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 Madonna - Madge, or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment

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Madonna - Madge, or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment Empty
PostSubject: Madonna - Madge, or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment   Madonna - Madge, or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 3:25 pm

Madonna - Madge, or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment Madonna-03
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (born August 16, 1958) is the stage name Madonna along with the girl nicknamed material ("Material Girl"), Madge or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment. Besides the successes and areas known than singing, she also works in the entertainment industry as art under an actor-director-songwriter-musician-dancer, writer and fashion designers. Born in Michigan, United States, Madonna left home alone on New York City to pursue a dance career in 1979. After singing debut with an album in 1983, she has released three studio albums have reached number one in America during the 1980s and four more albums so in the 2000s.

Madonna has always attracted the attention of the public not only by the performances and music videos shocking performances on stage but also exciting ways to use the themes, symbols related to sensitive politics, sex and religion, causing criticism from the Vatican in the late 1980s [2]. In the early 1990s was the period that she created many scandals related to sex, again leading to criticism from the media along with the decline of album sales [3]. But Madonna's career have flourished again when she released her 1998 album Ray of Light received much praise from critics and won three Grammy Awards.

With the continuous efforts devoted to the music industry the world over more than a quarter century, Madonna has been public record as "one of the greatest pop star of all time" and is dubbed the Queen of Pop [4] [5] [6]. In 2000, Guinness has recorded Madonna as "the most successful female artist of all time" with a total albums sold worldwide is 211.5 million (excluding singles) and female singer the world's highest income [7] [8] [9] [10]. Warner Bros. Records, Madonna's record company also announced that she has released over 350 million records including albums and singles. Recording Industry Association of America RIAA has put Madonna as "the singer sold more records most of the 20th century." In 2006, Forbes magazine has rated the property of Madonna is about U.S. $ 350-400 million and ranked her the richest female singer in the world. She was honored at the Hall of Reputation Rock and Roll in 2008.

Childhood and path to music

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, United States is the third of six children of Tony P.Ciccone Silvio, an Italian engineer root [15] [16] and Madonna Louise Fortin, a French-Canadian [17] [18]. She was raised in a Christian family in a suburb of Detroit. Her mother died of breast cancer on December 1, 1963 when she was at age 30. Madonna once confessed that her mother passed away after illness is the most painful thing she had ever experienced and that is the most traumatic period in her life [19]. After some time, her father married his housekeeper, Joan Gustafson, and they have two children together. On his father remarried, Madonna once said: "I can not accept her stepmother when I was growing up. In the past I was very bitter against her" [20].

The children in small families Ciccone from the father was forced to learn music. But after only a few months of piano learning to type, Madonna begged her father agreed to study ballet. Madonna's ballet teacher, Christopher Flynn, taught her many dance Madonna and thereby have the opportunity to "expose" on the dance floor, a scene later very influential to the style of her music . As a student of high school Class A Rochester Adams, Madonna always prominent in sports and is an active member of the team with MC [22]. After graduating in 1975, she received a dance scholarship at the University of Michigan [23]. But until 1977 when he was studying second year Madonna dropped out of school to go to New York City for the purpose of pursuing a career as a dancer under the support of teachers [24]. Looking back on his trip to New York, Madonna said: "When I arrived in New York, it was my first time to fly, the first time I called a cab, the first time with everything. And My purse was limited to only 35 dollars. not listen, no friends, no home. It is the most courageous I have ever done in my life "[21].

To New York but in the only 35 dollars, Madonna through many difficult financial superposition, sometimes living for the moment and must find work in shops selling cheap bread to wages, there are times when even she had to as a nude model [25]. Not long after her dancing with Graham and Pearl Lang Mathar, and then worked with several dance companies such as Alvin Ailey and the Walter Nicks. While the dancers are doing for French singer Patrick Hernandez [26], Madonna has a chance to meet a guy named Dan Gilroy guitarist, who later founded with her rock band Breakfast Club [27]. Besides singing, she also played the drums and guitar [28]. By 1980, Madonna and former boyfriend Stephen Bray wrote a number of disco and dance music and attracts the attention of several clubs in New York. DJ Mark Kamins was impressed by Madonna's record and he decided to send them to Seymour Stein, the founder of Sire Records, a new brand of parent company Warner Bros. Records [29]. Professional music career of Madonna begins here [30].

Studio album

* 1983: Madonna
* 1984: Like a Virgin
* 1986: True Blue
* 1989: Like a Prayer
* 1992: Erotica
* 1994: Bedtime Stories
* 1998: Ray of Light
* 2000: Music
* 2003: American Life
* 2005: Confessions on a Dance Floor
* 2008: Hard Candy


* 1987: Who's That Girl in the film of the same name
* 1990: I'm Breathless in the movie Dick Tracy
* 1996: Evita in the film of the same name

Album synthesis

* 1987: You Can Dance
* 1990: The Immaculate Collection
* 1995: Something to Remember
* 2001: GHV2
* 2003: Remixed & Revisited
* 2009: Celebration
Album Direct

* 2006: I'm Going to Tell You a Secret
* 2007: The Confessions Tour
* 2010: Sticky & Sweet
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Madonna - Madge, or Maddie, is a star known American entertainment

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