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  Britney Spears - is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor

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 Britney Spears - is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor Empty
PostSubject: Britney Spears - is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor    Britney Spears - is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor I_icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 2:32 pm

 Britney Spears - is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor Britne10
Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor. Spears first appeared on national television in 1992 as a member of Star Search competition in the United States. Her debut album ... Baby One More Time Her, released in 1999, has put Britney became a star [1]. 4 the next album: Oops! ... I Did It Again, Britney, In the Zone, Blackout the same collection of songs into the Greatest Hits: My prerogative have achieved enormous success, quickly helped her famous name Pop princess [2] [1] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]. Debut single "Baby One More Time reached the top spot in most countries around the world. [9] while the single" Toxic "to take first Grammy award singer with" Record Music Best dance "[10].

Britney Spears is one of the artists sell more discs in the world. According to Zomba Label Group and Sony Music, Spears has sold over 85 million records worldwide, [11] [12] [13] She ranked eighth in the list of female artists sell more records in the United States with 35 million sold albums certified by the RIAA, [14]


Britney Spears born December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. She has a younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is also a singer, film actor known for Crossroads (2 sisters play), The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Show and the television program All That, Zoey 101 , Miss Guided. Her father, James Parnell Spears, a building contractor and her mother, Lynne Irene Bridges, a teacher. Now the two men decided together. She is one of the popular star of teenagers.

From Britney went to her church and participate in the dance. At the age of 8, Britney auditioned in the Mickey Mouse Club. Although at the time she was too young to join the program but producers have introduced Brit to a dealer in New York. Britney is so enrolled in a professional arts center Professional Performing Arts School Center for 3 summer vacation. Britney has appeared in several small roles age, in which the play Ruthless (1991). Then Britney won a place in Mickey Mouse Club Disney Channel from 11 to 13 years old. After thawing Mickey Mouse Club in 1994, she returned to the stage as a mature artist in 1999. Britney started to audition for a pop band in New York City. Britney's first band finally came to the hands of Jeff Fenster, who works in Jive Records. "Britney's voice has my attention immediately," Jeff said. Jive spent a lot of money to invest for Britney, who also took her to record with Eric Foster White (who produced and wrote for Boyzone, Whitney Houston and many other singers). They had hired R & B musicians leading Max Martin (who made the Backstreet Boys fame) to write the song first single of Britney, "... Baby, One More Time" and an album of the same name. .. Baby, One More Time. They also created a special number to call fans can call and listen to the music of Britney and her interview on free during the summer of 1998. Especially the song "... Baby One More Time". She also toured around the United States to perform, the trip was the teen magazines in the U.S. funding, and eventually join the band toured with N Sync. A promotional plan has been so thoroughly compensated when "... Baby One More Time" and the album has the same name to number 1 of the U.S. charts in early 1999. Mellow love songs "Sometimes" and naughty song "(You Drive Me) Crazy" successor of "... Baby One More Time" on the charts. "Born To Make You Happy" topped the charts in Britain in January 2000. Album of the same name also topped the Bill Board charts Hot 200 Albums, the song makes Britney khuac achieved 14 times platinum.

Britnet's success also has spurred a new wave of beautiful young female singer notable as Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Pink. Demand for Britney music was satisfied when her second album, Oops! ... I Did It Again was released in May 2000. Album has met expectations with many pop songs are a professional production, including "Lucky", "Stronger" and "Do not Le Me Be The Last To Know", along with the version of the song " I Can not Get No Satisfaction "by The Beatles.

