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 Ashlee Simpson - pop-rock singer, songwriter and actress America

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Ashlee Simpson - pop-rock singer, songwriter and actress America Empty
PostSubject: Ashlee Simpson - pop-rock singer, songwriter and actress America   Ashlee Simpson - pop-rock singer, songwriter and actress America I_icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 3:26 pm

Ashlee Simpson - pop-rock singer, songwriter and actress America Ashlee+Simpson%25281%2529
Ashley Nicole Simpson (born October 3, 1984) is a pop-rock singer, songwriter and actor Americans. She is the younger sister of pop singer Jessica Simpson.

The first year of life

Ashlee was born in Texas and raised in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. She is the daughter of Joe Truett Simpson (her current manager) and Tina Ann Drew

From 3 years old, Ashlee was dancing ballet file first. By age 11, she became the smallest student in the history of the School of American Ballet [citation needed] in New York City. During this time she had suffered from anorexia and lost weight rapidly because of serious disease. After graduation, Ashlee became dancers Jessica illustrate the performances. After the family moved to Los Angeles, Ashlee's acting career began. From small roles in the movie 7th heaven, Malcome in the middle, The hot chick, Ashlee get bigger role in Undiscovered, ...

The debut album and the first successful

In 2003, the song Just let me cry Ashlee's music gets a Disney film Freaky Friday's Lindsay Lohan plays by. Ashlee's singing career began.

In 2004, Ashlee released her debut album titled Autobiography.Trong album, Ashlee have shaped for themselves a fairly new style Punk Rock me.That the songs on this album are quite thoroughly exploited the Ashlee.Tuy special accent to the image appears quite personality but not the songs of Ashlee nghe.Cac not difficult songs are mostly all exciting always makes people dance all probably theo.Co Autobiography sing, LaLa, Better Off, Love Me For Me is most clearly expressed their personality to the Ashlee.Ben addition, there are still deep songs express her feeling like Love Make The World Go Around, Shadow, Surrender, Unreachable, there Undiscovered.Dieu means in Ashlee album not only a break in the music and the emotions that still can not be blotted out silhouette of a girl growing up with all the femininity to conquer even the most sentimental listeners.

Before the album was born, she has released his debut single Pieces of Me and achieve success, contributing to promote the album. With this first album, Ashlee quickly received platinum awards with over 5 million copies sold worldwide. In this album, Ashlee also added two singles released as Shadow and La La. Although not as successful as two single Pieces of me but also help increase further the names of 19-year-old girl.

At the same time, Ashlee also made reality show about his life as Ashlee Simpson Show. This show was well received and attracted over 5 million viewers often, helping to put names to the peak Ashlee. Show is distributed eight times in 2004 and 10 times in 2005).

"Undiscovered" and her second album

In early 2005, Ashlee was first offered the role of Clea in Undiscovered movie. But the film fails as expected, but Ashlee's singing talent has also been shown that by making the two songs in a smart Undiscovered and Stupid way.

October 2005, Ashlee continued his singing career with her second album I Am Me. This album collection of songs by Ashlee co-wrote with other artists. Like the previous album, I Am Me is a mix of pop and rock. Ashlee itself well to this album closer to his first album. But it also has many differences to novelty than to the listener. The first thing is I Am Me is somewhat influenced by the 80s music. By Ashlee as she loved music of the '80s: "It was sweet and makes us feel happy." That's one thing Ashlee wanted to put into their music. That second difference is that this is volume 2 of "aggressive" than the Autobiography. It helps people be more clearly hear the music style of Ashlee: dynamic and ambitious. But Ashlee is also trying to find for themselves the new sound in the process of making albums, one example is the song "Burning Up" is highly appreciated

Lyric This album reflects somewhat the life of Ashlee experience also suggests that similar emotions not at other times nhau.Dac especially two songs, "Catch Me When I Fall" and "Beautifully Broken" Thread referring to the feelings of Ashlee as "slip" in the "Saturday Night Live" (10/2004). Because "accident" is that Ashlee had to pay a lot when getting attacked a lot of talk about phia.Ashlee album: "I feel that everyone has a dark and this album is the meeting of darkness and light in the subconscious. "Ashlee also revealed that she chose to trim the title of this album I Am Me is that" I've been through so many ups and downs in the past year no matter what happens and take reasonable again, I always know who ", in addition Ashlee also said:" We sometimes feel sad but we also feel like to dance and attend the Party "[1]

Besides Ashlee continues to affirm its strong character through the lyrics like "I did not steal her boyfriend, himself tried to come here" in the single Boyfriend, or "because I am myself, and I will not change for anyone "in the title track I Am Me. With this album, Ashlee continued to top the Billboard album but only sold 3 million copies. Ashlee also released 3 more singles are Boyfriend, LOVE and Invisible. Especially with LOVE, Ashlee had success on the prestigious ranking of America, Australia, Norway, TRL ...

After starting the famous incident in a musical has made many fans turned against her. In late 2004, Ashlee was invited to participate in the Saturday Night Live. However, because health, Ashlee can not sing live was as expected and was lip synching to a music disc [2]. At the start of performances, music all Pieces of me Ashlee was faulty and could not continue . However, after this incident in 2005, Ashlee has decided to join the program and find the inspiration to write 2 songs: Catch me, When I Fall Broken and Beautiful.

