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 Note snacks to not damage baby teeth

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Note snacks to not damage baby teeth Empty
PostSubject: Note snacks to not damage baby teeth   Note snacks to not damage baby teeth I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:23 pm

All babies need to eat snacks. Your baby's stomach is not large enough to contain enough essential nutrients from 3 meals a day. Therefore, these snacks (snacks) is very important for the baby but be sure not to tooth decay.

The food should be avoided in children's snacks
Avoid too much sugar in food snacks. When the baby food (or drink) something much sugar, bacteria in the mouth combine with sugars to acid decay. This acid will attack the protective outer layer of the tooth. Over time, this process will cause tooth decay.

The replacement item friendly
Cheese, fresh fruit, chopped boiled vegetables is an ideal suggestion for baby's snacks. Mini rice cakes or bread is a good option for health benefits.

When he gets older, will be more difficult for parents to manage children's meals because she can snack items like adults. But if you encourage them to eat candy and snacks with less sugar (for the baby kind) will decrease, significant damage to her teeth.

- Teach rinse your mouth with water after eating sweets. If brushing is the best then.

- Give your baby one day a week to decide her favorite snack.

- Should the baby eat candy for a while then rinse your mouth, instead let him suck on candy all day. Sweets should be eaten after meals. By following a diet, the increased saliva in your mouth, helps neutralize the effects of acid attacks the teeth.

- Avoid sugar-rich food in your mouth a long time, extending the "attack" of the acid, such as sucking candy. Also avoid the kind of soft candy stick that. The natural sugars found in fruits is also harmful to teeth as refined sugars found in sweets, biscuits or pastries; so even healthy snacks like raisins, dried fruits are also harmful teeth.

- Let her eat a piece of cheese or drink milk after eating candy because it will help neutralize the acid in your mouth. Of course then, he should rinse mouth with water.

Note drinks
Avoid carbonated drinks and little more acid. Never for gas and water bottle because she can drive more hours and that prolonged contact with the teeth.

Juice is good for your baby's meals, but always need to be diluted. Check the packaging to see if substances that harm the baby as lactose, fructose and glucose or not. Water and drink milk is the best classifieds.

The snack ideas for children
Can feeding cheese, white yogurt, boiled eggs, banana smoothie, sandwich, fresh fruit, vegetables, cooked, boiled corn, rice cakes ...
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Note snacks to not damage baby teeth

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