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 Yanni - pianist, keyboards and a musician

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PostSubject: Yanni - pianist, keyboards and a musician   Yanni - pianist, keyboards and a musician I_icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 4:30 pm

Yanni - pianist, keyboards and a musician 3def16283ce1f6ef21466d2945780493_40579887.yanni3
Yanni born Yiannis Hrysomallis was born on 14/11/1954 in Kalamata, Greece. He taught himself and became a pianist, keyboards and a musician. He left home at 18 and Minnesota in the American university in psychology and has been in America for over 2 decades. After playing keyboards in local bands such as Chameleon, he moved to California. In 1987, he formed a small band, with long-term members like Charlie Adams (drummer for the team) and John Tesh to start performing his first album as Keys to Imagination, Out of Silence, and Chameleon Days. He began to gain some fame with the album Dare To Dream (1992) and followed by the album In My Time. And successful beyond his turn expressed his release album Yanni Live At Acropolis, this is his live show by a musician wisdom Shahrdad Rohani Iran staged scenes, and this live show performed on 25 / 9/1993 Herodes Atticus ancient theater in Athens, Greece. Live show suggests that this is a one of a kind show and best-selling video of all time. One of the works in this live show is "Acroyali / Standing in Motion" has been recognized that public opinion have the effect of music by Mozart (Mozart Effect). He demonstrated his live shows for more than 2 million people in 20 countries around the world. So far, he has 35 gold and platinum plate, and has sold over 20 million copies. The music was frequently heard on television channels, sports events ... In 1997, he was one of the few artists have live shows in India. A live show of his most recent entitled Yanni Live! The Concert Event (performed in 2004 in Las Vegas and released in 2006) re-affirmed his name in the New Age music.


Yanni piano study clearly showed musical talent through his own words narrated by members of his family. At 18, he emigrated to America and Minnesota college and obtained a BA in psychology. After graduation, he began his musical career, although he now can not read notes, and not through a training course but really do.

When I was a student at the University of Minnesota, he joined a promising group is Chameleon, where he also met Charlie Adams (his drumming is later).

Yanni finally become bored with rock and roll genre should have moved to Los Angeles, formed a small band including Charlie Adams and John Tesh. His music is often called the modern New Age music, but he prefers to be called contemporary music (contemporary instrumental) more.

In 1992, he released the album Dare To Dream with the Aria. In 1993, In My Time album release.

Live at the Acropolis

Congratulation to his best until he released the album and video Yanni Live at the Acropolis in 1994. Live show was performed on September 25, 1993 at the ancient theater dating from 2000 years Herod Atticus in Athens, Greece. This is the first album Yanni Live Show has used up the entire orchestra under the supervision of Shardad Rohani. Live show has 48 TV channels around the world to record and quickly became one of the most popular programs. This live show was present in 65 countries and has become a best-selling album.

Last Acroyali / Standing in Motion has influenced the music of Mozart (Mozart Effect) because it's the same version of Mozart's K448 in terms of speed, tone, tone, and can be unpredictable.


March 1997, he has performed in India and became one of the few artists to perform at the Taj Mahal, India. Several months later, he came to China and had a spectacular performance before the Forbidden City. Since these two his live show, he has released tribute album in 1997. Unlike other shows of his live album, this album presents him only light work, honesty, not as strong as the album another live show. In this album, is excellent in 2 Posts: Adagio In C Minor (at Taj Mahal, India) and Nightingale (at the Forbidden City, China).

Adagio In C Minor In this he had become familiar with the instruments in the orchestra. Through this, many fans have compared him with classical composers as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven ...

Last Nightingale once again note that the repetition of the flute - a traditional instrument of the East. The flute (Pedro Eustache) has done very well in this paper make the hearts audience obeying.

Yanni Live! The Concert Event!

In 2000, he released If I Could Tell You. This is a studio album in over seven years to reach the audience expectation of the world

In 2003, the album was released Ethnicity. This album re-affirmed his name on the international music market.

When he arrived in Las Vegas he has performed at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on November 6, 2004. And this show live album was released in August 2006. Yanni album called Live! The Concert Event!. Indeed, as the name suggests, this is a live show as a fact: more than 100 television channels worldwide have turned this live show.
Studio albums

* 1980 Optimystique (re-released in 1984)
* Keys to Imagination 1986
* Out of Silence 1987
* 1988 Chameleon Days
* Niki Nana 1989
* Reflections of Passion 1990
* 1991 In Celebration of Life
* Dare to Dream 1992
* 1993 In My Time
* 2000 If I Could Tell You
* 2003 Ethnicity
* 2009 Voices and Voces (Spanish)

Live albums

* 1994 Yanni Live at the Acropolis
* 1995 Yanni Live at Royal Albert Hall
In 1996 Yanni One on One
* 1997 Tribute
* 2006 Yanni Live! The Concert Event
Yanni Voces * 2009


* Steal the Sky 1988
* 1988 Heart of Midnight
* I Love You Perfect 1989
She'll Take Romance * 1990
* 1990 When You Remember Me
* 1990 Children of the Bride
Hua qi Shao Lin * 1994

* 1992 Romantic Moments, BMG
* 1997 Devotion (The Best of Yanni), Private Music
* 1997 In The Mirror, Private Music
* 1999 The Private Years, Private Music
* 1999 Love Songs, RCA Victor
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Yanni - pianist, keyboards and a musician

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