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 Should vitamin and mineral supplements for children?

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Should vitamin and mineral supplements for children? Empty
PostSubject: Should vitamin and mineral supplements for children?   Should vitamin and mineral supplements for children? I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:58 pm

All popular supplements used today is the supplement of vitamins and minerals (CK). Vitamin (also known as vitamins) are the nutrients should be provided daily to the body develop and function normally.

Particularly with children, providing enough nutrients, including vitamins even more critical, especially for children with malnutrition and growth retardation in young and later stage disease (infection, cough, diarrhea ...).

Children normally need vitamin supplements?
Theoretically, if children eat balanced, reasonable, full and normal health (ie no signs of malnutrition) do not need vitamin supplements. However, if in doubt about the diet does not provide complete even the healthy children should also add vitamin. Because these vitamins in the food capital will be lost or severely reduced in a full meal but the food quality is not guaranteed (wilted vegetables, fresh fruits should not take vitamin C), or security management, food processing is not possible (as white rice the less vitamin B1, overheat foods, vitamin C no longer ...).

So many doctors still recommend that when children take vitamin supplements, of course is the right amount. Also with obese children, doctors often recommend a low fat diet and the need for vitamin supplements, because a diet low in fat does not help absorb sufficient amounts of fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, K (CK should note without vitamin and energy supplies).

Particularly for infants (from birth to four months old) are only feeding but not to use any other liquid foods, including oral solution contains vitamin drugs. To add the vitamin to infants, mothers should take supplements and breastfeeding, to adopt the mother's milk, the vitamin is added. What matters is that some parents worry for the health of young children have to use too many vitamin supplements taken to excess, and CK, can be harmful.

The note as a supplement for children
- Use of vitamin supplements and CK does not replace the food, which still must be fed, balance the food groups. If the need for vitamin supplements and CK young, so read the directions carefully for the right amount. Do not ever think supplements are harmless.

- In other vitamins, vitamin A and D are not used surplus overdose will accumulate in the body and can cause poisoning. Children, especially infants, an overdose of vitamin A, D is very dangerous. If overdose leads to excess vitamin A, infants will be increased pressure leads to a convex cranial fontanelle, atrophic optic nerve.

Overdose of vitamin D, children will be loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting, bone cartilage soon. Indeed, there have been many cases children because an overdose of vitamin A, D, side effects causing increased cranial pressure, bulging fontanelle be taken to the hospital. If users take one pill of multivitamins on the ingredients you should look not contain more than 5000 international units (IU) of vitamin A and not more than 400 IU vitamin D. If the use of oral solution, should take some drops or volume (number ml) according to the treatment guidelines. Children should use the liquid to be easily absorbed.

- Do not use high doses of vitamin C (more than 1 gram per day) may cause diarrhea, peptic ulcers, kidney stones after prolonged use.
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Should vitamin and mineral supplements for children?

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