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 Food for children with eczema

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PostSubject: Food for children with eczema   Food  for children with eczema I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:25 pm

Oriental medicine called eczema diagnosis is low. What causes eczema in children very much, not eating properly is one of them.

Eczema symptoms initially red patches of skin, edema, he emerged on the basis of vesicular papules with the nails in water. Blisters break, leaving the slip traces, from which flows the fluid. The sliding track link together, forming a surface and drainage. When water flows down the scab will form, then the ball goes.

Child eczema or skin appears red head, face, buttocks, rarely in other parts of the body, then the blisters forming papules, and scaling the water flowing. Accompanied by intense itching, kids sleep problems, crying, loss of appetite. Indigo children are common in breastfed infants, preschool-age children.

Some dishes
- Carrots 50 gr, 50 gr fresh chestnut, squash 50 gr. All offers finely chopped into a saucepan, add half a cup of cooking water medium. Used several times a day, taken with warm water.

- Eggs a result, suffering Ginseng 30 grams, sugar 30 gr card. Of medium size cucumbers add water for cooking, the trio took the juice. Stir egg tan, dark miserable for the drug to continue cooking the eggs off the fire. Used 1 time a day, six days continuous use.

- Eggs 1 fruit, rhubarb lives (softened) 1.5 gr. Method: eggs atop a small hole cut for the live eggs rhubarb puree, then use paper seal small holes, it is cooked add water. Use an empty stomach, 1-2 fruits per day, 4 days continuously.

- Suffering through 150 gr, 15 gr sugar candy. Method: cook bitter melon more shallow water to 100 ml, the trio wedge to use candy. Divided into 3 times in a day.

- 100 gr Kudzu, Siem degradation (determined later) 10 gr sugar in moderation. Kudzu wash large fire proof glass for a ripe, peeled, finely crushed like a lake. Determination cicadas cooking powdered gold, the same skeptical paint, mixed to the user.

- Vegetables sam 20 gr, 20 gr draft local travel. Method: sam vegetables and place the draft water into a saucepan, over medium heat used for cooking, the trio take water to use.

- Case 50 gr fresh squash, sorghum 30 gr. Method: Wash squash peel, chopped pomegranate seeds, sorghum into a saucepan together, add 400 ml of water, use low heat cook until the soup special.

- Melon 50 gr, 50 gr of taro, sugar in moderation. Method: Small sliced ​​taro, then the same materials into a saucepan, add water to cook until tender, seasoning the road, turn off the heat.

- Green beans 50 grams, a lotus leaf plates, a moderate way. Method: Wash the green beans to remove impurities, then add 500 ml water and cook low heat until beans are tender, for the lotus leaf to cover, use low heat cook for 10 minutes, turn off the heat, add sugar to use.

- Albeit white 30 gr, 15 gr skeptical paint, lotus seeds 15 gr, 15 gr sugar, rice 30 gr. Lotus seeds citrus, and other materials on the cooking pan, when cooked peas, cooked porridge, then wedge the card in it.
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Food for children with eczema

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