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 Kelly Clarkson - a singer-songwriter pop music has won two American Grammys

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Kelly Clarkson - a singer-songwriter pop music has won two American Grammys Empty
PostSubject: Kelly Clarkson - a singer-songwriter pop music has won two American Grammys   Kelly Clarkson - a singer-songwriter pop music has won two American Grammys I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 2:55 pm

Kelly Clarkson - a singer-songwriter pop music has won two American Grammys Kelly-clarkson-nomakeup
Kelly Brianne Clarkson is also better known by the name Kelly Clarkson, is a singer-songwriter pop American has won two Grammy Awards. She was known all over the prize of the contest musical talent the world's most prestigious American Idol was first held in 2002. Kelly's debut album entitled "Thankful" very successful in the U.S. when sold over 3 million copies. In 2004, Kelly Clarkson gradually escape the label American Idol and assert its own image in the album "Breakaway" album was a resounding success not only in America but also for the famous Kelly worldwide with 12 million copies sold. 2007 Kelly released his third album titled "My December", though not as commercially successful as the first two albums but this music has received high reviews from music critics. March 10, 2009, 4th album titled All I Ever Wanted by Kelly Clarkson has been released in the U.S. and other countries. All I Ever Wanted Now first week of release reached Number 1 Billboard 200 with 255,000 copies and stayed No. 1 in the next week of 90,000 copies. Up to the present time Kelly has sold a total of 20 million records worldwide including 9,836,000 albums sold in the U.S..

Before American Idol

Clarkson was born on April 18, 1982, in the city of Forth Worth, Texas, and grew up in a small town of Burleson area, a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Kelly is the mother of Jeanne Ann Rose - an elementary school teacher, who brought with me two blood flow Greece and Ireland. Kelly's father name is Stephen Michael Clarkson, a native of Wales engineer. Clarkson is the youngest in the family, also on her brother Jason and sister Alyssa. When Clarkson was six years old, her parents divorced, Clarkson at his mother, sister Alyssa in with what was about to announce my brother Jason. After moving several times in the end, Clarkson returned to Burleson, where she married her second husband - Jimmy Taylor. Kelly's talent was music teacher Cynthia Glenn discovered while she was still in grade seven, after a hearing Kelly sing, she was surprised to learn that Kelly has never been studied vocal music and then asked her to sing in the school choir. Kelly has worked many trades during and after high school, such as cutting grass, helping his stepfather, do more at the cinema ... until she moved to Los Angeles. After graduation, Kelly received a full scholarship to the University of Texas and the University of Music Berklee. The thought Kelly would go to college, but she was quite the opposite decision, she said: "I write music a lot and want to challenge themselves in this area and I'm sure you will never too old to go to college. " In 2000, after graduating from high school Kelly profession has done more to send demo CD for record labels. She has received a few replies and decided to Hollywood to seek opportunities in music. One of them is meeting with songwriter Gerry Goffin famous, but the appointment did not bring many results. Kelly then appeared with a few small roles in TV series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and That's 70s Show. After four months to try in Hollywood, Clarkson returned to Texas with depression when her house caught fire. In Texas, Kelly returned to work waitress, telephone sales, advertising for Red Bull and a job at the cinema (as you can see video Breakaway).

American Idol 2002

With these efforts and strive to September 4, 2002 Kelly became the first person to win the American Idol contest, a total of 58% of the vote. In the finale, Kelly has shown very successful song "A Moment Like This", the song was chosen as the single helped Kelly won the top spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with 236,000 copies sold in the first week of release.

Thankful (2003-2004)

April 15, 2003, Kelly released her debut album titled Thankful, successes paved the way from the single "A Moment Like This" helped "Thankful" quickly capture the top spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 . "Thankful" was much praise though critics said that its success can be recognized by the market of music. Album has a total of four singles. The first single was "A Moment Like This" set the record on the Billboard Hot 100 while jumping from No. 52 to take the table, broke the touch of The Beatles in 1964 when the song "Can not Buy Me Loves "from No. 27 to No. 1. The second single is "Miss Independent", the top 10 in the U.S. and Canada, this song also gave Kelly Grammy-award nominated female artist pop vocal performance. Third single is "Low", can only climbed to number 58 in America and their last single was "The Trouble With Love Is" can not reach the U.S. Billboard charts Hot 100, but this song is chosen as the soundtrack of the movie "Love Actually". Also in 2003 Kelly along with some of American Idol contestants have come together to participate in the film "From Justin To Kelly", but this film is not rated, especially the acting of the two actor.

