late afternoon and milk for dinner the evening before bedtime. However, the demand for milk also depends on the individual child and each stage. Some days, no baby powder, it will reduce the amount of milk or vice versa, a lazy day eating baby milk powder that prefer more.

Breastfeeding provides a number of children at this stage, it is particularly babies eat less food miles. If your baby is waking Feeding at night, you can breastfeed more before bedtime or nighttime breastfeeding. Feeding can try and stop him by night to reduce the amount of time and Milk Feeding your baby at night or drink water instead of nursing.

Before 1 year old, she only compatible with breast milk or formula. Cow's milk is not good until they reach 1 year old.

At this age, your baby can totally drink more water, in small quantities, because there is a cup he drank only water during the day despite hot weather. When your baby has a fever, your baby can sip water to avoid dehydration.

If your baby is not used to drinking from a cup, you can pour water into baby bottles and smoking. Or switch to a variety of separation, divorce, cups of different until you see your baby happy drinking. Cup duck with baby can be more than interesting but difficult for young children.

Fruit juices should not be the main drink for her baby because it makes it fast, take away your baby's appetite or adversely affect the teeth. If she likes juice, you can dilute the juice as apples, pears, grapes, mango, papaya ... (1 part juice to 10 parts water). Food diabetes prevention
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Drink 7-9 month old baby

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