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 Anastacia - a singer

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PostSubject: Anastacia - a singer   Anastacia - a singer I_icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 3:05 pm

Anastacia is not a singer chatter spots do look just like doing my body again, there are types of performance to get the look to make up the listening. In a healthy community is extremely vocal style show full vibrant charisma, she has reached a new level is a diva in the music world.

Born on 17.09.1973, Anastacia is the daughter of a family whose parents are both artists, in which her mother was an actress of Broadway fame.
Anastacia - a singer 220px-Anastacia_concert
Anastacia's childhood is not complete. His parents divorced last year Anastacia age of 14, she moved to live with her mother in Manhattan - New York. Her mother had attended the Professional Children's School - a specialist school for students gifted in arts such as singing, acting, literature, art ...

Anastacia began his career by dancers, she and her sister regularly performed at clubs in New York. Anastacia performed to illustrate many of the music video channel MTV. Incidentally, someone asked that the next dance, she can not sing, Anastacia replied that she could sing. But the manufacturers are working with Anastacia try and figure how to change her song.

They wanted her to sing like Celine Dion or LeAnn Rimes. She refused and replied emphatically: "I can not change your character is. And this is why I do not think I would become a singer."

Anastacia decided to move to Los Angeles, where she did a job as receptionist for a beauty salon and sing at some weddings and small clubs. Does anybody know the powers that are latent in her until Lisa Braude manufacturers - currently the manager of Anastacia - discovered her talent.

Within 6 months, Anastacia was defeated 160 opponents in search contest pop star's music channel MTV. The boss of the entertainment industry turned to her, including Tommy Mottola (director of Sony Music production) and Doug Morris, Michael Jackson is even calling for her and advised her of the singer, and today they have become a good friends.

Anastacia can say is good luck, but also because her property should have the opportunity to work with the music producer and the leading composers in America. It is a manufacturer of award-winning Grammy - Ric Wake, in addition to Sturken, Evan Rogers and Diane Warren. She took part in composing the most of their songs.

Anastacia's debut album released in 2000 immediately resonated and she has won numerous awards from the U.S. important to Europe. Freak of Nature second album in 2002, when first released in Europe has turned into a whirlwind when music brings a whole new genre, which was labeled by Anastacia. This genre is called "SPROCK", a blend of Soul, Pop and Rock.

January / 2003, Anastacia fans worldwide was shocked at news of her breast cancer. But fortunately, the disease is treated promptly. During that time, Anastacia has been extremely difficult to try to treat moderate to overcome illness, just made her 3rd album.

Tháng 2/2003 Anastacia appeared in New York to record a song in the musical Chicago called Love Is A Crime, people at all clear that the disease is tired expression on her face. However, she has made a good impression while working with enthusiasm and responsibility to demonstrate excellent songs in the Oscar-winning film.

Ignored the advice of doctors, Anastacia himself in the studio for 6 months to get their 3rd album, released 12/2003. This is an album that critics and fans have to tip your hat to admire an energetic girl.

The album was her own compositions along with the leading names of American music. The songs in the album say think, mood and energy at the disease to pass her. Can clearly see this through song Left Outside Alone, Sick-n-Tired and Heavy On My Head.

With more than 10 million copies sold worldwide and won numerous awards in just 4 years after officially joining the world of music, Anastacia has become a new diva of the music world.
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Anastacia - a singer

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