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 Jack Warner - was the founder of the world's largest media called Warner Bros.

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Jack Warner - was the founder of the world's largest media called Warner Bros. Empty
PostSubject: Jack Warner - was the founder of the world's largest media called Warner Bros.   Jack Warner - was the founder of the world's largest media called Warner Bros. I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 7:57 pm

Jack Warner - was the founder of the world's largest media called Warner Bros. Jack-Warner-JAY-BLESSED
Jack Leonard "J.L." Warner is the founder of the largest media company called Warner Bros. world. He was born with the name John Eichelbaum [1] August 2, 1892 in London, Ontario, Canada. He is CEO and who has driven the success of Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Development History of Warner Bros. but are even less heroic than any Hollywood movie studios do [2].

As co-executive of Warner Bros. Studios, he was with his brother Sam Warner solve the problem for shooting the first film. [3] After Sam died, Jack clashes with his brother Harry and Albert Warner. He became the only operating studios from the 1950s, after he secretly purchasing the shares of the company. [4]

Although Warner did so many people panic and his mood swings also gives rise to a multitude of comedy tragedy, he still is recognized as a powerful and holy wisdom [2] He has recruited and hired many top stars for Warner Bros. [5] and makes the studio became a studio name. [6] known as rapid decision making, Warner once said: " If I always held on the 51% stake, I will always ensure top "[2].

Throughout his career, he was regarded as dull and mysterious or controversial [7] He is also seen as a politically steadfast, Warner studios encourage their pursuit of activities of the Democratic Party and President Franklin D. Roosevelt [6] He quickly realized that the risk of the owner of fascism and criticized Nazi war before the United States into World War II. [8] Although always been a controversial Warner remains an influential character; even an important force in world cinema industry until he retired early in the 1970s. [9].

Warner youth

Jacob Warner, later known under the name of Jack Leonard Warner (Jack L. Warner is the most simple or Jack Warner), born in London, Ontario, in Canada. He was the son of Benjamin "Wonsal," a shoemaker born in Krasnosielc (Poland), and Pearl Leah Eichelbaum. [10] "Krasnoshiltz" which is part of the Russian Empire and now part of Poland, but still known under the name Russian Pale. Benjamin emigrated to Baltimore (Maryland, United States) in 1888 and continued training shoes and shoe repair. [11] He changed them into Warner and later they were used in the family forever. Pearl and their children to Baltimore in October 1889 on the steamship Hermann from Bremen, Germany. Like many Jewish families emigrated other, more children and their children have anglicized their names and similar events. So Jacob became Jack, and he himself added the middle name is Leonard.

In Baltimore, the money that his father Benjamin Warner earned from professional play and edit each shoe was not enough for families to spend. [12] He and Pearl have a daughter, Fannie, not long after they move settled here. Benjamin moved the family to Canada, encouraged by the advice of a friend that can make money here rather easily. [12] Sons Jacob "Jack" and David Warner was born in London, Ontario. [12 ] [11] After two years' hardship that should not merit anything "in Canada, Benjamin and Pearl Warner back to Baltimore, bringing the family has more than its members. [13] Add two children, Sadie and Milton, was born here. [14] In 1896, the family resettled in Youngstown, Ohio, under the guidance of Harry Warner, who established a shoe repair shop in a developing urban rapidly. [15] Benjamin worked with Harry in the shoe repair shop until he have enough money to open a shop selling food and groceries in the center of town. [16] [17]

Jack Warner, with both a childhood in Youngstown, claiming that the experiences he has gained here impact on the formation of their own sensibilities. Warner wrote: "J. Edgar Hoover told me that Youngstown in those days is one of the most inhospitable places, and gradually became a part of the Sicilian mafia criminal activities. Every Saturday night at most one or two murders, knives and iron fist is the "real material separation" of many young people to go around the city. "[18] Warner was in a gang at the intersection of Westlake. [19].

