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 Dolly Parton - singer, country music songwriter, actress and philanthropist, American

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Dolly Parton - singer, country music songwriter, actress and philanthropist, American Empty
PostSubject: Dolly Parton - singer, country music songwriter, actress and philanthropist, American   Dolly Parton - singer, country music songwriter, actress and philanthropist, American I_icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2012 2:36 pm

Dolly Parton - singer, country music songwriter, actress and philanthropist, American Dolly-10
Dolly Rebecca Parton (January 19, 1946) is a singer, country music songwriter, actor and philanthropist Americans. She is one of country music singer with the 26 most successful single was ranked first and 42 albums in the top 10 country albums chart of Billboard. She is best known by a special voice, sometimes by dressing habits homophobic humor and obscene behavior, look sexy and voluminous chest.

The early years

Dolly Parton born in Sevierville, Tennessee, United States, is the 4 th of 12 children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Parton and Avie Lee Owens. Her brothers and sisters are Willadeene Parton (a poet), David Parton, Denver Parton, Bobby Parton, Stella Parton (a singer), Cassie Parton, Larry Parton (who died shortly after birth), Randy Parton (a singer, business personnel), twins Floyd Parton (musician songwriter) and Freida Parton (a singer), Rachel Dennison (an actress).

Her family, as she said, is "dirt poor" (poor man) [1]. They live in a dilapidated shack, rustic in Locust Ridge, a village located north of Greenbrier Valley of Great Smoky Mountains in Sevier County, Tennessee. Parton's parents were parishioners at the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), a denomination in the Pentecostal movement, and music is a very important part of the church was of Dolly. Parton He's also a Pentecostal preacher (holly roller). But Dolly did not consider themselves to be deeply religious, though she believes that all people on Earth are children of God and regularly performed religious songs in live concerts.

May 30, 1966, she married Carl Dean in Ringgold, Georgia, when he was 20 years old. She first met Dean at the Wishy-Washy laundromat in Nashville is the age of 18 [2]. Carl Dean manage an asphalt company in Nashville, often times the public away and almost no help Dolly anything in his career. They had no children together, and often help the siblings of Dolly raised their kids, and they are often called Dolly as "She Granny". Dolly is also the godmother of singer and actress Miley Cyrus

Detection talent

Parton's family is a family musical tradition. Her mother said she played guitar and her grandfather, Reverend Jake Owens, also a musician (with Singing His Praise song was recorded by Kitty Wells) [5]. She studied guitar at age 7 years old and has been singing in the radio programs and local television in East Tennessee at an early age. When 9 years old, she appeared in The Cas Walker Show, as well as WIVK Radio and WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee. At age 13, her first recording for Goldband, a small record label, with the song Puppy Love. At the age of 14, she signed a contract with Mecury Records, but even with its first single, It's Sure Gonna Hurt has failed and she was fired [5]. She subsequently appeared in radio program Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. At the Opry, she met Johnny Cash first, and he encouraged her to follow the path that tells your heart and do not care what others think [6]. After her graduation in 1964, Parton moved to Nashville, and had absorbed many elements of traditional folk music and popular area of ​​East Tennessee.

At first, Parton success as a musician, and has written songs for Hank Williams selling, Jr. and Skeeter Davis [7]. She signed a contract with Monument Records in late 1965 with the image of a bubblegum pop singer [8] and only earn a single chart located in the national rankings, Happy, Happy Birthday Baby, but it is not placed in the Billboard Hot 100.

Label has agreed to sing Dolly country after the success of Put It Off Until Tomorrow, one of her compositions recorded by Bill Phillips has reached No. 6 on the Country Chart in 1966. The first single from her country, Dumb Blonde (one of the rare songs that she was not composed in this period), has reached No. 17. Two are in the song of her debut album, Hello, I'm Dolly.

