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 Proper nutrition for children 6-9 years

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PostSubject: Proper nutrition for children 6-9 years   Proper nutrition for children 6-9 years I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:34 pm

Overweight, obesity is an emerging phenomenon not only in developed countries in recent years, it appeared relatively more in Vietnam and the growing trend. The causes of overweight children is usually due to dietary supply exceeds demand for energy needed in a long time. Therefore remedial work needs to take a long time equally with the close cooperation of the family, school, doctors and children themselves.

The first thing to note is that primary school age is also the potential at that height are abundant except in special cases should be consulted by experts, often we do not encourage "out hunger "for young children to lose weight that should apply a reasonable diet to control children's weight while helping to increase height growth.

You split the meals in my day in a reasonable time schedule. Children can eat 4 to 5 meals / day as a general rule (3 meals + snacks 1-2) but the last meal of the day so as soon as possible (about 7 pm). The food is put into the body after digestion is usually sleep time, ie when the body does not work should be converted to energy reserves.

You do not see that I was overweight to prevent the milk. According to general recommendations for children still have milk but should choose non-fat milk (skim, low-fat milk, skim milk butter) or soy milk. Note the amount of sugar added to milk, it is best to file crackers not give milk sugar.

Food choices is how it should be noted in the treatment of overweight. The food of choice for overweight children to the principle of "reduced carbohydrate, fat and increasing fruits and vegetables." Instead of eating, children should eat fish, tofu; to eat, remove the meat fat, skin, animal hair out of your diet, instead of fried foods with other foods boiled, steamed, cultivation. The soft food such as noodles, soup, pho ... should be chosen instead of foods with high energy such as sticky rice, bread, cakes; avoid fast foods, food industry. Every meal of the baby down from half to 1 cup of rice and replacing it with vegetable or fruit (not sweet fruits like dragon fruit, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, melon, butter ...). The snacks should choose to eat fruit, potato tubers and not for outside meals snack, especially with the energy-rich foods such as candy sweet chocolate.

Do not get overweight children easy access to sweets (Photo by Inmagine)

Exercise regime should be accompanied by specified diets. Children can file any sport that young favorite, the time set about 3-4 times a week, each session from 1.5 - 2 hours. In addition, children should aim for an active lifestyle and participate in household chores, walking with her mother, father, baby, down the game do not move like video - game, or reading.

Psychological treatment for children is also an important content in the treatment of obesity. Need help them pass the guilt on themselves, to engage in collective activities, to encourage young children to apply the treatment specified by the physician - and often dry and difficult to follow chase. Education for children should be aware of the benefits of each need to do to wake the computer where they voluntarily. praise children when they achieve positive results and comfort when we fail in something.

Proper nutrition to achieve optimal health for individuals and communities is the goal of nutrition is important for the health sector in particular and in general are striving to implement in any way. To achieve this requires the close association of all members of society, in which the nutrition care for elementary school age children is an important component indispensable.
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Proper nutrition for children 6-9 years

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