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 Feeding miles: should add pineapple fruit

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Feeding miles: should add pineapple fruit Empty
PostSubject: Feeding miles: should add pineapple fruit   Feeding miles: should add pineapple fruit I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:25 pm

There are 5 kinds of nutritious fruits, baby enjoys tasting and 'cool end', she should know.

Fruit is an indispensable ingredient in baby feeding menu. However, choose any fruit processing to do and to note what the mother does not know.

Here, to introduce five fruits are good for the baby at the age of weaning.

A. Avocado
Avocado is a fruit should first try to practice feeding baby

Avocados are high in protein compared to other fruits, such as high milk equivalent. Moreover, avocado also contains vitamin A, E, C. Therefore, the avocado is a great choice for the baby at the age of weaning.

The best way is feeding butter cups ripe avocado meat, finely ground and say to the baby.

Note: You can mix milk, cream, yogurt or add to fruit such as bananas, pears ... to increase the food available day and help ease your sweet baby to enjoy.

Two. Grapes
It should be noted especially when feeding grapes.

The grape is so energy-rich fruit is good for children. This fruit contains flavonoids heart health, increase resistance, toxic waste and protect the body against the "bad" cholesterol. So the mother child should eat a grape at least once / week.

Using the best grapes crushed. In grape skin contains substances with antibacterial activity, so parents can be crushed and shells. When her mother from the age of 10 months can separate the grapes into small pieces, remove seeds and eat the baby set loading.

Note: Confucianism does not cause allergy risk but potentially hazardous to young children is characterized by small, round slip easily and can cause suffocation if children swallow Ngây whole.

3. Pumpkin
Use a pumpkin as food miles will have 'form' are great, stimulating her appetite

Pumpkin is such a good blood food supplements for health. Pumpkin contains cellulose, after the body will absorb the vitamin metabolism. Also, pumpkin is rich in fiber, mixed with cooked rice powder feeding your baby will have a great 'eye', easy to keep your baby visual stimulation appetite more.

If she was familiar snack, pumpkin can be mixed with pork or chicken when cooked meal (porridge) for the baby.

Note: Pumpkin good though but the mother should not abuse, feeding too much will make your skin with lemon yellow. Whether she likes pumpkin to have little mom should not be feeding more than 1 meal / day.

4. Bananas
Eat more bananas can cause constipation young

One of the best nutrients in bananas as potassium and fiber. In addition, bananas also contain vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin B2 is high. Therefore, bananas are good source of nutrition for infants.

Note: Banana can cause constipation if eaten in large quantities to note feeding mothers by number of age-appropriate.

Five. Pineapple
Pineapple fruit is nutritious

Pineapples are rich in fiber, digestion enzymes, calcium and potassium. Pineapples are rich manganese - essential for building bones. Vitamin C in pineapple give her good resistance to help strengthen the body absorb iron. In addition, the substance contained in pineapple bromelain which helps prevent coughing baby. However, many mothers 'ignore' this fruit in your child's snack menu. How unfortunate!

Let her get used to this kind of delicious fruit by squeezing the baby drink water, or feeding pineapple can form small cubes, pineapple with frozen food handling or larger, depending on the age of the child.

Note: If you buy canned pineapple, parents should ensure that the brand is dedicated to feeding your baby for regular canned pineapple can be more saccharine - something to avoid in your baby's menu.
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Feeding miles: should add pineapple fruit

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