1967 - 1976: The success with Country

In 1967, Parton was invited to a country music TV program weekly Porter Wagoner, replacing Norma Jean has returned to Oklahoma. Initially, Wagoner's audience is not willing to receive Parton, but with Wagoner's assistance, she has been accepted. Wagoner convinced RCA, his record company, signed a contract with Parton. To protect your investment, RCA has released her first single with the label was a duet with Wagoner. Single of the duo, The Last Thing on My Mind, has reached the Country Top Ten in early 1968 and is located almost continuously throughout the 6 years [5].

First solo single, Parton, Just Because I'm a Woman, was released in the summer of 1968, which reached No. 17. In the late 1960s, there is no effort by Parton - including In the Good Old Days album (When Times Were Bad) later known - won success as a duet of Dolly and Wagoner. Duo received the title song of the year group in 1968 by the Country Music Association, even then, Parton's solo recordings have been ignored by the public.

In 1970, Parton won success with songs of Jimmie Rodgers Mule Skinner Blues, and recordings have won 3 seats in the charts and helped Dolly received a Grammy nomination. There followed a number-one single, her first, Joshua. Within 2 years later, Dolly also continue to be a hit solo disc, such as popular songs Coat of Many Colors (1971, No. 4), along with another duet disc. After Jolene released and won the top in early 1974, Parton has become famous beyond Wagoner, her former boss. She ended up with Wagoner, though still appearing on television and a duet with him until 1976 [5].

In total she has appeared in a program of songs with Mr. Wagoner and within 9 years, until broken up and become a solo artist. Wagoner and Dolly had to be 14 songs top ten Country for 13 years (1967-1980). In 1974, the song I Will Always Love You (written about her breakup with Wagoner) release and topped the Country charts. At the same time, Elvis Presley said he wanted to cover (encore) song. However, Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, said Parton will take half the publishing rights if Elvis recorded the song (like the normal procedures of the songs that he recorded) [9]. Parton refused and this helped her get back millions in royalties for the song, especially with the recording of 1992's Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard. This decision was made for the fact she was known in showbiz as "The Iron Butterfly".

1977 - 1986: Move to Pop

From 1974 to 1980, she still ranked in the Top Ten Country and have had 8 singles top the table. Parton had been the first television program his Dolly, in 1976. The next year, Dolly won the right to produce her album, especially with New Harvest ... First Gathering album has topped the Country charts in 1977. In addition to her hit songs in the late 1970s, many artists as Rose Maddox, Kitty Wells, Olivia Newton-John, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt had her cover songs [5].

Dolly quickly gained the commercial success as a pop singer and actor. 1977 album, Here You Come Again is the first album sold over a million copies, and the theme song of the album - Here You Come Again - is her first single in the top-ten pop (No. 3) and also at the country charts for five weeks. Her albums of this period has been particularly successful with pop / crossver. This time, she wrote the song down time and focus on his acting career. In the early 1980s, Parton had recorded a large number of songs of the musicians as Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Rupert Holmes, Gary Portnoy and Carole Bayer Sager. In 1978, she received a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance Here You Come Again album. These hits are then Two Doors Down, Heartbreaker (1978), Baby I'm Burning and You're The Only One (1979) have also gained success in both pop and country charts.

In 1980, she had three number-one songs in a row: Starting Over Again (composed Donna Summer), Old Flames (Can not Hold a Candle to You) and 9 to 5 [5]. 9 to 5, song background music film of the same name as Dolly closed in 1980 along with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, not only occupy the top position in the country charts but also topped the pop charts and Adult Contemporary. This Dolly has turned into one of country music singer's rare that won first place in both country and pop the same time. Dolly's success is prolonged in 1981 - 1985, when she had 12 top ten songs in the country, and half the number-one singles, plus two songs I Will Always Love You (re-recorded , in the album The Best Little whorehouse in Texas) reached the Pop Top 50 of 1982, and Islands in the Stream, Kenny Rogers singing with, first located at the pop charts for two weeks in 1983.