By 2009, the album Thankful has sold 4 million copies worldwide

Breakaway (2004-2006)

On 30/11/2004, RCA Records released their second album called Breakaway Kelly. The album entered the Billboard album charts Hot 200 No. 3 with the first week. "Breakaway" has received countless praise from music critics reputation. Kelly was very thorough exploitation aspects of pop / rock in this album. Some people have compared her with Avril Lavigne. In this second album was co-Kelly 6/12 songs with famous musicians such as Max Martin ("Since U Been Gone," "Behind These Hazel Eyes"), Avril Lavigne ("Breakaway") and Ben Moody and David Hodges ("Because of You", "Addicted").

The first single from the album Breakaway, is the soundtrack of the movie Princess Diary 2: The Royal Wedding (2004), achieved worldwide success gioi.Breakaway became Kelly's 3rd single to reach top 10 in Billboard Hot 100. Breakaway reached position # 10 in Australia and # 22 in the UK.

2nd single from the album is Since U Been Gone, written by the duo Dr.Luke and Max Martin, and became the most successful single of the album Breakaway. Powerful rock tunes and caught the ear was to the success of Since U Been Gone, with # 2 in U.S. and worldwide top 5 gioi.Since an award-winning U Been Gone Grammycho Performance Best Female Pop.

Single 3 and the album is Behind These Hazel Eyes and Because Of You also followed the success of Breakaway and Since U Been Gone. Behind These Hazel Eyes Video has set the record debuted at # 1 33/50 week program TRL, becoming the # 1 best video of a female singer in this program. Because Of You shall also become the most successful song worldwide Kelly. Because Of You video won Best Female Video at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards

In 2005, Kelly was chosen as the guest for Saturday Night Live and acted in two short plays. Kelly also made the list of "25 Hottest Stars Under 25" by Teen People magazine. The success of "Breakaway" for Kelly brings a wealth of important music awards, including two Grammy Awards for album and female pop artists pop vocal performance, four events of the "Teen Choice Awards" and two awards at the "MTV Video Music Awards 2006".

As of 2009, Breakaway album sold 13 million copies worldwide, becoming the most successful album to date in Kelly

My December (2007-2008)

June 26, 2007, Kelly Clarkson has released her third album entitled My December, this is the first album that Kelly was involved with all three roles as a singer, songwriter and producer. Resounding success from their second album with a sudden event Kelly announced the tour cancellation in 31 U.S. cities in the summer of 2007 to put my effort in December to make his third album as the audience expected . However, music in the My December is not "hot" as the expectations of fans. With air music and gloomy melancholy, "My December" is not really attracted many listeners and can not bring success as the first two albums. Most of the songs are composed and fully agree that Kelly album received highly valued in art of music critics. "My December" has a total of four singles. "Never Again" is the first single, the single reached the top 10 in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, this is the most successful singles in the album. The second single is "Sober". failure in the U.S. when they can not reach the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The remaining two singles as "Do not Waste Your Time" and "One Minutue" appears on some charts in Australia and Germany. In late 2007 the album has been recognized gold in the U.S. and sold almost 1.5 million copies worldwide.

As of 2009, My December has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide

All I Ever Wanted (2009)

Kelly announced that she is working hard to be able to release a new album in late 2008. In this fourth album, Kelly will work with songwriter Ryan Tedder, leader of the band OneRepublic. Some demos of songs intended to release an album: "Close Your Eyes", "One Day", "Ready" or "With a Little Bit of Luck" appeared on the Internet.

