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 Mahalia Jackson - Gospel singer won the Grammy Music

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Mahalia Jackson - Gospel singer won the Grammy Music Empty
PostSubject: Mahalia Jackson - Gospel singer won the Grammy Music   Mahalia Jackson - Gospel singer won the Grammy Music I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 3:21 pm

Mahalia Jackson - Gospel singer won the Grammy Music Fantasia-mahalia-jackson-300-1
Mahalia Jackson (October 26, 1911 [1] - January 27, 1972) is a gospel singer won the Grammy. She is considered the most famous singers of the genre, and the "Queen of Gospel Music" first. Mahalia Jackson is one of gospel music singers have more influence in the world. She has recorded over 30 albums (mostly produced by Columbia Records), among the 45 drives her round with a dozen "gold" - the number sold a million records or more.


Mahalia Jackson grew up in the neighborhood Black Pearl, Carrollton neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. There is a three-bedroom house in the Pitt contain up to 13 demographic, which she Mahalia, is often referred to as "Halie", because an aunt also called Mahalia. She has a brother named Roosevelt, and her mother is Charity. In the home, in addition to her mother, and aunt and several cousins.

When born, Halie getting a genu varum deformities called, or "leg bowing." Doctors want to treat by surgery type fracture of her, but her aunt does not agree. Treatment of leg rubbing her mother is the daughter of dirty dishwater. However, bowing legs did not stop the dance she performed for white mistress of the house where her mother and Aunt Bell is helping cleaning.

When Mahalia up to six, her mother, Charity, died. This is a big shock for the family, because someone needs to stand out and Peter Mahalia adopted. Aunt Duke agreed to adopt two children, and they were forced to work from dawn to dusk. Aunt Duke always white gloves to check the house. If not cleaned, Halie would be beaten by 'nine tails whip "(Cat o' nine tails). If one of those relatives can not be busy with housework, or cleaning the house can not come to those who hired them, Halie would be one of the kids in the family was sent all the work cycle . It's hard to dream opportunity to go school. But Halie enjoys singing, and only church where she can freely sing. Aunt Bell told her that there will be a demonstration at the Royal. Halie Then one day he saw the prophecy come true. Mahalia began her musical career at the Mount Moriah Baptist Church. After receiving baptism in Mississippi by the Church of Mount Moria pastor, Reverend ED Lawrence, ceremonial, Mahalia return the church to become an official member of the church.
The popular song

* Trouble of the World
* Silent Night (Silent Night Silent Night or the same)
* Go Tell It On The Mountain
* Amazing Grace (amazing grace)
* Take My Hand, Precious Lord
* Remember Me
* The Battle Of Jericho Joshua fought
* Holding Hands My Saviours (FIST Savior)
* Roll Jordan, Roll (run away, Jordan)
* The Upper Room (Last Supper)
* We Shall Overcome (We will win - the favorite songs of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States in the 1960s)
* I'm On My Way To Canaan (The Promised Land)
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Mahalia Jackson - Gospel singer won the Grammy Music

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