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 Ed parker - United States as a Grand Master

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PostSubject: Ed parker - United States as a Grand Master   Ed parker - United States as a Grand Master I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 2:29 pm

Ed parker - United States as a Grand Master Ed_Parker_with_Elvis
Edmund Kealoha Parker (March 19, 1931 - December 15, 1990) is an American martial arts master, who initiated, lecturer and author.

Parker was born in Hawaii, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [1] Lack of time, he began his martial arts career by studying judo [2] and then the punches loading. Frank Chow was invited to study subjects Right of Parker (Kenpo). Frank Chow introduced Ed Parker was with William Chow, who is practicing martial arts while he was still serving in the United States Coast Guard and the Brigham Young University. In 1953 he was ordained a black belt.

Parker opened a school to teach commercial karate in Provo Utah, the western United States in 1954. [3] By 1956, Parker opened a self-defense school in Pasadena, California. Parker students are first ordained black belt Charles Beeder. This has caused controversy. [4] Until 1962, the students are ordained black belt in chronological order are: James Ibrao, Rich Montgomery, Rick Flores, Al and Jim Tracy of Tracy Kenpo, Chuck Sullivan , John McSweeney, and Dave Hebler. [5] In 1962, John McSweeney opened a school in Ireland, Parker inspired his organization changed its name from the "boxing Karate Association United States" to "Association of boxing International Karate ".

Parker has a reputation for discerning business. He help open many martial arts self-defense schools. He was also known in Hollywood where he trained many stuntmen and celebrities; typical Elvis Presley, who was awarded his black belt in boxing the art. He also was behind a number of renowned masters such as Frank Trejo, martial arts teacher in California. [6] He helped Bruce won the championship by bringing in Bruce Lee Karate International Examinations. He was Presley's bodyguard at the end of life singer, actor and stunt action, and is one of the boxing coach of martial arts master and actor Jeff Speakman. He was the subject Right of Enlightenment in America and students of this martial revered as "Father of American Karate". He also has the official title as "the supreme master of the Right of America."

Sometimes Parker is an actor and stunt action movies of Hollywood. The film is his most famous Kill the Golden Goose. [7] In this film, his co-starring with the Hapkido master Bong Soo Han. Trongg movie Revenge of the Pink Pahther by Blake Edwards directed and produced, played "Mr. Chong" Parker made the surprise.

December 15, 1990, Edmund K. Parker died in Honolulu in the disease. His wife Leilani Parker died June 12, 2006. In four of his children alive, with only Ed Parker Jr.. actively pursuing what his father started.Ed Parker's career

At 12, Parker began studying judo. At 18 (1949), Parker awarded Shodan (Judo). [2] As a young man, Edmund Parker, Sr.. at Brigham Young University Hawaii from home and start teaching. During this time he won the brown belt, he has the acting abilities that he learned from the original U.S. Hawaii teacher William Kwai Sun Chow is.

During this time, Parker was greatly influenced by the prevalence of Okinawan and Japanese martial arts in Hawaii. He wrote the book, Kenpo Karate, published in 1961


In martial arts film The Perfect Weapon made in 1991 with the participation of students correction was Jeff Speakman, has an inscription to Parker before the video information section (closing credits).

Ed Parker Jr., his son. plays his father, in the 1993 film biography of Bruce Lee, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

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Ed parker - United States as a Grand Master

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