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 JoJo - Singer, songwriter, R & B / pop and American actor

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PostSubject: JoJo - Singer, songwriter, R & B / pop and American actor   JoJo - Singer, songwriter, R & B / pop and American actor I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 2:37 pm

JoJo - Singer, songwriter, R & B / pop and American actor JoJo-12272010
Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque (born December 20, 1990), is known on the stage name JoJo, is a singer, songwriter, R & B / pop and American actor. She rose to fame in 2004 with his debut album brought her the nickname, this album was ranked number four on the U.S. Billboard 200. JoJo has also begun a film career with two Hollywood films produced in 2006: Aquamarine and RV.

Her second album, The High Road was released October 17, 2006. In the summer of 2007, Jojo is a performing music tour around the U.S., Europe and Mexico to promote the album.

She recently starred in True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet in the starring role. Her third album, All I Want Is Everything is about to be released in 2010.

JoJo was born in Brattleboro, Vermont; grew up in Keene, New Hampshire and Foxborough, Massachusetts. She bred the bloodstream .... 6: Scotland, Ireland, England, Finland, France, and Native American [1]. She grew up in an apartment just a bedroom suburb of Boston, in a low-income families. Her father, Joel Maurice Levesque, is a blues singer, her mother, Diana Anne Blagden, sang hymns in the staging of the Catholic church and a janitor. Her parents divorced when she was 3 years old, from where she lived with her mother in Edgewater, New Jersey. Her father lives in New Hampshire. She also received the love and support from his cousin (also in Massachusetts) Andrea Levesque, Arianna Levesque, and Athena Levesque. JoJo has changed their name from their mother, "Blagden" added to their father "Levesque," Joanna Noelle Blagden finally Levesque.

JoJo name from a childhood nickname. [2] From an early age, JoJo listen and learn of her songs, her mother's file. She started singing when they are 2 years old by imitating her, tried all kind of lullaby music, Pop, R & B, Jazz and Soul music even. On the A & E's show Child Stars III: Teen Rockers, her mother said that JoJo had a talent with superior IQ. Whether a child, JoJo enjoyed attending were celebrations of Native American and the activities of the local culture. When he was 6, she can get a recording contract, but she refused because she believed JoJo was too young for her music career.

To 7, after participating in TV shows Say The Darndest Thing Kid On The Road in Boston, with a song by singer Cher, JoJo had the opportunity to become famous, she was invited to sing " Respect "by Aretha Franklin, 1 hit from 1967 in the television show Destination Stardom. Bill Cosby hosts and audiences at the theater Faneuil was really impressed and became very enthusiastic. Soon after, Oprah contacted her, inviting her to perform. She also performed on Maury, then in an episode of the series "Children of talent", and many other programs. When asked, she said that "if you have to perform, I will not fear anything." Jojo has also been requested to participate in the lead role in Disney Channel's popular show "Hannah Montana" but unfortunately, she refused because she wanted to focus on music, which later led her to hit "Leave ( Get Out) ".

After appearing on talk shows McDonald's Gospel Fest, singing "I Believe In You and Me" by Whitney Houston and a competition on the television program America's Most Talented Kids (Diana DeGarmo her to win). Directed by producer Vincent Herbert contacted her and invited her to join Blackground Records. In an interview with Barry Hankerson contest, he said the ghost of his daughter, singer Aaliyah had brought her to him. She has signed a contract, and had recording sessions with producers such as The Underdogs and Soulshock & Karlin.

Album JoJo's live demo, Joanna Levesque, collected in 2001, with many Soul and R & B cover, including the songs: - "Mustang Sally" (1966) by Wilson Pickett. - "It Is not Always What You Do (It's Who You Let See You Do It)" (1989) by Etta James. - "Chain of Fools" (1968) and "The House That Jack Built" (1969) by Aretha Franklin. - "See Saw" (1956) The Moonglow. - "Superstition" (1972) Stevie Wonder. - "Shakey Ground" (1975) of The Temptation.

In 2003, at age 12, after JoJo signed to Blackground Records / Da Family, JoJo released their first album "JoJo". Debut single "Leave (Get Out)" was released in 2004 won platinum. Before releasing the album, JoJo made her first tour with Fefe Dobson, Young Gunz and Zebrahead. The tour was conducted at nine shopping malls, Northlake Mall in Atlanta begins and ends at South Shore Plaza. When the single reached number 1 of the Top 40 Mainstream, she became the female solo artist with 13 first number one single in the U.S. as of that time. The single was nominated for Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2004 to JoJo became the youngest artist ever nominated for MTV VMA. Her album peaked at number four on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 and number 10 on the Top R & B / Hip-Hop Albums, selling about 107,000 copies and reached No. 40 of Top UK Albums chart. JoJo co-wrote two songs on the album, and a self-composed songs. In December 2004, she was nominated for New Female Vocalist of the Year and Mainstream Top 40 Single of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards. She is also the youngest artist ever nominated at the Billboard Music Awards.

