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 Identifying malnourished children

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Identifying malnourished children Empty
PostSubject: Identifying malnourished children   Identifying malnourished children I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:49 pm

Promptly detect child weight sd, height to be 'countermeasure' overlook her!

Children are active and normal development of both physical and mental thing parents could wish for. But, in some cases, whether the parents have tried to add the weight of soaked baby still let flat, not slightly up at all, probably infants were malnourished.

A. Identifying malnourished children
The common signs of malnutrition in children is slowly gaining weight, standing weight or weight loss. In particular, anorexia teens, eat less, blue lips, mucous membranes pale eyes, or sadness, or crying, less fun, less flexible. The soft muscle tone hands and feet, belly and bigger. Retarded movement: slow that splendid, sitting, crawling, walking.

Based on height and weight of the child, you can know which children develop normally. (Photo).

To identify children with malnutrition or not, in addition to observing the above signs, parents can rely on the standard index to compare with their children. The first is based on weight for age. When newborns weighed 3 kg, after 5 months of double, triple 12 and then increased by 2 kg per year. When your child is 6 years old weight is 20 kg. If the remote does not have balance, which measures children 1-5 years arms. Children normally 14-15 cm; if less than 13 cm are malnourished.

The second way is based on height for age. Child birth length 50 cm, 65 cm long 6 months, 12 months: 75 cm, 2 years: 85 cm, 3 years: 95 cm, 4 years: 100 cm. After that, each year increased by 5 cm height, while her 8 years is 120 cm high.

Note: Malnourished children survive many different levels. Especially severe malnutrition can be expressed in three: be consistent, can be combined atrophy and Bangladesh. Which shows edema (Kwashiorkor) are seldom found because families that look, she is fat and healthy.

Expression is consistent malnutrition round face but skinny limbs, muscle weakness, skin pigmentation disorders, anemia, hepatomegaly and fatty degeneration, edema, reduced blood protein.

Two. Temporary principles for malnourished children
For nutritional supplements for malnourished children, you should note:

Rising oil: Lubricant provides twice the energy and protein powder. So. per cup of flour, or rice porridge the child needs a tablespoon of oil or grease.

Cooking specialty: As if cooking thin, more water, less energy. Special children will be difficult to cook food so we used amylase (found in corn flour dream) or small neopeptin special cup flour dough will be loose and easy to feed more children.

Increase meal: Date eat 5-6 meals instead of 3 meals. Let your child eat dinner before bed. Eat more meals: for example after meals if they eat less than half the children drinking cups make half cup milk or half pot of yogurt, half a banana or a cake flan ... This will help children eat more palatable diets force your child to eat rice or porridge. Why is not that half a? This meant to say that for children to eat more effort by both young and should not be forced to eat when they got bored. Since doing so, the child will vomit out the food and would be "afraid to eat" later lead to anorexia.

Strengthen nutrition: Food should be nutritious, but for children to eat food in body. Therefore, when preparing to pay attention finely chopped, cooked and soft wedge fit your child's tastes. Children often prefer bland and not much spice. The food is suitable for young children eggs, minced meat, minced fish, vegetables should be finely chopped.

Note: children should not drink water before eating or fruit juice as a snack than fruit juice is very little energy, low fiber, only water-soluble vitamin and a way to help them " horizontal labor "does not want to eat meals.
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Identifying malnourished children

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