However, in 1985, many longtime fans felt that Parton she had lost too much time without being in the mainstream music [5]. The album tends to her contemporary pop songs like Islands in the Stream, and she has long not singing real country music. This time, she pursued the business and projects such as building new recreational park Dollywood, opened in 1985. Even the suspicion that her single still reached the Top Ten Country as Save the Last Dance for Me, Tennessee Homesick Blues (1984), Do not Call it Love Love, Real Love (1985) and Think About Love (1986). However, after 1986, when the contract ends, RCA has not signed with Parton and she was signed to Columbia in 1987 [5].

1987 - 1994: Back to country

In 1987, she along with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt released country album Trio. Trio immediately won great critical success and sales and has brought new vitality to the career of Dolly. It has sold over 1 million copies, topped the Country and Pop in Table 6, while for the three singles reached the Top Ten is To Know Him Is to Love Him, Telling Me Lies and Those Memories of You. Trio has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year and Best Country Vocal Performance award - Duo or Group. Later she made some three albums similar Trio 2 and Honky Tonk Angels.

The success of the Trio have created platform for the first Columbia album of Dolly, White Limozeen, released in 1989, with two number-one singles as Why'd You Come in Here Lookin 'Like That and Yellow Roses. Despite the resurgence of Dolly career is only temporary, as the contemporary country music in the early 1990s, and has knocked all the veteran country artist from the chart [5] . After two singles, Dolly gradually fell out of top 10 and top 40, even then she continued operation. Duet with Ricky Van Shelton in 1991, Rockin 'Years, also won the number-one, but the biggest commercial success of her, is when Whitney Houston cover the song I Will Always Love You in The Bodyward in in 1992. In 1994, along with Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette, recording her album Honky Tonk Angels [10]. The album also received a gold record with RIAA, and also help restore Lynn, and Wynette's career.

1995 - present

Recorded Parton I Will Always Love You, along with Vince Gill, and won a CMA award in 1996. After the Gold Rush singles in the second Trio album also won a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 1999, and that same year, she is enrolled in the Country Music Hall of Fame [10].

She recorded a series of highly bluegrass album, The Grass is Blue since (1999) and Little Sparrow (2001), both of which won Grammy Awards. 2002 bluegrass album, Halos & Horns, including a bluegrass cover of the famous song Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin). In 2005, she released the album Those Were The Days, including popular songs from the folk-rock period from late 1960 to early 1970.

In 2006, Parton received Oscar nominations Monday for the song Travelin 'Thru, which she wrote for the film Transamerica (previous song 9 to 5, written for the movie 1980) [11]. The song When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paisley and special style harmonies in the song Dolly took her back to the first position on the Country charts in late 2006 [10]. In December 2007, Dolly the first single released by her record label, Dolly Records, with the name Better Get to Livin ', but also only the 48th position in the Hot Country Songs (Billboard). Parton's latest album, Backwoods Barbie was released January 26, 2008, and reached number 2 in the Country charts. Album reached No. 17 in US.200, and this is the second highest position of Dolly in this chart (after 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs reached No. 11 in 1980).

On April 1, 2008, Parton was a guest at the American Idol finals, the band builds cover her tracks.


Dolly Parton is a great musician and a storyteller in the village of country music talent. Many of her songs tell the same stories about people and events in childhood. The songs she wrote bold folk music, based on education and background music of the Catholic family. Many songs have become popular as Jolene, Coat of Many Colors, I Will Always Love You, 9 to 5, Here You Come Again, Love Is Like A Butterfly ... She wrote a total of about 3,000 works [12], which has 600 songs published with BMI, and has received 37 BMI awards for his work [13]. In 2001, she is enrolled in the songwriters Hall of Fame. She is also a member of Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame since 1986.


In 1980, when Jane Fonda is looking for a Southern woman is shrill voice for her upcoming movie, 9 to 5 with director Colin Higgins, Dolly Parton Fonda felt that was a perfect choice . The role of Dolly in the film has received praise, and Dolly was nominated for a Golden Globe for Female Star of the Year and the new Film song in the film for the song title of the film by the her hand writing. The song also helped her Oscar-nominated for the best song and get two other Grammys.

