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 Nutritious food is real need for children

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Nutritious  food is real need for children Empty
PostSubject: Nutritious food is real need for children   Nutritious  food is real need for children I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 3:28 pm

Gone are the days when the dishes are passed proceedings is ... "Full of additional cross" only to advance the use of the king or noble families. Today, the family need not rich can buy the famous dishes such as ginseng, bird's nests, deer antler, bear bile ... hope to improve health, preserve youth and even to ... cure incurable diseases.

For adults, only then, if not physically efficient, effective, at least mentally impossible not to recognize. The problem only becomes more noticeable when there are so many children, even young ... four months old (!) are also parents and grandparents in favor of using this food to nourish. Adults inadvertently did not know that the "compensation" is not only not "add" which sometimes lead to serious problems for children.

Essential components of the dish you have medicinal properties such as Ginseng, oats ... as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances function. The nature of this function helps to increase metabolic rate and nutrient use of each cell, understanding na trigger active cell "sung" than to bring the fullness feeling body. These agents may need adult when physical weakness, but when children are not well used.

Children are developing body to active hormones and cell ... have a high level sufficient to meet growth, so the children often have a high level and basic metabolic activity of cells is usually stronger than in adults. Can clearly see this phenomenon in some external signs such as children tend to work all day, adaptable to the environment as heat tolerant, better cold tolerance, skin temperature is generally higher than ... compared to adults. Ordinary activities like that, now more active again arrested, the risk of first cell metabolite stagnant, soon becomes weary and increases the risk of copying errors, incorrect synthesis factors genetics. The consequence of this process may condition the cell is damaged and aging faster, shortening the physiological stage of maturity, sometimes leads to pathologies related to cell structure. With children exhaustion, poor nutrition, increased metabolic activity of the body is a factor in the child nutrition loss reserves in the body (as it has also started to work more weak). For overweight children, obesity, increased activity of the hormone associated with increased storage of fat cells may promote puberty, an alarm condition is the era of industrialization because of the serious consequences for physical and psychological.

Overall, not recommended for children under the age of adult food use "complementary", ie those foods that increase the functional nature of the activities can generate excitement and healthy .. . as a training body. Do not forget, every body of any living organism is forced to go through four stages of: birth, growth and degradation (aging) and decay. The push excessive growth in the mature stage will shorten this time, the recession will come sooner than the program has been built in the cell. Of course, if just a "taste a piece of that" is nothing intimidating at all!
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Nutritious food is real need for children

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