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 Gardening appetite: Friendly is the most

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Gardening appetite: Friendly is the most Empty
PostSubject: Gardening appetite: Friendly is the most   Gardening appetite: Friendly is the most I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:32 pm

Application of the 'secret team' psychological effect, you can easily make small angels overcome the anorexia.

Child anorexia is a very common condition in the period from 1-6 years old, the mother should not worry.

Application of the 'secret team' in psychology and an appropriate diet will help your gardening appetite effectively.

A. Create a playful atmosphere, as baby friendly
The psychologist said that many young anorexia because psychological factors. When eating with your family, your baby will feel the excitement with everyone's meal, which also focuses on the story than to enjoy food.

Two. Feeding at fixed time
When caught the rhythm when you feel hungry, you eventually find a fixed mealtime baby around that time. Depending on your age, children will have their nutritional needs, the number of extra meals, the quantity of food to eat in each meal different. Nutrition for children 1 year of age will be different nutrition for children 3 years old! You should learn to respond to this child, not to children but not for her lack of excess energy. Children familiar with the rhythm of daily life that will eat and sleep on time, helping children food, avoid eating erratically at times at least.

When anorexia in children, the parents need to remember is not the principle of absolute pressure. (Photo).

3. Do not "example when" to her medication
Absolute mother should never mix medications and food "fool" the baby at all. Because actual drug when mixed into food, children's drinks can cause chemical reactions, take your medicine, even harmful to children. In addition, just being her "trick" several times, she would certainly fear and precaution when the food, not too excited about eating.

4. Diverse menu nutrition for children
The appetite changes frequently will help her curiosity, when excitement over dinner (the "spicing") stampeding. In addition, diverse cuisine also help her not be lacking in substance. A study by the National Institute of Nutrition, Vietnam Children vulnerable to lack of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, zinc, magnesium, selenium ... diverse as eating, nutrition for children is not guaranteed and properly invested.

Five. Stimulate appetite and food cravings
Pay attention to zinc, B vitamins and micronutrients that lysine is the ability to stimulate appetite, help children eat more delicious. The product formula for the child's appetite as Dielac Pedia Vinamilk always full complement of these substances, you should choose for you. Another way to stimulate the appetite as well as attention to the scent of food, beautifully presented dishes, for her lively excited with his meal.

6. Support weak digestive system
In the early years, the child's digestive system which is very weak. Therefore, you necessarily have to consider that the support of the digestive system to help you digest and absorb food better. This is also how the specific products for young anorexia Dielac Pedia made. In Dielac Pedia formula supplemented with beneficial bacterial strains BB-12 & LGG with soluble fiber inulin & FOS enhances beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system, strengthen the child's digestive system healthy, so attractive Acquisition of better nutrition, helps children gain weight steadily.

7. Provides nutrients are easily absorbed
If you wonder how nutrient supply system suitable for children, should seek the advice of nutrition specialist, or selected for the particular product has been formulated with the scientific research for young anorexia. By system nutrients are easily absorbed, quickly metabolized will help her appetite is fully absorbed, full of nutrients essential for the body.

8. Child should eat when ... hungry.

If your heirs cup of flour or rice bowl with you, anytime ... also poised local hard pressed "to eat porridge or whip" only make her afraid to eat any food cravings may not float. Many children barely saw her hunger for food, gradually lost his long "reflex appetite." Do not let him know to take care of your hunger. Hunger does not matter a bit, because when he is hungry, your body will immediately "alarm" and he will try to eat right for their mother only.

Just you "understand" and apply full 8 "excellent way" above, make sure your baby will quickly get rid of anorexia, appetite, physical development and spiritual perfection. What is difficult is not it where the mother?
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Gardening appetite: Friendly is the most

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