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 Lady Gaga - a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American

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Lady Gaga - a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American Empty
PostSubject: Lady Gaga - a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American   Lady Gaga - a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 3:04 pm

Lady Gaga - a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American Lady%20Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known for his stage name Lady Gaga, a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American. 2008 Gaga released her first electronic music album titled The Fame. Gaga has released several singles, including "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" are two very successful song won the top spot on the charts in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United UK and Europe. She has won two Grammy Awards from his debut album The Fame of his.

Style Lady Gaga's music is influenced from two pop singer Michael Jackson and Madonna as well as some rock acts like David Bowie and Queen [1].


Lady GaGa was born on March 28, 1986 in Yonkers, New York. Childhood, GaGa was studying in Convent of the Sacred Heart, a well known school in the United States. When Lady Gaga was little, she used to sing in the cassettes of Michael Jackson or Cyndi Lauper, this is the second biggest music idol her. She liked the tone of the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. It is little wonder when the original Italian baby girl living in New York this center does not become a singer and talented musician - Lady Gaga. Gaga said: "I like rock or pop music and musicals. When I discovered Queen and David Bowie band, I came up with the idea of ​​combining two lines of this music together. " The name comes from Lady Gaga song "Radio Gaga" of the legendary rock group Queen [2]. Since the age of four, Gaga began studying piano and at age thirteen, she has released her first piano symphony of minh.Nam 14 years, she began performing in the concert singing freely. Also during this time, she began appearing on television with small roles in films such as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Government Inspector, Damn Yankees, Guys and Dolls and A Man for All Seasons.

In 17 years, Lady became one of the twenty best students are accepted at Tisch School of the Arts at the University of New York. During this time, Gaga had wandered downtown business, performing at the Lowest East Side club with a band: Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand. Seeing herself surrounded by too many musicians write the same style as other music, Gaga decided to do something new and a little sexy, provocative style with vibrant pop rock background. Once the father is a businessman and she was shocked when she fled to the Lowest East Side club to immerse themselves in ecstasy and appear at the erotic striptease in a bar with drag queens and go-go dancers. "He can not look me in the past few months." Gaga admits. "I was wearing skin tight clothes and holding whip da.That difficult for him - he just does not understand. But in I have seen my family grow up happy and now my father cried when I saw your show on stage. " In 2006, Gaga started working with music producer "Rob Fusari," the result of this collaboration is the creation of songs like "Beautiful Dirty Rich", "Dirty Ice Cream" and "Disco Heaven. " But the debut has yet to be a successful GaGa. At age 19, GaGa signed with the first music recording company "Def Jam". However, the contract quickly ended after only three months.

In early 2007, Gaga joined the label "Interscope". As a musician, she is working with music producer Akon. During this collaboration, Akon found himself able to compose and perform the songs of GaGa. Soon after, she was working with artist Lady Starlight, who helped build GaGa style is modern classic phase itself.

In late 2007, under the backing of the three record companies: "Streamline", "Kon Live", "Interscope", Gaga began to focus composing and recording for the album "The Fame". April 8, 2008, the first single "Just Dance" was released in the U.S. and quickly succeed in Canada, Australia, Europe ... In early 2009, "Just Dance" reached the top spot the Billboard Hot 100 after more than seven months of release [3] and was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Recording the best dance music."

Gaga said her goal is to pop music variation it is interesting to introduce to the world. That's why she wrote all the melodies, lyrics and perform most tasks harmonies for his work.

Music in "The Fame" is composed of two distinct electronic pop and rock tunes vibrant. The first single "Just Dance" is an ode to the dance floor riot. In addition, Gaga also has a great passion for love songs. Influence from the band Queen is not less true when Gaga says, "Nothing I Can Say" is a song inspired by "Brown Eyes" - a track success of the band Queen. She said: "This is an ode to his mood, merely a pop song about the split ex-boyfriend and finding new love." In 2008, Gaga had settled back in Los Angeles, working hard to complete the finished label album The Fame. "The Fame talk about any one person can see how popular," she explained . "Pop culture is art thuat.No do you hate pop culture, so I appreciate it and you'll hear it in the album The Fame. But, this is a celebrity can share. I would like to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel part of this lifestyle.

Gaga started work with a team called "Haus of Gaga", have combined with their inspiration in fashion, and music performances. "In this profession, you will have a lot of designers and manufacturers will give you a heap but this is my own creative team. All people under 26 years old and we do everything together."

The Fame received mostly praise from the comments of critics, according to Metacritic synthesized music, this album's average is 72/100. Times Online described the album as "a wonderful mix of ballads inspired by Bowie, musicals, of Queen tunes, dance tunes to rock the party".

Single opening, Just Dance, released on April 8, 2008 and was ranked best in five countries including the U.S., where "Just Dance" started getting played on radio requests in October, and more hit No. 1 in 2009, becoming Gaga's first single reached number one in the U.S.. Gaga said that this single is about her "feel completely boring .... a party in that situation we never really want to stop the party so we just jumped it."

The Fame was released in Canada, Australia and several European countries, ranking number one in Canada and seventh in Australia. Then Haus of GaGa influence extended beyond the U.S. market with Gaga tour with her first partner of Interscope pop group, the group reunited New Kids on the Block. Gaga doing its part with the New Kids on the Block, is a guest Gaga song "Big Girl Now" from their new album, The Block. Her album The Fame ranks 17th in the table Billboard 200 with sales in its first week run is 24,000 copies. It also ranked in the table Billboard Top albums of electronic music.

On 5/10, 2008, Gaga is the list of the BBC Sound of 2009, the pop star entries for best new. Gaga has also prepared to go the Pussycat Dolls performance in Europe and Oceania starting in January to March 5-2009 1-2009. The tour started in Aberdeen, Scotland on 18/1 and ends in Perth, Australia on 30/5.


Gaga said she was "fashion and lifestyle" and it is "all for her." "When I write music, I think I want to wear clothes on stage. It's everything to go together - performance art, pop performance art, fashion. To me, that would go along together and a game show that gives me the super-fan. I want that. I want people to always figure out I was clear and the fans will want to eat, taste and lick every part of the us ". She also pointed to the company Versace in everything she does and considers Donatella Versace as her excitement in many aspects. "She brings an image of a beautiful and powerful. She is really sexy." In late 2008, the similarity between Gaga and X-tina has been created, including some style fashion, hair and makeup. Christina Aguilera was then very angry and irritable that she "absolutely did not know who Gaga" and even "do not know a man or a woman." Gaga then said that it was a normal conversation. "X-tina is a big star and I do love her, because many people in America do not know me before things happen. It really makes I'm more famous in some way. " But then Gaga also stated that no one can imitate her because she was unable to be clones.

Commenting on the views of her bizarre fashion, Song Facts website wrote: "Yes, she can dress allergic today, looks like just rolling around in piles of glue and anything even the most repugnant. Yes she is doing a lot of people angry, but you can expect nothing more than a pop singer? Can you attend a live performance of Motorhead, but complained that it was not too loud? "
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Lady Gaga - a singer-songwriter pop / dance Italian American

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