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 Lionel Richie - is a singer-songwriter record producer, and sometimes an American actor.

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PostSubject: Lionel Richie - is a singer-songwriter record producer, and sometimes an American actor.   Sun May 27, 2012 3:12 pm

Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr.. (Born June 20, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter record producer, and sometimes is an American actor. He not only successful as a singer in R & B genre but also a musician, composer, producer and actor amateur American entertainment industry.


Richie began to be known until he was bandleader Commodores, a band known throughout the 70 United States. In 1981, Richie left the group out solo and became one of the most successful artists in music industry with 5 80s hit song debuted at number one and 13 songs in the top 10 in America.

1982 was the year he released an album called, sold over 4 million copies and won the No. 3 position in the music charts. Subsequently in 1983, "Can not Slow Down" was released. Even in the first week, sales have been an impressive figure. Total sales were double the number of albums and won the first Grammy Award for Album of 1984 items. "Dancing on the Ceiling" is the name of album number three. This is one proof of his success on the music market thanks to hits like "Say You, Say Me", "Dancing on the Ceiling" and "Se La".

However, by the 1990s, his success is no longer as impressive as in the previous decade. The album "Louder Than Words" and "Time" are not scored many achievements. Some of his more recent works such as album "Renaissance" clearly reflect the age old style European audience favorite song not scored in the North American music market.


Born in Tuskegee, Alabama, Lionel Richie grew up in a dormitory of Tuskegee Institute. As a student at Tuskegee, he formed an R & B group achieved much success in the '60s. In 1968, he became the leader and the group's saxophone player Commodores. Under his lead, and a label capable Commodores became one of the bands most famous soul 70s. Richie wrote and sang many hit songs of the group. The group focuses on romantic ballads and easy listening as "Three Times A Lady" and "Still". With her sweet voice and warm, he became the most prominent members of the group. By the late '70s, Richie began accepting composing songs for other artists. The song "Lady" he composed for his friend Kenny Rogers is ranked No. 1 in the charts in 1980.

In 1981, Richie sang with Diana Ross in the theme song for the film Endless Love. Be released as singles, the song is considered the No. 1 in the UK and U.S. audiences by many music lovers, not only that it is a song that topped the pop charts in both countries. Its success has prompted Richie out solo. And so for so long cherished wish come true in 1982.

Some of his songs are among the top 10 songs that come along in months. The most successful and most impressive is "Hello", a romantic love song contained an immense love of a boy for a girl. This is a good example and demonstrate the real possibility of his musical genre R & B. These efforts paid off when he was the only one who has the bearing of an Oscar for the film "White Nights" with self-composed songs and self-presentation "Say you, say me". He also worked with Michael Jackson King of Pop in the song "We Are the World" for charitable purposes by USA For Africa organization sponsors.

Dancing On The Ceiling, another album was also widespread reputation in America and England. Experts suggest that this is a song with an important role in the career of his professional singing. Exit the old platform, he broke the standard rules in music makes a breakthrough with great creativity. But apparently not satisfied with myself. He suspended a long time. 10 years later, he broke his silence with a Louder Than Words (more noisy words). With this song, he said a change in style as well as composing the song. The listener does not recognize the musical movement is considered fashionable in the previous decade. He chose the path of flat woven into the music a gentle soul and was created perfect. It was not until years later, we know that new genre called Urban R & B.

Studio album

* 1982: Lionel Richie

* 1983: Can not Slow Down

* 1986: Dancing on the Ceiling

* 1992: Back to Front (compilation album)

* 1996: Louder Than Words

* 1997: Truly: The Love Songs (compilation album)

* 1998: Time

* 2000: The Renaissance

* 2002: Encore (live album)

* 2004: Just for You

* 2006: Coming Home

* 2009: Just Go

Singles champion in the U.S.

A. 1981 "Endless Love" with Diana Ross songs (9 weeks)
Two. 1982 "Truly" (2 weeks)
3. 1983 "All Night Long (All Night)" (4 weeks)
4. 1984 "Hello" (2 weeks)
Five. 1985 "Say You, Say Me" (4 weeks)
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Lionel Richie - is a singer-songwriter record producer, and sometimes an American actor.

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