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 Children's meals are needed

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Children's meals are needed Empty
PostSubject: Children's meals are needed   Children's meals are needed I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:38 pm

Referred to as snacks, but for children, no meal is extra at all.

This is how we call for adults to understand that children outside the 3 main meals morning, lunch, dinner, the children also need to add another three alternating meals between meals that are indispensable.

In other words, children should be eating 5-6 meals per day and meal also important.

Why children need to eat more meals a day?
Remember, children smaller volume of gastric (stomach) as small, ie the child's stomach is larger with age. At the same time the child can not put into a large volume of food than children whose stomach to divide it into several small meals. Young children do not just eat to live but also to meet the needs for continued growth and development more in height, weight, the brain ... So we must continue to stretch, extend for children with stomach meal (ie the baby's tummy bloated after eating).

You can gradually increase the amount of food every 2-4 weeks until it fits best with young children should not be pressed too much vomiting immediately after eating. There is an exception in children: Because milk can be quickly clots in the stomach so children can make at a time greater than the volume of milk the baby's stomach.

For young children to focus on the number of food a day.

Moreover, children's snacks are mainly milk and liquid food, dilute less energy, color pepper, blood hungry ... So we have to provide food to many meals a day, even at night. However, it should not be too extreme, you would not necessarily be required every time the child wakes up at night to eat if the total amount of food during the day and dinner before bed is sufficient for their needs. Often children will wake up hungry and demanding food, feed at night is usually the milk to young children can quickly back to sleep because sleep is important for young children may be greater.

Should divide their time and food like?
First meal of the day should start after waking up about 30 minutes, can be a special meal (rice, porridge, noodles ...) or glass of milk also. Approximately 2-3 hours after a meal the next item and should be changed. For example, light broth is "meal time" morning milk, then eat lunch, nap up to drink milk, eat dinner and before bed to drink milk again ... Often a special meal emptying more, about 2.5 to 3 hours to run down, with milk, then faster, about 2 - 2.5 hours depending on each child.

However, in gastric smooth never run out of food (except dinner is complete after 6-8 hours sleep then get up then eat it empty stomach) and sometimes to the meal after the child has vomited a meal at the old food before, but not to long distance meal than 4 hours will not have the necessary meals.

And should abandon the idea of ​​kids meals just orange juice, crackers, candy or a few mandarin citrus is because it does not provide sufficient quantity and quality needed for the child. The items used to "junk food" should immediately fed special meals, not eat scattered throughout the day your baby will be no cross led to not eat sufficient quantities of necessary meals.

When that child weight and height increased steadily according to the requirements in chart shows the amount of food put into each day is enough.

For children, the total amount of food a day is important, because if this meal does not meet food to the palate, very young can eat a little bit less, but you can still compensate for the child to drink a little after eating milk or eat meals later, for a little bit closer ... also.
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Children's meals are needed

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