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 Fish Fruits - 'magic bullet' of child malnutrition

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Fish Fruits - 'magic bullet' of child malnutrition Empty
PostSubject: Fish Fruits - 'magic bullet' of child malnutrition   Fish Fruits - 'magic bullet' of child malnutrition I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:38 pm

For additional nutrition for children, some drugs or their parents will help alleviate fears.

There are many causes of malnutrition for children such as child rearing is not the correct method in low or no milk and eat some sam (food supplement) is not true; additional time to eat too late or too early; weaning mother soon ... But what causes the effect will also cause children to be low energy, short, slow weight gain and reduced intelligence.

For nutritional supplements for malnourished children, some medications or below will help parents alleviate fears:

A. Porridge quail
Ingredients: quail 1 (250 - 300g), rice 30g, rice 50g, 30g dried tangerine peel, salt just enough sauce.

Processing: cleaning quail (left colon, lung, head from above the eyes, feet), salt fish sauce marinated for 20 minutes. Tangerine peel powdered for quail in the stomach, with glutinous rice, glutinous rice into the soup just enough water security.

Note: For a child to eat on time, need to eat 5-10 days.


Two. Fish interesting results
Ingredients: Fish fruit 1 (about 250g) 2 cloves garlic, medium, just enough spice.

Processing: Fish cleaning up biological effects, personal aspect of their 2-3 puffs. Crushed garlic with fresh powder, spice marinated fish, steamed 20 minutes by water, for children to eat when ripe.

Note: When fish eat lean meat and remove the water, on a time to eat, should eat 5-10 days.

3. Prescriptions with eel
Ingredients: 300g eel meat; or regulations, offer cucumber, fresh ginger 15g each; 25g onion, salt as needed.

Processing: Always wash, julienne, the regulations and ginseng for equality in cloth bags, put in pot with eel meat, pour the cooking water for 1 hour, picked pocket medicine, family practice, ginger, salt, and cook for 1 hour is more.

Note: For children eat eels and water.

Care for malnourished children:
- Children with malnutrition often poor appetite, or gastrointestinal disorders or diseases. The only effective nurturing of the child when the disease has been treated thoroughly.

- Need to eat more meals a day, every meal a little to secure the necessary amount of food for children and to provide higher energy normal.

- In diet, in addition to cooking rice flour, rice or rice and other foods as other children need to add meat or fish, eggs, beans, vegetables and fats or oils. Eat more fruits ripen.

- Should the wrong grease in grease powder to porridge or soup, vegetable stir fry ... to increase heat density in the diet of children.

- How to customize meals to suit the taste of young, ever-changing food to young appetite.
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Fish Fruits - 'magic bullet' of child malnutrition

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