Parton continued to participate in some other films like The Best Little whorehouse in Texas (1982 - directed by Colin Higgins) and was nominated for a Golden Globe the other; Rhinestone (1984 - Bob Clark), in which she starred Sylvester Stallone and Steel Magnolias with (1989 - Herbert Ross), based on the Broadway play of 1987. The film's final stage she is Straight Talk (1992 - Barnet Kellman), in which she starred with James Woods. She starred Shirlee Kenyon, a broadcaster in a radio talk show. She continued to play an overprotective mother in Frank McKlusky necessary, CI (2002) with Dave Sheridan, Cameron Richardson and Randy Quaid. She also plays himself in the movie The Beverly Hillbillies (1993 - in this film she also met two old friends took in 9 to 5 is Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman) and Sandra Bullock movie, Miss FBI 2 .

Dolly Parton will play Stewart, uncle in the movie Hannah Montana Hannah Montana: The Movie [14]. She will also participate in the documentary The Book Lady with Miley Cyrus and Keith Urban.


In the mid-1970s, Dolly tried to expand the public. Start of the construction that's variety show called Dolly! in 1976. Although the program has a high number of viewers, but it only occurred during a period (sesson), Dolly had to terminate the contract by the stress caused her vocal cords. In 1987, she continued with a variety show Monday also named Dolly, but reached only a season.

She also starred in several TV series such as A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Unlikely Angel. In the movie Blue Valley Songbird, she plays a country singer Leana Taylor and took part in composing and performing most of the songs in the film.

Dolly also provides the voice for the animated miniseries such as Alvin and the Chipmunks in their role (1983) and The Magic School Bus as Katrina Eloise "Murph" Murphy (1994). She also appeared as himself in several other films, such as' Uncle Dolly "in Hannah Montana TV series, based on her relationship with goddaughter Miley Cyrus.

Dolly has been twice nominated for the Oscar for best song, which is 9 to 5 in 1980 and the Travelin 'Thru 2005. Travelin 'Thru also won best song at the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards in 2005, and was nominated at the Golden Globe and Broadcast Film Critics Association. One other song that she sang with James Ingram, The Day I Fall In Love, lies in the film Beethoven's 2nd was nominated for two Oscars and a live performance of the night award.

Based on an interview at Studio 360 (29.10.2005) [15] and an interview with Larry King (30/0/2005) [16], Parton is planning the music for the Broadway musical bearing called 9 to 5, based on the 1980 film of the same name. Based opinions will play officially debuted on October 23, 2009 [17].

Public image

Parton has several times refused to take pictures for Playboy magazine and similar publications, even then she has also appeared on the cover of Playboy in November 1978, the Playboy Bunny costume (Playboy Bunny). Filmmaker Russ Meyer wanted to make films about famous size 36FF breasts of women. He also said that Dolly was the only female star Hollywood that he cares and wants to work together [18] [19]. Dolly's breasts are so famous that people used her name to name mammals first cloned sheep, Dolly, because it was created from cells taken from a sheep mammary gland of the [20 ] [21].

At the 2003 premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Winfrey asked about the type of cosmetic surgery that Dolly had. Parton said that cosmetic surgery is a very important thing to keep her famous image, and acknowledges a humorous way: "If I have one more facelift, I'll have a beard" (If I had chin once again, I'll have a beard). She joked that "If I see something sagging, bagging, and dragging, I'm going to nip it, tuck it, and suck it!" and "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap" (I've lost a lot of money to look like this here). However critic Richard Blackwell fashion remains ranked woman she is the worst dressed in 1979 [22], "with too much meat and too little excess fabric" [23]. People magazine for her as one of the worst dressed women of all time [24].

Dolly is mentioned in the song Lolipop remix of Lil 'Wayne: "Lollipop lollipop breasts just like Dolly Parton."


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Dolly Parton - singer, country music songwriter, actress and philanthropist, American

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