Meanwhile, Warner began his career with the song at the theater of the city and start making some small talk [20] When going vaudeville in a short time, he has officially changed name is Jacob rice offering from Warner to a new stage name is Jack Leonard Warner. [21] is Sam's brother Jack have objected to this pursuit. "Forget the money represented to" Sam recommendations for Jack Warner. "Money is behind his wings!" [22].


In Youngstown, Warner Brothers have taken the first tentative steps in the entertainment industry. The early 20th century, Sam Warner formed a partnership and in conjunction with another person "take over" Old Grand Opera House (translation: the Opera House Opera), where he did not hesitate to use as the location for vaudeville and film performance. [23] However, this experiment has failed and ended after just one summer. Then, Sam Warner content with the work of a projectionist at Idora Park, an amusement park in the locality. This guy convinced the family out to buy a Model B Kinetoscope film projector from a different film. [24] The purchase price of 1,000 dollars at that time [25] and Jack Warner is 150 USD contribution from the pledging a horse. [26]

The company's family of film they played a song through better use of the film The Great Train Robbery throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania area before leasing a store in New Castle, Pennsylvania. [27] used this temporary accommodation instead of the theater and was named the Bijou, with its seat rental business from a professional funeral service and burial. [28] [25] Jack, who was still living in Youngstown, to each Last week "to illustrate each song transitions". [28] In 1906, the brothers bought a small theater in New Castle, which they called the Cascade Movie Palace. They maintained the theater until switching to film distribution in 1907. [29] That same year, Warner Brothers has established Entertainment Company Duquesne (Duquesne Amusement Company) in Pittsburgh, a distribution company has good profit when a company of Thomas Edison Motion Picture Patents Company is (also known under the name Edison Trust), was founded with the charge of excessive distributors can tolerate. [30] In 1909, Harry agreed to take Jack to participate in family business: he brought this brother to Norfolk, Virginia, where Jack Sam assists in regulating the activities of the company's second feature exchange . [31] Later that year, Warners Brothers sold the family company to General Film Company to get the "$ 10,000 in cash, preferred stock, $ 12,000, and a payment worth $ 52,000 for all four years of Construction company ". [32]

Warner Bros. created.

Warner Brothers partnership conducting and switching production from 1910. [33] Then, in 1912, they began to support filmmakers in its Independent Motion Picture Company of Carl Laemmle, who is dared standing to challenge the monopoly of the Edison Trust. That same year, Jack Warner worked montage in New York, [34] where his support for Sam to produce the movie Dante's Inferno. [35] Despite the success in cinemas, Harry Warner still feel free mind the business risk that existing Edison Trust can bring. Then he stopped doing business with Laemmle and Jack moved into making a film exchange company in San Francisco, while Sam is also doing similar work in Los Angeles. [36] Warner Brothers has been very courage in exploring cinema market. [37] In 1917, Jack was sent to Los Angeles to make a film exchange company again. [38] The opportunity to make a movie they were first to 1918, when they bought the rights to film My Four Years in Germany, based on a selling novel about Germany's role in the War (First World). The film promises both commercial success and fame, [39] and the four brothers may set up a studio in Hollywood, California. [40] At the new studio in Hollywood, Jack became co-director produced with his brother Sam. [41] In its capacity, both brothers have ensured the success of the factors for success as a film script, production, efficiency of the movie .. . [39]

Following the success of the film My Four Years in Germany, Warner Bros. has produced a series titled The Tiger's Claw in 1919. However, that year, it had no great success with the steering wheel-move film Open Your Eyes. [42] In this period, the company gained only slightly profitable [43] and in 1920, the brothers Warners had to borrow money from banks to repay debt. [43] Later, they moved their studio from Culver City, California, to Hollywood, where they purchased land at a Sunset Boulevard and Bronson Avenue immediately. [44] But the relocation and upgrading of facilities would not improve their image, and the company still must maintain the source of life from those cheap movie theater
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Jack Warner - was the founder of the world's largest media called Warner Bros.

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