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 Jim Morrison - a singer, songwriter, writing songs is another American poet

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Jim Morrison - a singer, songwriter, writing songs is another American poet Empty
PostSubject: Jim Morrison - a singer, songwriter, writing songs is another American poet   Jim Morrison - a singer, songwriter, writing songs is another American poet I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 2:34 pm

Jim Morrison - a singer, songwriter, writing songs is another American poet Jim-morrison-20060303-112961
James Douglas Morrison (born December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida; lost July 3, 1971 in Paris) is a singer, songwriter, writing songs is also an American poet. He is best known as a vocalist and the lyrics of your famous American rock group The Doors, and he is regarded as one of the attractive and the most striking effects Rock music in history. He is also the author of several books of poetry, a short documentary film segments and three early music videos. ("The Unknown Soldier", "Moonlight Drive" and "People are Strange"). Morrison's death at age 27 in Paris has stunned fans; the details related to death and was buried in his secret is the subject of rumors and endless long is an important part in the know hidden still surrounds his life.

The first five months

Scotland and Ireland descended, Jim Morrison was the son of Admiral George Stephen Morrison and naval Clara Clark Morrison. His parents met in Hawaii in 1941, where Steve Morrison, when it was missing lieutenant stationed.

Jim Morrison born December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida, about two years after his parents met. Six months later, Clara Morrison moved to Clearwater, Florida with his children to live with his parents (Paul and Caroline Morrison) while her husband returned to the Pacific took place immediately before the period of World War II. (He later promoted to admiral and commander of the local fleet with his ship the USS Admiral Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) in the Tonkin Gulf (northern Vietnam war)). Clara stayed Florida with her son; her husband did not return to visit family until summer 1946. Morrison family later added a daughter, Anne Robin (born 1947 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) and a baby boy, Andrew "Andy" Lee (born in 1948 in Los Altos, California).

For Morrison, one of the most important events happened in his life was in 1949 when he was young, his family trip to New Mexico, when he accompanied his parents and grandparents come across a case accident in a desert. As he recalled later in the song "Peace Frog"

"Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding, Ghosts crowd the young child's Fragile egg-shell mind." (The Indians scattered on the highway full of blood, ghosts surrounding the heart's delicate child) Morrison said that he had seen the Indians was bleeding to death and it made him afraid. To the extent that he believed that the souls of the Indians hovered just died, surround him and one of which had crashed into him.

His parents were confirmed on a desert crash that never happened. In a lot of time to comment on this fact, Morrison said that he was so disorder his parents always said that it "is just a nightmare" to make him calm down. Despite the crash was real, or imagined to be weaving, Morrison still recalls the relevant images in the songs, poems and interviews him.

Morrison graduated from George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia in June 1961. His father moved to Southern California in August. Morrison was sent to live with his grandparents in Clearwater, Florida, where he attended courses at St. Petersburg teenager.

Then he moved to Florida State University (1962 - 1963), a place still full teaching favorable conditions, but too far for daily travel. Morrison thus moved to the houses of the school, where he was roommates with George Greer, the judge later Terri Schiavo case is known.

January 1964, encouraged by an FSU professor, Morrison moved to Los Angeles, California where he finish a degree in film school graduate of UCLA. Jim has done two film joining UCLA. The first film called "First Love" was later released worldwide.

The Doors

In 1965, after obtaining the diploma of filming at UCLA, Morrison began Bohemian-style living near the sea in Venice. Because diet is too little food but excess stimulants, to 1966, Morrison squat ago have been turned into Jesus statue was carved in stone, timeless images in black and white photo series shot by Joel Brodsky. Known as "The Young Lion", including the image beam Morrison pose topless in God's image was later used as a cover album Best of The Doors. Morrison surprised fellow students at UCLA who is Ray Ray Manzarek while reading the lyrics of "Moonlight Drive", and then two men formed The Doors. The band quickly added the participation of drummer John Densmore. Guitarist Robby Krieger hit test music through the introduction of Densmore also immediately join the group.

