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 For children to eat eggs in each age

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For children to eat eggs in  each age Empty
PostSubject: For children to eat eggs in each age   For children to eat eggs in  each age I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:22 pm

'Miscarriage 1 cup, went a thousand miles', the egg is a nutritious food but potentially more risky for children.

Eggs are nutritious food, but easy to make your child bloating, indigestion and especially allergies to children. In our experience, many people often add eggs to the menu starting at weaning young. But for children to eat the eggs so that a reasonable and delicious ways of cooking eggs is not less anxious parents.

Here are a few suggestions or for parents:

The amount of eggs for children to eat how much is enough?
The eggs are very good food but not to eat too much, because the fat content in eggs makes her highly susceptible to bloating, indigestion upset stomach.

Depending on which month old baby eat eggs with different number:
- Children age 6-7 months: eat only half chicken egg / meals, eat 2-3 times / week
- Children 8-12 months: eat one yolk / meals, eat 3-4 meals a week.
- Children 1-2 years: eat 3-4 eggs / week. eat the whites.
- Children from 2 years of age if the baby likes to eat eggs can a fruit / day.

Eggs for processing depending on the month-old child:
Children 6-12 months: so fed powdered eggs.
How to cook egg powder: freshly cooked eggs. Break the egg yolks in the bowl was chopped vegetables, beaten eggs and vegetables, the pot boiling on the stove pouring powdered eggs and vegetables into quick stir, boil powder is, technology should not be heated too.

Children 1-2 years old can eat egg porridge
Similarly cooked egg powder, when nine new egg porridge, is to be boiled, in addition to the child can eat boiled eggs cooked to medium.

Children from 2 years of age: eggs can eat porridge, boiled eggs, fried eggs molded meat, eggs, tomato sauce served with rice.

When children eat eggs, do not:
- Put the sugar into the egg: Because this approach makes the protein in eggs with the sugar glucose acid forming ammonium compounds difficult to absorb that young heartburn, indigestion and bad effects for health.

- Let children drink soy milk before or after eating eggs: In protidaza fermented soy milk contain proteins in eggs that children with abdominal distension and discomfort.

- To live eggs: feeding children should be thoroughly cooked eggs because this protein - a substance which is structured in the egg becomes porous, which are easy to digest.
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For children to eat eggs in each age

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