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 Eminem - is a singer, American producers, rap song

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Eminem - is a singer, American producers, rap song Empty
PostSubject: Eminem - is a singer, American producers, rap song   Eminem - is a singer, American producers, rap song I_icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2012 2:42 pm

Eminem - is a singer, American producers, rap song Eminem10
Eminem (born Marshall Bruce Mathers III name; born October 17, 1972) is a singer, producer American rap song. Eminem is one of the best-selling rap artists of history, when more than 70 million copies sold worldwide.

Eminem Marshall Bruce Mathers real name III, born in 1972 and still have another stage name is Slim Shady, is a rapper, actor and owner of its own record label called Shady Records. Eminem is also a member of rap group D12 - under Shady Records. All 3 of the album The Slim Shady LP Eminem is, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show are successful, earning a Grammy for Eminem to 9. In 2002, Eminem became the first rapper to win an Oscar for his starring film role - 8 Mile. After temporarily leaving the stage at the end of round tour in 2005, Eminem has released his 5th album Relapse on 19 May 2009, marking the first step in his comeback. As of early 2009, Eminem has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, and own more than 40 million albums in America, rappers have become the number one selling album in history su.Eminem the readers of Vibe magazine comments selection is: The best rapper alive.

Eminem was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, son of Deborah R. Marshall Bruce Mathers II and Nelson. But he grew up in a remote area near other Detroit, where he was known to hip hop, and addicted to it.

He began rapping at the age of 13, then collaborated with rap group Soul Intent in 1995, launched the first disc is Fuckin 'Backstabber (unofficial). Then, in 1996, he released a CD is released, but only implicitly Infinitive (unofficial). CD really bad if compared to his later CD. After you listen to this CD, people told him the same song with Nas or AZ, and they no longer want another Nas

He then collaborated with Royce da 5'9, a Detroit MC's, and Bad Meets Evil song together, in this Evil Eminem plays also plays Bad Royce. They have a very close friendship, and love hip hop, jointly developed the contemporary hip hop (Bad Meets Evil was later ground cover in a different CD: Eminem Is Back)

Eminem released The Slim Shady LP album and successful than expected. The Slim Shady LP became one of the best-selling album of 1999 with 5 million copies in the U.S. and 9 million worldwide

In the album, '97 Bonnie and Clyde, he describes a journey to the coast with his daughter, with the intention of killing his wife tied in the trunk (referring to Kim, the wife of Eminem). Posts knowledge economy has been vehemently criticizing a head with horrible thoughts.

Posts with Dr.Dre song Guilty Consciene about three contest between evil and evil in the first three people, including Dr. Dre and Eminem plays a good bad plays. Word 1 is when a young man named Eddie 23 years old about to rob the grocery store, when Stan said 2 is about to rape 21 years old 15 years old and she said 3 is when a construction worker named Grady, 29, returned home caught wife with a dirty guy growing other men. Last conversation of good songs that became bad when the same is the case.

All the single from the album were successful, since the album release, the world's people together to sing My name is and Guilty Conscience.

Dr.Dre Eminem sang in pairs with a lot of different items, such Forgot About Dre and What's The Different from the album '2001 'by Dr.Dre.

Success came with Eminem in 2000 when he released The Marshall Mather LP, the first week the album has sold 1.76 million copies in America alone and immediately became a worldwide craze. The first single The Real Slim Shady was defamatory of Showbiz.Tu large mass stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera to N'Sync. With a cool look, an extraordinary singing, virtuoso skills, he has more than tens of millions of fans. Everywhere, people shout 'I Love Eminem'. Indeed, since his first official album, Eminem has his life to the new page.

Eminem has released three hit in the album is The Real Slim Shady, The Way I Am and Stan. Of which 2 hit The Real Slim Shady and Stan are very successful, especially Stan became his most successful single worldwide even reached number 51 in Billboard Hot 100

Stan is a song about the possibility that up in the music of rapper Eminem. The story is accompanied by a female voice (the chorus of Dido Thank you) with the content of an extreme fan of Eminem, when sending and waiting for him outside the concert was not being too upset about Eminem anger to self-car crash on the bridge causing accidents kill himself and who were pregnant were tied in the trunk. Stan No. 290 of the 500 greatest songs of all time.
Eminem's third album, The Eminem Show, was released in the summer of 2002, following the success of Eminem.

Then stir Without Me single charts worldwide and was nominated for a Grammy song of the year The album includes singles in White America, Superman, Sing For The Moment have received positive response massive response from critics and fans.

The Eminem Show also showed maturity in the musical style of Eminem.
Eminem's fourth album, Encore continued to top the charts, though not as successful as compared to the previous album.

The single from the album, Mosh, Just Lose It, Like Toy Soldiers, Mockingbird and Ass Like That

Mosh anti-war song, a song straight into attacking U.S. President G. Bush. When the clip Mosh was released October 25, 2004, just one week before the U.S. presidential election period took place in 2004, it received a lot of support. Video clip Eminem picture is leading a toward the White House. However, when the caravan arrived in the White House, it turns out that they came simply to vote, and clip ends with "VOTE Tuesday November 2" (Please vote on Tuesday, November 2).

With more than 55 million votes came from people aged 18-35, accounting for 36% of the total votes, more than 2000 round of voting but the number is only supported by that year (17%), or video clip has influenced great. If Eminem released earlier clip ...
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Eminem - is a singer, American producers, rap song

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