Her second single, "Baby It's You", with the participation of rapper Lil Bow Wow - peaked at number 22 in the U.S. and number eight in England.

Last single from the album called "Not That Kinda Girl", was released in 2005 and reached # 85 in Germany, but single is not reached high positions in the rankings, the highest position is the 8 in the TRL chart, then completely disappeared.

In 2004, JoJo participated in "Come Together Now", a charity for tsunami victims in Asia and Hurricane Katrina (2004 and 2005). That year, she was first lady Laura Bush took requests at Christmas 2004 in Washington, especially the station TNT (Dr.Phil show host and his wife Robin McGraw). Although she also performed at many other events of the Republican Party, she declared that "she does not agree with the policies of President George W. Bush, I can say that." In 2005 JoJo host and music performances at night City of Hope Cancer Center and co-chaired the 2006 countdown to the TV Guide Channel's Grammy Awards.

Also in 2005 rapper Eminem mentioned JoJo in the song "Ass Like That" along with many other famous female teen star of the time.

JoJo's second album, The High Road, released on 17/10/2006. Album appears when standing at No. 3 on U.S. Billboard Top 200 ranking. Album produced by Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz, JR Rotem, Corey Williams, Soulshock & Karlin and Ryan Leslie. Album received very good reviews. JoJo says next album, she wanted to show the maturity of his music and she felt more confident about voice and style.

In the summer of 2006, the first single of their second album, "Too Little Too Late" was aired on the radio. "Too Little Too Late" has broken the record for biggest leap to the top 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, from No. 66 to No. 3 in a week. The record previously belonged to Mariah Carey single "Loverboy" (2001) from position 62 to # 2.

2nd single "How to Touch a Girl" is not equal success. It ranked just outside the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at 76 on the Billboard Pop 100. The song is one of her favorite songs on the album The High Road is her own creation.

On 03/16/2007, The Second Channel Kids All Star Dance JammX confirmed her next single is "Anything", the song is an excerpt of the 1982 Toto hit "Africa" ​​but it has not been turned Music Video by JoJo's conflict with the background. The album sold over 550,000 since its release and was certified Gold by the RIAA.

On 7/20/2007, a cover to respond to the song "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston leaked on the net with the name "Beautiful Girls Reply". It debuted at number 39 on the Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 for about a month later. JoJo has left a question about the idea of ​​their fans to choose the next single is "Coming for You" or "Let It Rain", but the 3rd single release was canceled. She also said it will go on tour in the summer of 2007 in the U.S. and Europe to promote the album The High Road.

Although not an official tour, she performed a variety show with the band members of the orchestra Six Flags Starburst Thursday Night Concert during the summer of 2007. During the tour, she also sang some popular songs from her favorite artists such as Beyoncé ("Déjà Vu"), Kelly Clarkson ("Since U Been Gone"), SWV, Gnarls Barkley, Jackson 5 , Justin Timberlake ("My Love"), Maroon 5, Usher, Carlos Santana, Jill Scott, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Musiq Soulchild, and Amy Winehouse ("Rehab"). In November, she performed in Brazil in the show Live Pop Rock Brasil.

On 01/12/2007, JoJo won the Boston Music Award with prize category Female Vocalist of the Year for "Too Little Too Late".

In late 2007, JoJo said she began writing for 3rd album to release when she turns 18. She wants her fans see further growth in her music. She is also looking for a suitable manufacturer to be able to sing his self-composed songs.

rushing on 04/08/2008, in an interview at the party "Ultimate Prom", Hearst Tower, JoJo said she was self-composed and produced his new album in Boston and Atlanta. She has the ranks of manufacturers such as Tank, DJ Toomp, J. Moss, Toby Gad, The Underdogs, Danja, J.R. Rotem, Billy Steinberg, Bryan-Michael Cox, Marsha Ambrosius, Madd Scientist, Tony Dixon, Eric Dawkins and J. Gatsby. She composed her own songs in the whole three quarters of all completed except for one post. Jojo said this album would be the sexism of her personal, inspired by broken relationships to find a new beginning, which will mark a change - more sexy, more confident in Think of a woman in her.

On 30/08/2008, JoJo has released cover songs "Can not believe it" by T-pain. In the ninth, she announced she will release an album in early 2009. In 2008, R & B singer Ne-Yo took a part in her 2nd single "Baby it's you" for his songs.

