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 Help children become familiar and favorite vegetables

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Help children become familiar and favorite vegetables Empty
PostSubject: Help children become familiar and favorite vegetables   Help children become familiar and favorite vegetables I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:47 pm

For vegetables like baby soon, right from the nursing mother, the mother should eat a variety of vegetables.

According to a recent study, children can enjoy the foods that her mother eats during breastfeeding. Taste some foods can be passed to your baby. When you get acquainted with the taste of food, she will have experience with this flavor and more palatable snack food as age.

Two. Vegetables is to eat food miles
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, should start introducing solid foods to your baby from 6 months old. You can set the baby vegetables cooked, pureed as soon as they are ready. However, avoid potentially allergenic substances, such as corn.

Try with slightly sweet vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot. With fruit, butter should feed your baby as this is the wonderful food naturally smooth texture, good for baby feeding set. Feeding a vegetable teaspoons 2-3 times / day for a week to get used to her taste. Then gradually increase the amount until your baby is eating half a bowl of green vegetables each day.

3. Check the concentration of nitrate
Nitrate is found in soil, fertilizer and water as well as in natural green vegetables, can harm the baby. The highest concentrations of nitrate in carrot, squash, beets, green beans, spinach. Even after 6 months, babies can digest safely nitrate should also avoid feeding more nitrate at the same time.

With her are taking medications that reduce stomach acid, the more nitrate vegetables should be avoided.

4. Avoid vegetables unpleasant side effects
Vegetables have a high amount of sulfer, such as cauliflower, cabbage, beans can provoke abdominal pain because they can produce excess gas in the stomach. If this is the problem, you should wait more than a new baby feeding or mixed vegetables on cauliflower and cabbage with potatoes to reduce the unpleasant side effects of them.

Five. Do not be afraid she grimaced while eating vegetables
He may face, eyebrows, pursed lips when she put a spoon of vegetables, even those already familiar with but this does not mean he hates vegetables. Many children continue to eat vegetables even just grimacing face.

No nagging or shouting at her, instead, you should smile and encourage eating. Keep her happy face, she is friendly to eat vegetables as a pleasant experience.

6. Sweet combination between vegetable fruit
To make vegetables more palatable, the baby can try root vegetables, along with the sweet fruit, other attractions. She can be tasted a spoonful of peach puree after eating greens. Combine vegetables and fruits may encourage eating more vegetables over time. Avoid vegetables that are bitter, bitter because he's not quite like these people.

7. Feeding green vegetables daily
When he had tasted food 8-9 times a baby will become accustomed to accept the taste of it.

8. Flexible to the needs of baby vegetables
You can set goals for me is a bowl of vegetables and a small cup of cut fruit pieces per day but should not be too rigid. The best way to baby vegetables are loaded enough to add them to meals and snacks. For example, a little bit of grape juice and eat with breakfast; avocados for snacks in the morning; a banana into the evening meal and add vegetables to the meal flour (porridge) evening for you ...
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Help children become familiar and favorite vegetables
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