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 Anorexia in children

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PostSubject: Anorexia in children   Anorexia in children I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:19 pm

Anorexia is very common condition in children, with the expression of children eat less than normal, long sucking mouth diet can not swallow ...

In addition, anorexia in children usually did not eat some foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk or refuse to eat all the food, to escape the meal, flax cultivation hears of spoons, bowls, food or saw that reaction nausea or their parents for food but not eat food someone else to eat ...

The causes
The first cause must be said to be due to lack of food. Maternal malnutrition during pregnancy (lack of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins ...), leading to malnutrition and children from malnutrition in the womb. As a result of preterm births, low birth weight leads to lazy breastfeeding right from the first months after birth. These infants often, lazy enough weight can breastfeed, breastfeeding or are left out of the ordinary milk naturally reduce or stop feeding formula. With older children also occur such a situation. This situation also leads to lack of food (unbalanced diet, lack of quality) should be deficient in vitamin D, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, especially zinc deficiency.

Anorexia in children due to many reasons, and need to determine the correct

The second factor is the child sick, suffering from acute bacterial infection, viral infections, respiratory system, digestive system (gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease ...). As the child infection, the levels of vitamins and minerals are lost very large, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, B6, iron, zinc to children anorexia. Moreover, children with infections usually take antibiotics easily lead to intestinal disorders with lesions in the digestive system entity, should children with bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite more easily.

Supplementary food for children too early, unbalanced diets with high starch content also makes anorexia in children. Usually a couple weeks, the young new supplementary food delicious food, children eat poorly then gradually as demand B vitamins (especially vitamin B1), magnesium deficiency.

A number of other reasons such as children teething, mouth ulcers, eating not the time, eating junk food or sweets, fresh water before meals. Food does not taste as well as for young anorexia.

Finally, some children anorexia caused by psychological (psychotherapy called anorexia). When a child is ill, teething ... children vulnerable to anorexia. No appetite to eat back then was the big push to eat, or are busy playing while young adults pressed in terms of time so the kids meals were scolded, even beaten to make him afraid meal, just hearing or seeing powder bowl, rice bowl is turned away children, older children are running away, many see him bowl every meal everyone is crying, nausea. Some children do not eat to "opposing" parents.

What to do?
To help young appetite returned, her parents need to be patient and cooperate with the dietitian, pediatrician remove causes of anorexia.

There should be a diet and medication for premature babies, low birth weight.

Prevention of rickets, anemia due to iron deficiency from 2 months old, continued until at least 5 years old.

During the treatment of infections, need a full complement of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B and minerals such as magnesium and zinc.

Especially not abuse antibiotics.
Pain relief during teething infants or mouth ulcers. Often adults paid little attention to the child's problems but for the teeth is normal, but in fact the child is teething pain, pain, fever and could not eat for fear of pain.

Tap for children to eat more diverse foods and changing food, how to prepare delicious food for your child. No child should eat supplements too soon. When a new baby is 6 months old child should eat supplements. Not so fast because the weight gain that would force a child to overeat.

To solve the medical condition anorexia, need to consult your doctor about diet nutrition specific, appropriate to each child, and it is important in the diet to create a fun atmosphere helping comfort children appetite
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Anorexia in children

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