While most believe that The Doors is named from the title of "The Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley, the title of Huxley is the quote from his "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" by William Blake, in Blake wrote that "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." (If the doors of perception are kept clean, everything will appear to man's true nature it is infinite). However, it looks like The Doors were named according to Huxley's book, a book about his experiences with drugs. sound of The Doors is the creation of great significance, beyond with dominant medium of Morrison's voice contrast with sound of Manzarek's keyboards, flamenco guitar style influenced by classical music and drum brittle Krieger, Densmore changes. The Doors are unique because they do not a bass guitar in the lineup. Manzarek to take on bass keyboard with his Fender bass performance nascent then, a small electronic piano bass grams of famous brands Fender Rhodes. Whether the group has added studio with bassist (including Lonnie Mack), The Doors still appear as four members of the group performances, except the occasion of the participation of special guests such as John Sebastian .

June 1966, an important meeting took place, at the famous nightclub Whisky-A-Go-Go as the opening act for The Doors Ireland band, Them, Van Morrison is with the group leader. According to Ray Manzarek, in his book, Light My Fire, "Jim Van made as standing dead. Jim studied under his every step. Jim watched him intently last night ... look ... we all jammed tightly between the huge crowd ... Jim Morrison and Van Morrison appeared on stage together. And they sang "Gloria" "

We can say The Doors were flung open a door for about rock music, the lyrics are complex, surreal, rich image of Morrison explores the themes of sex, the mysticism, drugs, murder people, insanity and death. Although Morrison is known as the lyrics for the group, but also Krieger outstanding contributions, writing or co-wrote some of the most memorable hit of the group, notably "Light My Fire" Clip, "Love Me Two Times" and "Touch Me".

The magnetic field education training film for Morrison and Manzarek image had some early influence on the band's career. Decades before music videos became popular, Morrison and The Doors have produced an ad film for "Break On Through", also released the first single of them. This video introduces the four members play music with a dark scene, the camera angles change and alternating projection close to the performer while Morrison lip singing the lyrics. Morrison and The Doors continued to make innovative music videos, including the video for "The Unknown Soldier", "Moonlight Drive" and "People Are Strange".

The Doors was first mentioned at the national level in spring 1967 after signing with Elektra Records label. The single "Light My Fire", written by Krieger, reaching number one in June 1967. Three months later, The Doors appeared in Ed Sullivan Show, the popular television series Sunday night which had previously been introduced Elvis Presley and The Beatles come to America. According to Oliver Stone's film about The Doors, things have become worse after the censors insistence change the lyrics of "Light My Fire" from "Girl we could not get much higher" to "Girl we could not get much better "because the lyrics are a reference to the original drug. Original footage that Jim Morrison did not emphasize the word "higher" but instead is "fire", raises the idea that Morrison intended to remind the audience at the fire on July 12 in City Riot 1967 where the fire had spread from the south-eastern Detroit to.

Give the guarantee to the landlord Ed Sullivan, but Morrison is singing the original lyrics Broadcast live on TV. Sullivan crazy to the point they refused to shake hands after the show. Then they would never be invited back. To this, Jim, said: "It is why? Anyway, we're also joined Ed Sullivan Show ". At the time of release a second album, Strange Day, The Doors had become one of the most popular rock band America. Sound mix of blues and psychedelic rock full of them had never been heard before. Songs by The Doors which generally include the success of the original songs as well as the special cover, as the show's memorable "Alabama Song" - the Operetta Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's "Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. "

The quartet also exploring a new territory in rock music with works long time including epic "The End" and "When The Music's Over", and the suite expansion that they have played in the show "Celebration of the Lizard".