The relationship of Britney and Justin Timberlake, a member of the band N Sync, has made her not escape the observation of the public, to keep his promise until the marriage of Britney. In addition, the album Oops! ... I Did It Again as a goodbye to the young fan of Britney since just after 4 months of the album, with performances in history of one of the music awards best known in America - MTV Video Music Awards, Britney has shed her image of an innocent pop princess and began to aim to become a real diva, choose songs, costumes and performing their own style. But that lost a large amount of young fans, but Britney is also working toward being close to the earpiece of the older ones, so that's second studio album she continues to stand at No. 1 on Billboard and established a new record for Britney in particular and American music scene in general: Britney is a young female artist to have 2 consecutive studio albums reach the top spot in Billboard its first week of release. Also with this album, Britney has had its first tour around the world, was broadcast live in several countries there are many fans as Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Album titled third album Britney was given with the intent to put the new Britney a step more mature, but also goes against the image of a pure and innocent Britney. The contrast between Britney's debut album ... Baby, One More Time Britney charm and a sexy little Britney has created much controversy for idol status and role models for girls growing up. Although sales of the album was not as high as the first two albums, Britney is still progress to the top of the album charts in the U.S. at the time of release is November 2001. It seems Britney will never be able to get a more awesome performances 2000 performances at the MTV Video Music Awards performance with the song "I'm A Slave 4 U" with the tiger and real concern, Britney has overcome all of the performances of any other singer has performed at the VMA [citation needed].

The first film involved Britney, Crossroads (with the participation of Jamie Lynn Marie Spears), was released in February and then get up and have suggested many criticisms. This is the film debut of Britney. It is about a character named Lucy, played by Britney. Lucy is passionate about becoming a singer but her father wants her to become a doctor. She had left home with her two best friends and she met her guy named Ben. Ben has helped Lucy make their dream of becoming a singer with his own talents of Lucy. The movie was not very successful, but also received much praise.

Also during this time, Britney was signed and produced a Play Station 2 game disc is named after his own "Dance Beat" [15], a game where players need to practice a lot to dance day and night can jump smoothly every time you need to tour. This is one of the best-selling game in 2001-2002 and has received much praise. This game was produced to cater for players to use a computer and Gameboy Advance.

To promote the album, Britney, Britney has done concerts Dream Within A Dream - grand tour, with light and sound effects stage design with modern, hit another milestone in the career of Britney. She has been singing talents and his dancing, as represented as a robot in "Overprotected", plays the girl dancer in a music box medley in "Born to Make You Happy" "Lucky", "Sometimes", the dance with a computerized copy of "Lonely", repeat performances sizzled in "I'm A Slave 4 U" and dancing in the rain artificially in "... Baby, One More Time ". This concert was also released as a DVD of her success.
"Toxic" - video with pictures of $ 1,000,000 diamond Britney

After a quiet time with the many incidents in life (breaking up with Justin Timberlake, put your middle finger in front of the paparazzi, Mexico canceled the show after show at a time ...) is at one Britney would have guessed that back and more surprised when she returned with a strong fourth album In The Zone.

Britney's fourth album she put out the image of a teenage pop princess, becoming a mature woman and sexy. Album shows the first pitch variations mature and surprisingly a Britney by the self-composed. Britney has partnered wrote seven of the 12 tracks with names veteran as Red Zone (the "Me Against The Music" and "The Hook Up"), The Matrix (the "Shadow"), Moby (the "Early Morning ") and Cathy Dennis (of" Toxic "and" Showdown "). At the same time that the contribution of the character creating hits such as R. Kelly ("Outrageous") and Ying-Yang Twins ("Boom Boom"). And we can not underestimate the importance of the appearance of pop icon Madonna, who has blown his voice to the song single "Me Against The Music". Combined with influential people through time as Madonna is a realization has come from Britney's dream. "The matter was beyond the capacity of express language," Britney said. Both have created a close tie knot during rehearsal for the show rather infamous on MTV Video Music Awards in fall 2003 (when Madonna kiss gay for Britney Spears [16] and Christina Aguilera was performing when three people on stage). "When we work together, sometimes I still do not believe you are standing next to Madonna. That's what my dream was never dare to think."

Blackout is Britney's comeback album since In the Zone (2003). Britney Album by the director of production is co-produced with Danja. But critics are appreciated, but the album only reached number two in Billboard with 290,000 copies sold in its first week (In the Zone earlier reached 609,000 copies). This is also the only studio album Britney is not reached the top spot in the first week of release, after four successful albums in a row before.

