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 Help children increase IQ

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PostSubject: Help children increase IQ   Help children increase IQ I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:16 pm

As a parent, who can expect their children intelligent, healthy. Diet is very important and decisive intelligence of children. However, due to misconceptions about nutrition, many parents have not developed scientific diet for children. This greatly influenced the development of the child's brain.

Here are some "brain lesions foods" that parents should pay attention:

A. White sugar
White sugar is acidic foods typical (contain acidic elements such as phosphorus, sulfate, chloride, ...). If before meals, for children to eat foods that contain high sugar would be very harmful for the child's brain. Because sugar intake will raise blood sugar levels, creating a feeling of fullness, bloating. Regular use white sugar in a long time will cause obstruction to the hepatic function. Also, eat more sugar not only makes children more likely to develop obesity, but also harmful to teeth by sugar stored in the teeth. If you eat many sweets in a long time will ease the body and brain into acidic, affecting the intellectual development of children. So, to protect the intellectual resources for young children should avoid eating too much sugar and candies, soft drinks made from sugar.

Two. Refined rice, the noodles
Refined white rice, pasta, starchy foods are indispensable in daily life but during processing, the useful component has lost nearly all, the rest is just basic carbohydrate. Carbohydrates in the body that is effective only "fuel burn", so these foods are not good for the brain that food is brain food damage.

3. Coffee
In coffee contains caffeine, is an alkali plant stimulates the brain, creating excitement. However, after achieving arousal, blood-brain transport will be reduced. So if they drink too much coffee will seriously affect the intellectual development of children.

4. Meats
Many parents said that meat protein is crucial for the development of physical and intellectual resources of the child. The result is that every day for children to eat many different kinds of meat, almost every day three meals are cooked meat broth or soup for children to eat. According to scientific research and analysis, bodies in a state that leans toward the most appropriate control. If you only eat meat, will make the fluid in the body leaning acidic. Accumulated as the more acidic brain slow response. Science experiments also demonstrated, in a menu for your baby, if higher meat component other components will affect the child's intellectual development.

A sensible diet and harmony between quality and quantity will be the key factor determining the development of children both physical and intellectual. However, you should not feed your baby is young enough to absorb it all. There are many young children and that anorexia is the main cause growth retardation and less intelligent. But parents also do not worry. Anorexia in children is rarely a matter disease, which mostly originate from psychological causes or by the child's digestive system is weak. That is, if she knows how to find out effective solutions will be gradually pushed back condition anorexia in children.
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Help children increase IQ

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