In 1968, The Doors released their 3rd LP, "Waiting for the Sun". Indeed, in the production process, Morrison has convinced the rest of the team members as well as manufacturers of recording a "concept album". With the first, they recorded the songs are mostly rock about 3 minutes, while the second side they recorded the entire performance of extended song "Celebration of the Lizard". However, final decisions have been taken back by their label Elektra Records. Then, only a short in the "Celebration of the Lizard" as "Not To Touch The Earth" was put into the final LP album. Under normal track point will be expanded in the last album, "Waiting for the Sun" ended with a 5-minute song is "Five To One".

At this time, The Doors were all exhausted but they also have songs that Morrison wrote reserves. The poems he wrote before and the text from favorite books he has provided material for their first 3 albums. Meanwhile, Morrison's perspective on rock music, the audience as well as diseases stars began to appear. He became increasingly opposed to the fans, with the sound of screaming heard too familiar hit radio waves such as "Light My Fire" or "Love Me Two Times" and nobody noticed the value of his findings in writing poetry or drama performances.

This does not seem to affect Morrison and The Doors, when their fourth album, "The Soft Parade", weighing and mixing of the show's sound more pop. This is also the first album where each member of the group make certified internally about any song composed by one. Much of this decision is for the members to have their names attached to the radio hit, is also to Robbie Krieger looking for an amount more in contributions during Morrison album indifference and absence.

"The Soft Parade" was widely criticized in the media, because alienation of fans when they expect too much in The Doors, also because of its bland when compared with those brought original dedication of The Doors. Morrison's lyrics have also received much criticism from the media.

Morrison lived with loose sentences often repeated by Blake, "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" (The road of excess leads to palace of wisdom). Even before The Doors was established, Morrison had spent so much LSD but soon turned to alcohol, which had ruined his health. He also indirectly with certain alcoholism. More and more to reveal he was just drunk while recording (It's even heard him hiccup in the song "Five To One") as well as to the late hours of live performances, this band led to question time on stage with the music or sometimes just beat Ray Manzarek to take on the role reluctant singer. What was the impetus and indifference made worse by the image of Morrison and his band. In 1969, the spindly singer began before enlargement because of too much alcohol. Although the front cover of the album "Absolutely Live" in 1970 Morrison described a "clean-shaven, dapper clothes," but it was actually a picture of two years ago. During the tour made to record live album, Morrison has increased 20 pounds ~ 9 weight (175 pounds ~ 80 weight). He tried to separate themselves from the picture "gecko King" by a beard and wearing baggy jeans items, jeans and T-shirt normally.

During a performance at The Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, one finds a drunken Morrison tried to stir the audience. He failed, but instead of police arrest on charges of disturbing order was issued about 3 days later while the band were on vacation in Jamaica. Finally Morrison was sentenced to disturb public order and public blasphemy. Stumble this event is the result of public opposition and many scheduled performances of The Doors was forced to cancel.

After Morrison and cases of severe criticism for "The Soft Parade", The Doors did not expect was continued with the sound they have created in "The Soft Parade" with the release of "Morrison Hotel ". Album shows a mix of the pop-blues and easy listening lyrics for more than replaced the lyrics fierce, deeply poetic as in "The End". "Morrison Hotel" represents the shift from a lot more accessible. Because the nature of trade more, "Morrison Hotel" also brought back to The Doors charts.

After a long break, the band reunited in October 1970 to record the album proved to be their final album with Morrison, the album "LA Woman". It became the highest peak of The Doors, along with new sound commercial, showing the soothing sounds of musical instruments in Southern California with lyric style "bubblegum-pop", like the single sentences nonsense in "Mr.Mojo Risin '" (one of Morrison's nickname). The album "LA Woman" next song has the same name "Texas Radio And The Big Beat", "Been Down So Long", "The Changeling" and "Riders on the Storm", the song with the sound commercial immediately became the main item on FM.

"LA Woman" also saw a major change in the group's recording career. Soon after work began, producer Paul A.Rothchild, who witnessed all the group's previous recordings, drawn from the project due to interest in new material sound of the group, the which he called "animal pretend music." Engineers worked long years in the same group is replaced Bruce Botnick. A few sections of Morrison singing in the bathroom is done in the office of The Doors by the echo effect is prominent, and particularly related to the quality of the sound bounced back.