The album's first single, "Gimme More" was released in early September 2007 has reached the top spot at # 3 in Canada and the U.S., the highest position since "... Baby, One More Time," though performance of her song at the MTV Video Music Awards Awards 2007 was considered too poor and boring on stage, Britney lip syncing openly.

The second single "Piece of Me" is the investment of $ 500,000 will be expected to mark the return of Britney receiving highly appreciated from the experts [17]. The song is somewhat like reading and intense melodies are alluring. The single has also been most successful when four consecutive weeks the town topped the MTV Asia, the top 10 in Europe and is situated on the Billboard Top 20 of 100. At the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney has a re-grand style: the Video Music Awards ceremony this time, she won the third category was nominated for "Video of the best female artist", "Best Pop Video" and most importantly "Video of the Year" for "Piece of Me". This is the first time she won the moonman trophy after 16 nominations.

October 19, 2008, the single "Womanizer" has spectacular jump from # 96 to # 1, breaking the record for jump to # 1's "Live Your Life" last week. These singles reached the top spot Britney's first in 10 years, since "... Baby, One More Time" in 1999 [18]. Release sixth album Circus is also scheduled on December 2, 2008, coinciding with the 27th birthday of Britney Spears [19].

November 6, Britney appeared and performed the song "Human Nature" in the tour of Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour in Los Angeles, California [20]. That same day, she won second prize "Album 2008" for Blackout and "Artist of 2008" at the awards ceremony MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 [21].

Britney is preparing to tour the world in 2009 to [22] [23] [24] Britney's latest album entitled "Circus" has sold a record in its first week of more than £ 500,000 , and one of the top female singer has the most number of discs sold in 2008. Single Circus took up the position # 3 on Billboard

Circus album was recording American Association recognition of platinum sold on (1 million copies). [Citation needed]

August 2009, Britney attended the award ceremony in 2009 Teen Choice Award and honored with a surfboard for 'The Ultimate Choice "(award" Choice of the Most High "). And became the winner of the night award. [25]

29/9, Single "3" was released by Britney Spears, and the production of "3" is Max Martin (who has created hits for Britney Spears: Baby one more time, I did Oosp .... it again, Stronger, If You Seek Amy ...) Single "3" right first week of release was No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. record for Britney ever since (like Womanizer and Baby One More Time) With 255,000 downloads in and dominate the No.1 Digital Song chart and iTunes (Currently, this figure increased significantly)


Britney is also a musician who has been notorious. In 2003 she performed and kissed his idol pop queen Madonna is causing a great shock in the public opinion about the gender of the two.

Broken marriage with Kevin Federline led to a series of paintings custody hearing two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Currently Britney's court only allowed to visit the child every day [26].

In 2004, Britney has a 55 hour marriage to Jason Allen Alexander, which lasted from January 3 to January 5 [27].

In 2006, after li dy Kevin Federline, she became friends with Paris Hilton in party all night and once inside to reveal underwear [28]. In early 2007, her disturbing story when shaved his blond hair (real hair Britney brown) and into rehab [29].

The record

Britney is attached to a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was on par with Madonna, Mariah Carey etc. .. Because of the highest ranked album in Billboard. Britney also ranks 10th in the top 20 richest female entertainer in the world with assets over $ 100 million and topped on the media. Indeed no one can deny the charm of her pop princess leading

Studio album

* 1999: ... Baby One More Time
* 2000: Oops! ... I Did It Again
* 2001: Britney
* 2003: In the Zone
* 2007: Blackout
* 2008: Circus

* 1999: Time Out with Britney Spears
* 2000: Live and More!
* 2001: Britney: The Videos
* 2002: Live from Las Vegas
* 2004: In the Zone
* 2004: Greatest Hits: My prerogative
* 2005: Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
* 2009: Britney: For the Record
The other album

* 2004: Greatest Hits: My prerogative
* 2005: B in the Mix: The Remixes
* 2009: The Singles Collection
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Britney Spears - is a pop singer, songwriter and American actor

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