On 14/10/2008, JoJo was invited to sing the national award before the game 4 of the ALCS at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. On 09/10/2008, JoJo was nominated again for the award in Boston Music Awards Pop / R & B of the year but the group Jada won.

In 1/2009 JoJo announced on her MySpace page that she is working with producers Chad Hugo, Jim Beanz & Kenna and continues to complete new album. She stated that problems with his record label and has moved from Blackground to Interscope Records.

However, in 4/2009, JoJo the correction in his MySpace blog that she is still signed to Blackground. In addition, singer Jovan Dais said in an interview that will be working with DJ Toomp in JoJo's upcoming album. He said: "I am quite carefully calculated in the choice of cooperation because I do not want to work with so many different people. I really like JoJo. I love music and her voice, and I believe she is a real talent. Together we are creating great music quality. "

April / 2009, JoJo announced on her MySpace will attend Northeastern University but the University will continue to focus on her music career. She is waiting for Blackground Records label to complete the procedure to be able to release her new album.

The song "Note to God" JoJo's second album "The High Road" was recently covered by Filipino singer Charice.

On 06/03/2009 JoJo announced on his YouTube page that she is very impatient and expect record labels to sign distribution contracts, allowing release of her album, in addition she has completed the album.

On 06/10/2009, her demo songs composed by Toby Gad "Fearless", "Touch Down" and "Underneath" leaked online. Since then, a series of 13 items of her were leaked, JoJo insists on MySpace blog that: "The songs that are not in albums and also did not take quality of mainstream music album, if there 1.2 can only post ".

In mid July / 2009, on her Myspace says are out to write music for his album, also for other singers, in addition JoJo also collaborate with some talented producers in Los Angeles.

8/2009 JoJo to claim his record label Da Family Entertainment to the courts of New York because the company refused to release her 3rd album, and never allowed her to leave the firm. She wants to be compensated $ 500,000 for the trouble and the right to cancel the contract. In 10/2009, she finally reached a deal with Blackground Records that JoJo's third album will be distributed by Interscope Records. JoJo has confirmed this on Twitter. She left after six years of Da Family Entertainment and now, joining Interscope Records, she was legally qualified to cook their 3rd album.

In late 2009, JoJo contributing voice in Timbaland's album Shock Value II with the song "Lose Control", that song was her first official album in the next 2 years. In a November interview, she expressed joy appear on the album Tim. She also sang the song "Where You Been Timothy" with the band Jet. In an interview with Rap-Up, JoJo revealed the album: "I want to do something to satisfy everyone, such as:" Wow, she tried hard and done, I want people to feel was I really was. "". Timbaland, Jim Beanz, The Messengers, Kenna, Chad Hugo & Pharell Williams will join her album, she is completing the final step to get ready for the album in January / 2010.

JoJo's acting career began at age 4. Although never experienced an acting school, but JoJo had not a bad start in the role of a young actor. She participated in programs of local theater, radio, television and advertising in New England, and national television from the age of 7. JoJo began his professional stage after 8 years as musical Mustardseed in A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare at the Huntington Theatre. She received a membership card and radio broadcaster Federal (AFTRA) at age 10.

After appearing in the television series The Bernie Mac Show and American Dreams, JoJo Hailey plays, along with Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton appeared in the movie Aquamarine. The film premiered on 03/03/2006, with No. 5 on its opening with $ 7.5 million revenue.

Plastic film her 2nd comedy RV, starring Robin Williams, was premiered on 28.04.2006. Reached No. 1 on its opening with 69.7 million. JoJo had to audition five times for the role, and be substituted for an actor was chosen for that role.

In 2005, she was asked to participate in plays Zoe Stewart (later Miley Stewart) in the hit television series Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel television, but she refused because she did not really joke on the show Figure. She wants to be known as an artist than a film career is not really what she wants in her career.

On 28/05/2007, in an interview with BOP and Tiger Beat online, JoJo said she is participating in a new film. On 10/9/2007, JoJo said she will go to Toronto to film a scene from the movie of Lola Douglas' True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet ", she plays along with actor Morgan Carter won the Golden Globe Valerie Bertinelli and Shenae Grimes, the film was broadcast on Lifetime Television. The film was released on 09.08.2008 and on 03.03.2009 for the DVD.

JoJo says that "No one hired an acting instructor for me to participate in Aquamarine at all." She said that would take the name "Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque" while filming, but still uses the stage name JoJo is on the path of music.

According to rumors she is required Jeanette Miller played in the sequel to Alvin and the Chipmunks movie with Drew Barrymore and Miley Cyrus, but rumors rejected in 2009. Actress Christina Applegate got the role instead.


* 2004: JoJo
* 2006: The High Road
* 2010: All I Want Is Everything
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JoJo - Singer, songwriter, R & B / pop and American actor

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