The Doors take a lot of templates rock band playing psychedelic music in the subway or in the garage of the 1960s. The first song of The Doors show lyrics meaningful, intense and challenging for the listener, and the sound is definitely non-pop. However, until the 1970s, The Doors became commercialized, like hard rock era.

Morrison has many well-known nickname. "Mr.Mojo Risin '"-anagram of his name - is used as a refrain at the end of the single "LA Woman" and "The Lizard King" from the epic poetry of his popularity is "Celebration of the Lizard", a part of it appeared in the 1968 album by The Doors "Waiting for the Sun" and eventually recorded a full album "Absolutely Live" released in 1970. "Absolutely Live" was edited from footage recorded live at several different locations such as Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Personal life

Morrison's family

Morrison's childhood was nomadic life as the other military families. Jerry Hopkins recorded every word of his brother Andy Morrison is that their parents are determined to never use physical punishment with their children, instead fostering discipline and punishment by military tradition team by blaming it seriously. That is, they yelled loudly and strictly accountable to the children until they cry and aware of his mistakes. Andy says he's never known to hold back tears, but his brother has never dropped a tear.

The biographer has noted that during his youth, Morrison was a child obedient and respectful, also a great kid in school, enjoyed swimming and many other extra-curricular activities. His parents had hoped he would follow his father into the army, have a couple of times, Morrison also eager rivalry with his father when he intends to study at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

From his youth, Morrison was drinking and his life was closely associated with alcoholism and excessive abuse. He always goes down in the classroom and become discipline problems in terms of class.

Once Morrison graduated from UCLA, he almost cut off contact with her family. As Morrison's music on top of cutting processing charts in 1967, he had no contact with family over a year and even more outrageous to suggest that parents and his siblings are dead . False information is published as part of the materials used in the first album by The Doors.

In a letter October 2, 1970 sent to the Council's office in charge of monitoring education issues was paroled prisoners of Florida, confirmed Morrison's father cut off contact with family information is the result of quarrels surrounding the assessment of his musical talent of his son. He said he could not blame his son is done with the contact person before. He stressed that he thought Morrison "is basically a decent citizen," and he was proud of the progress of his son.

The emotional relationship

Morrison met his long time girlfriend Pamela Courson's before you get any fame or her luck and encouraged him to write poetry developed. At that time, Courson used Morrison's name with his consent. After Courson's death in 1974, the California court decision she and Morrison eligible spouses as common law marriage.

But relations between Courson and Morrison is a many obstacles relationship with the loud quarrel frequently, separated periods of time followed by tearful reunion. Biographer Danny Sugerman The Doors is speculated that part of their difficulties arise from the conflict between the promise of each person on a relationship "open" and the consequences of this relationship caused .

In 1970, Morrison engagement in pagan Celtic traditions with rock critic and writer of science fiction Patricia Kennealy. Before any witness, including a Presbyterian, two people together to sign a document certifying they were married, however, does not have any legal documents required are used in the ceremony. Kennealy report what went through with Morrison in his autobiography "Strange Day: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison" and in an interview recorded in the book "Rock Wives".

Morrison also slept with a fan and had a brief affair with the famous women, including one with Nico of Velvet Underground group, a one-night stands with singer Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane Group, a love bite -release-bites-release with the editor of the magazine "16 magazine" is Gloria Stavers and a meeting was considered "while drunk" with Janis Joplin Joplin which then caused very painful. Judy Huddleston also recalls her relationship with Morrison in "Living and Dying with Jim Morrison." When he died, has reported that about 20 father and son relationship has not been resolved, but no single leaf from the plaintiff against the wills of his inheritance and the only person publicly filed Morrison is the son of the fraud was proven.
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Jim Morrison - a singer, songwriter, writing songs is another American poet

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