On 01/19/2009, Kelly's first single My Life Would Suck titled Without You has officially debuted on American radio. Immediately after airing, this single has gained great support from the audience. Just over a day, but the audience listening to My Life Would Suck Without You has reached 3.6 million figure. On 29/01/2009, Kelly Clarkson 1 again to make a record in the Billboard Hot 100. Single My Life Would Suck Without You jumped from # 97 to # 1, surpassing the old record with the single Womanizer Britney Spears jumps from # 96 to # 1. With "My Life Would Suck Without You", Kelly has regained his old record (set by single Moment Like This)

Kelly also said in an interview on British radio that she has recorded a song by Katy Perry called "I Do Not Hook Up", this will likely be the 2nd single from the album All I Ever Wanted

And then one time, the 2nd single from All I Ever Wanted: I do not hook up was released. This song is a cover of Katy Perry Kelly. Perhaps due to the success of his first single life would suck without you tien_My, so I do not hook up does not create a strong impression as the first single. Although the tone of the article is quite impressive. Some suggested that Kelly does not cover all or by Katy Perry. Single is appearing on a few rankings charts but not without an impressive pass rate. But MTV charts in asia, I do not hook up is trending toward the top spot in a week.

3rd single from the album: Already gone. According to one source, then Kelly did not want to choose this song as single third, worse, do not want to single any out! But the new label is the dinh.Do is because this song has some similarities to the hit-hit-out singles by Beyoncé "Halo". OneRepublic Ryan Tedder has worked with Kelly for "All I Ever Wanted" before hand for "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" by Beyoncé, so it looks like he has for two products, "Already Gone" and "Halo" refers share some common elements of music. This explains why the fans hear this song just saw two vaguely similar reaction nhau.Kelly tough to know this: "Her Album [Beyoncé] album's release when I was printing preparation finished. Sitting at home that nobody will think 'Beyoncé and Kelly Ryan Tedder to the same music. " No, they'll just say I steal other people's music. However, the record company finally decided to release "Already Gone" without the consent of Kelly. Last June, she worked with talented directors Joseph Kahn music video for the single shot of this reluctance. Today 27/7, a music video for "Already Gone" was officially launched U.S. & UK fans. Pretty simple but beautiful and artistic, that's what we can talk about the latest products by Joseph Kahn. This way or another, the Brit director gut hides biggest cons of Kelly: chubby, creating a great MV.

This single has returned the Billboard Hot 100 with Nagy as improved ranking.

All I Ever Wanted Now first week of release reached Number 1 Billboard 200 with 255,000 copies and stayed No. 1 in the next week of 90,000 copies.

Private life and personality

Kelly was a popular moderate, which is considered a rare among celebrities. And she also said that people would never see her appear in the press with useless chatter. The relationship of Kelly privacy rarely made public, although some of her romance have created a lot of attention of fans and the mass media. In his speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2005, Kelly sent a brief thank you to her man from the crowd and has confirmed rumors she had a relationship new generation.

Kelly is also very close to the fans. Once, on tour, "Breakaway" in Chicago, Kelly got sick and instead of the cancellation of the meeting then like many other singers, she just apologized for her fans because she can not say conversation with them. Kelly is also entangled in the debate by the media, such as allegations that Kelly broke the rules when signing contracts with record companies (who do not join American Idol is signed to any record company what song), and then a few people have said that Kelly was the lack of martial spirit in the World Idol contest when she said that he would not win.


A. 2002 Billboard Music Awards: Single of the Year ("A Moment Like This").
Two. BDS Certified Spin Award 2003: 50,000 Spins ("Low").
3. AOL Awards 2005: Best Musical Buddy, Hottest Song ("The Trouble with Love Is").
4. ASCAP Pop Music Awards 2004: Writing Excellence ("[Miss Independent]]").
Five. Grammy Awards 2004: Nge who performs pop vocal (Miss Independent).
6. New Music Weekly Awards 2004: Female Artist of the Year and Top 40 singles ("Miss Independent")
7. Latin Video Music Awards 2005: outstanding international artist and best new artist.
8. MTV Video Music Awards 2005: Video of female artists ("Since U Been Gone") and pop music video of the year ("Since U Been Gone").
9. Teen Choice Awards 2005: best album ("Breakaway"), summer songs ("Behind These Hazel Eyes"), best single ("Since U Been Gone") and the choice of the fans.
10. Grammy 2006: Album of the Year Pop ("Breakaway") and female pop performer best ("Since U Been Gone").
11. MTV Asia Awards 2006: Best Female
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Kelly Clarkson - a singer-songwriter pop music has won two American Grammys

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