The year 2005 was rumored to nhat.Khi Ashlee give birth first song in Vol 2, Boyfriend, Ashlee is rumored boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama robbed of this song is Lohan.Ca Lindsay's response to Ashlee with Lohan's accusation that "I Do not steal your boyfriend" - "I did not steal her boyfriend."

10/2005, shortly after the release of the album I Am Me, Ashlee faced with the media while the tape recorder she were drunk and rude behavior with McDonald's restaurant employees in Toronto (Canada) [ 3]. Ashlee said that it was because staff there had words to offend her and make her angry.

Then in 2006, Ashlee suffered ax of Marie Claire magazine about her nose job away [4]. They accused Ashlee has fabricated and artificial language of fully accept her shortcomings on she can have her by previous Marie Claire interview about natural beauty. Ashlee said that she felt a nose to be more confident.

Ashlee also been public suspicion had touched the knife in his chest, but she says no intention of even implants compared with her sister, her breasts like nowhere. Ashlee voice that "I love your breasts, it's perfect. Ms. Jessica is endowed with a greater than my past. Men frequently pleasure that and glued to it, but it's annoying having to wear make two basket ball on the chest "[5]

In 2006, Nick Carter claims to have had those moments of "fun" with Ashlee Simpson just because she wanted to retaliate against Paris Hilton. But Ashlee immediately responded to reporters that what he says is nonsense, and she "almost fainted because die laughing" when they hear it

The musical Chicago and the new contract

Between 2006, Ashlee was offered the role of Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago, a remake of the classic drama of the same name in place of the stage Broadway.Vai Ashlee Simpson was as Roxie Hart malicious woman, had "missed hands "shot and killed her husband, then to jail, but thanks to the tricks and manipulation, she was released from prison early and rapid integration into the world of celebrities. The musical has succeeded beyond expectations. For more than a month, the theater performances are often fully booked and ended the show is continuous applause for Ashlee. Jesica Simpson cried while watching his sister perform. Ashlee Simpson was blowing a fresh breeze of South Texas wild stage musicals in London. The British newspapers are reporting with songs like "Texas girl warm atmosphere in the UK" ... After this event, the name of Ashlee began to be mentioned more in the UK and Europe.

After returning home, Ashlee received two endorsements for the two brands as Victoria's Secret, lingerie famous and Skechers, the company specializes in manufacturing accessories for the feet of women on May 8/2006 . Playboy also proposed $ 4 million if the bear as the model for Ashlee, but she flatly refused because he wanted to lose his image.

Album Tuesday

Ashlee dated 21/4/2008 officially released the 3rd album of his singing career titled album Bittersweet World.Day is a punk-style half rock, half of the 80's, quite different from the two previous albums co.Trong this album, Ashlee collaborated with many famous producers such as Timbaland, Chad Hugo, and Kenna, the album was described as a "fun party" and win the full to write about my love life co.Album ranked fourth on the U.S. Billboard 200

On 19/12/2007 the past, Ashlee has also released the first single from this album called Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) with the cooperation of Timbaland.Video of this song released in December and had more than five million hits on Youtube.Day is a fun and exciting songs and music influenced by the 80s, writing about all the people in her life.

Ashlee's second single is Little Miss obsessive launched in March, was described as a Pop-Rock song represents her previous music. The song is found widely on radio, but Ashlee does not make a video for the song no.Bai the contribution of the member voice band Plain White T's - Tom Higgenson song debuted at 96 in the U.S. Billboard charts Hot 100

inh photos and personal life

When released their first album, Ashlee always appears with a picture with her rock-chick costumes personality but not so dusty when combined, carefully painted black nails and dark hair make clear the difference between her and the other blonde singer, especially with her sister Jessica. By the second album, Ashlee increasingly demonstrate individuality and rebellion with his statement "I Am Me" in the back with blonde hair any tax due by Ashlee, she feels really comfortable with black hair. 2008, no shadow of a rebel Ashlee again, but instead is a girl mature and sensitive style songs in the '80s. Ashlee turned into a feminine style and fashion at rock-chick with long flowing red hair making it soft and evokes a new way to redirect their lives and music of Ashlee.

Like other big new girl, Ashlee has up to 7 wrist tattoos and ankle. New tattoo is a rose on one side impressed in early March wrist / 2008.

It was voted No. 16 in the list of Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007, but Ashlee has never "undressed" on any issue. She had even refused to take pictures in Playboy with $ 4 million.

Ashlee Simpson had time with Josh Henderson was nearly 2 years but this relationship ended quickly in the first episode of The Ashlee Simpson Show. After that, Simpson began dating musician, singer Ryan Cabrera. She participated in MV On the Way Down by Ryan. The couple are no longer together with reasons and went to work split in August 2004.

In 2004, Simpson caught in rumors with ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan, Wilmer Valderrama, but he voiced that the conversation between he and Ashlee are not related to the break up with Lohan.

In late 2006, after the relationship with guitarist Braxton Olita (close friends for 7 years and is also a member of her band), Ashlee began sustainable relationship with Pete Wentz, a member cult band Fall Out Boy and the second was a marriage on May 18, 2008. Simpson also said it would take them by Pete grafted onto his name as one that the bride would normally do when about it. On 20/11 recently, Pete Ashlee gave birth to a baby boy Bronx Mowgli Wentz named
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Ashlee Simpson - pop-rock singer, songwriter and actress America

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