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 Cook bone powder and water: Do not add as the mother thought

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Cook bone powder and water:  Do not add as the mother  thought Empty
PostSubject: Cook bone powder and water: Do not add as the mother thought   Cook bone powder and water:  Do not add as the mother  thought I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:41 pm

Most mothers with children up to age when porridge is often thought that the bone used for pulp and security your baby, he will have more calcium and nutrients. But the reality is completely opposite.

Mother Su busy work should also have less time to care about your child's eating, fast food is just that the Su mother so happy. Once, so forget buying meat, chicken broth mother Su took to cook the flour for the food that your child is faster than. To the second test as well, while the porridge with meat, sucking and swallowing Su eat any for a long time, even meat to swallow me, please. So from next time, my mother used to buy meat or bone Su on water security for feeding, I just fast food, do not worry that lack of meat.

Mother Na is also a "believer" of the tunnel. From the young Na, Na Now your mother is also the market to buy pork bones or chicken bones in water to cook the stew for the meal. Later on Na mom also do porridge. According to the Norwegian mother: "Doing so just fast enough to have children, there fats, proteins also, which I shall again delicious food."

Na Su and her mother is not the only two cases have a habit of using water to cook the stew.

Many of the mothers of the view that bone broth, chicken and fish stew, rich in nutrients, often used to cook porridge, cooked meal for the food is great, I'll be adding more calcium supplements. In fact, many parents still believe that eating just broth is full of all kinds, not necessarily eat.

Some parents because no child dare not eat pureed foods like meat, fish should be worried that if sliced ​​or shredded food then I will be vulnerable to choking. But if not for the meat, fish and other meats that are scared that lacks substance. So, a mother of this method is the choice of meat broth is used for feeding, known as ... "A little meat."

This view is completely wrong. Because the tunnel is not enough actual nutrients as she thought. In broth containing only very few were acid solution, vitamins, minerals, fats and protin. Moreover bone broth or stew meat with no nutritional value as meat, nutritional value of much broth contains only 10-12% compared with raw food. Left, a large amount of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals still in the flesh.

Similarly, many mothers prefer to eat the soup cook chan with broth from the dish so that the type of meal with pork, chicken, just a delicious, nutritious medium, fast food than baby back . This method is not correct. Because farming is not a nutritious food, both as food without chewing habit in children.

Food without chewing movements and saliva mix will affect the digestion, absorption, especially in children, when the stomach is weak. In the flesh, the bone tunnel with more nitrogen, creating appetite, aromatic but contains very little protein and calcium. In addition to the aromatic, the bone does not have enough nutrition, moreover, also cause indigestion, likely to affect the child's digestive system.

Correct solution, but the mother should apply the choice of fresh food, clean. Vegetables, meat, fish, shrimp ... buy fresh, clean washed, chopped and cooked just cooked. Should combine meat, grind mixed with baby vegetables to eat and the water, ensuring nutrition, but also helps the baby against constipation.
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Cook bone powder and water: Do not add as the mother thought

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