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 Common glitch when children eat

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PostSubject: Common glitch when children eat   Common glitch when children eat I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:21 pm

The following suggestions to help parents overcome difficulties to baby food.

A. Avoid new baby food
This condition is fairly common. "The baby seems to be the natural response is to refuse the new food, strange" - Elizabeth Ward (author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feeding Your Baby and Toddle - roughly translated guide stupid when raising children) for said.

To help your child accept new foods, should start with small portions. It can process new items that she had similar dishes and familiar favorites. If she likes carrot mash, it can try mashed sweet potatoes the same way.

Two. Prefer to eat it cause indiscriminate
Full of crumbs falling onto the floor and the king's hair caught her when she ate. Do not be panicked because she is proving her independence. About 9 months old, very much like he's starting to feed themselves. Instead of running around shouting fuss, clean, will not you let her be free contact or handling food. This is an important step to support her learning, development and independence.

3. Vomiting
Vomiting is normal in children, especially young children, the baby's digestive systems are still developing. She may also suffer from reflux, where the food in the stomach being pushed back up the esophagus.

To fix this, so feeding slowly, loosen clothing when feeding, hold your baby straight after feeding is completed and do not forget to clap for me burp. Reflux can improve without treatment after about 1-2 years old baby.

4. Refusing to eat
Contact your child a baby spoon baby powder but responded by turning their heads away, brushed spoon out, pursed lips and ... sample. She refused to eat may be due to several causes: fatigue, sick, distracted or just not hungry. Do not force baby to eat, but should seek medical nutrition institute if you are worried.

Five. Chronically lazy to eat
With some children, lazy food last for weeks, months or even longer. Baby food can become lazy in a variety of reasons; for example, when your baby discomfort in people such as teething or bored you a new dish.

Lazy to eat sometimes because the consequences for the mother too much junk food. Avoid junk food for baby items like baby, baby just so small side dishes, rich in nutrients. A hungry baby will eat more delicious.

6. Food allergies and food intolerance
Indeed, there is 70-80% of children with food allergies. Symptoms include rash, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and sudden onset. She may be allergic to any food which, from milk, nuts, eggs, soy milk to flour, the type of shellfish ...

Food intolerance is also common as food allergies. Signs include flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain. If you suspect your baby has allergies or food intolerance, should take her to visit the doctor to find out the cause and appropriate advice.

7. And the urge to cry prolonged breastfeeding
Approximately two fifths of children with signs of prolonged crying (crying for no reason almost all the time). This condition occurs in 3-week-old baby and ending at 3 months old. While prolonged crying without affecting appetite in Breastfeeding your baby is crying bouts also makes them difficult to calm down before feeding.

However, should take her doctor if diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, color and mucus in the stool because it was not prolonged symptoms of normal crying.

8. Diarrhea and constipation
Infant diarrhea in children can quickly lead to dehydration, very dangerous. Symptoms include dry mouth, decreased urine, crying without tears, sunken eyes, low aromatic, and weight loss. All the signs listed above should take her doctor immediately.

The Breastfeeding your baby is age rarely suffer from constipation. Frequency of bowel movements each baby is different, every day she goes, she goes to day, she went on her several times, but also go a few times ... - It's not necessarily a symptom of apple. Symptoms of constipation include difficult and painful bowel movements, bloody stools drain ...

9. Canned food and digestive problems
Many parents wonder if their canned cause digestive disorders for baby? This can happen if you feed your baby directly from the bottle and store the excess for the child's meals. Doing so is that you have directly introduce bacteria from the mouth of the baby food jar. Until next time feeding, breeding bacteria in the bottle and cause disease.

10. Be bigger and snacks
Sometimes, parents are the "culprit" causing eating habits in children less healthy. You can put your child's adult food, especially snacks, fast food high in sugar, salt and salt.

11. Foods to avoid feeding
Do not complete digestive system so he can not target a large amount of feed that is digested. Honey, for example, can lead to botulism in her evidence, that she was lethargic. Also, avoid junk food baby easy to learn, chokes like popcorn, vegetable life, cutting to, raisins, sausage, pieces of meat to ...

12. The time of need the advice of dietitian
Because of the many causes of eating problems in children so it is best to take me to the doctor if you are worried. At the same time, to take her to the doctor immediately if she lost weight, vomiting after eating a certain food; baby diarrhea, constipation, persistent or you suspect you suffer from reflux. Do not be afraid to ask your physician about any questions or questions about your child.
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Common glitch when children eat
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