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 Children how to eat seafood as well?

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Children how to eat seafood as well? Empty
PostSubject: Children how to eat seafood as well?   Children how to eat seafood as well? I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:35 pm

I'd love to eat seafood but me I do not know how much a meal recently. Expect consultants help forum. (Ho Nam - Hanoi)

Depending on the age at which the amount of food per meal of different children. For example:

For children 7-12 months of age: Every meal can eat 20 - 30 g of fish meat, shrimp (left bone, shell) cooked with flour, porridge. Eat at least 3-4 meals / week.

Children 1 -3 years: Every meal from 30 - 40g of meat and marine products. You should combine eating cooked with rice or pasta, noodles, soups ...

Children 4 years and older: You can eat 1-2 seafood meals / day, each meal can eat 50 - 60 g of seafood meat, if eaten can eat crab ½ child / meal, shrimp to be able to eat 1 - 2 children / meal (100g including the shell).

With young children eat during the meal and soup: It is best to grind, grilled fish, shrimp to cook the meal or porridge. If the bony fish, you should then remove the bones boiled fish, lean fish can live like ground meat and ground for flour and cook, cooking porridge for the baby. With the pounding crab filtered water to cook the flour, porridge. Peeled shrimp then to the ground or chopped shrimp are too small may leave as filtered water crabs cooked meal. With all kinds of shellfish, the water boiled porridge, flour, ground meat and minced into a porridge, flour.

You should note must set feeding from less to more, choose fresh, processed cooked to avoid food poisoning in children.
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Children how to eat seafood as well?

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