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 Paulina Porizkova - is a supermodel and actress Czech-American

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Paulina Porizkova - is a supermodel and actress Czech-American Empty
PostSubject: Paulina Porizkova - is a supermodel and actress Czech-American   Paulina Porizkova - is a supermodel and actress Czech-American I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 2:36 pm

Paulina Porizkova - is a supermodel and actress Czech-American Paulina-porizkova-01
Paulina Porizkova (born: Pavlína Porizkova IPA: [pavli: na Pori: skova:], born on 08 May 04, 1965) is an American supermodel and actress Czech origin. Today she is a legal citizen of both U.S. and Swedish national


Born in Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, when both beginners learn to walk, she was led to refugee parents in Czechoslovakia battle siege of Warsaw block away-and in 1968. The family was moved to the city of Lund, southern Sweden, and Paulina sent to her care, then they will get back on.However, the Czech government on actions to prevent, leading to widespread debate about the civil rights of women on the pages of Sweden. After unsuccessful efforts to claim child - her mother was arrested armed forces, politicians Olof Palme [2] to pressure the communist government allows Porizkova family reunion after seven years of separation. But not long after that, the reunion will vanish. Father and son then loses contact.Itself to her mother raised her and her brother (and brother Jachym born during her arrest). Her mother had to steal bread to feed the big kids. Paulina has a miserable life in Sweden, she was treated and sarcasm as a poor boy to political asylum.


In 1980, a friend accidentally portrait of Paulina and provide training to Company Elite model. CEO John Casablancas contemporary Paulina Porizkova has been drawn, and invited her to participate in the Paris show. This is a very attractive offer for a young girl and more a people are fleeing the country to Sweden and self-determination.With perfect height 180cm, she quickly stepped into the ranks of top models 1980, her fame as a landslide when she joined the photo shoot for the swimsuit brand, the magazine's cover model Sports Illustrated years 1984-1985 (first cover photo taken in 1983). The third is a breakthrough imaging bathing with Life magazine (as SI covergirl).Paulina Porizkova also appeared on the cover of the famous erotic magazine for men Playboy in August 1987 in the image discreet but sexy. Previous few years, she photographed nude for GQ magazine, showing off the feeling of an unfulfilled woman. Both 1988 & 1989, she photographed the calendar with photographer Marco Glaviano; sell hundreds of thousands of copies, paving the way for her to step up on par with Cindy Crawford and Frederique van der Wal.Paulina Porizkova twice been voted People magazine as one of Fifty Most Beautiful People in 1990 and 1992. Harper's Bazaar magazine voted her one of the ten most beautiful people in 1992. American Photo magazine that she is a representative sample of the 1980s. She also appeared in many advertising pages of magazines worldwide for two decades 80-90, such as Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. Join freshwater ad for Diet Sprite. Appears in the 20th anniversary edition of Cosmopolitan magazine founded (February 11, 1985).Paulina was the highest-income sample in 88, with: advertising contract worth $ 6,000,000 with cosmetic brand Estee Lauder, replacing the model Willow Bay. Advertising Strategy course late 80's Estee Lauder transferred from object-oriented ladies into successful young women in rural areas. Campaign ads are very much praise as criticism badly. Makeup by Estee Lauder Paulina Porizkova-turned a swimsuit in the public eye a European lady, and she was chosen as the face of the company until 1995.Paulina Porizkova appeared in the writings of Marco Glaviano, two books Models and Sirens; Photo Fashion Photography by Patrick Demarchelier. Then the bathing shocking picture magazine LIFE; take pictures for Women magazine; photographer Herb Ritts.There is a large gap between two front teeth, so in the early stages of her modeling career with a smile always appears very softly (bad cover). One critic said it was a big boil on her face perfectly. But also so that Paulina created its own mark for himself, a serious model-less laugh. In the film Anna, she had to edit and filmed openings orthopedic teeth. Another feature is "dreamy look" of her, comes from documents blinded by severe myopia lens.After her first child birth (1993), Paulina few appear on the catwalk to take time to care for family. Not long after, she starred in the movie Private; sign a contract as a model for Escada representative. In early 2001, she became the lead of the TV show E!, Played on the Style Channel. In early 2005, her first time participating in shooting Victoria's Secret catalog.Currently, Paulina is an official member of the board of examiners of America's Next Top Model, from season 10 replace the icon setting page legendary Twiggy. [3] She appeared weekly in the program, bringing the comments to guide students.Spring 2007, Paulina Porizkova is guest-starred in the reality television program Dancing with the Stars (Dancing with Stars). [4], but she soon rejected


In 1983, first appeared on the scene in a fictional documentary about modeling Portfolio (1983). But nearly 18 new, but she tried to look more mature sister, and became "the girl" in the film.Paulina participate film Anna (played Sally Kirkland) in 1987, Vogue magazine very much support. In 1989, she dated Tom Selleck, the actor starred in the film Her Alibi. However, this film does not bring much glory to her; along with a nomination Razzies as worst actress in this movie.1989, the magazine "Moda" Italian buoys that she will act alongside Robert De Niro in Sergio Leone's film revolves around the subject held the Leningrad front in World War II, but can not shoot film because the director's death . Then she joined Arizona Dream, along with actor Johnny Depp and Jerry Lewis, in a supporting role (fiancée of Lewis), and participate in drama Thursday (1988).In 2001, Paulina as screenwriter and film director Roommate. In 2004, participants romantic Knots; before, she had lost the opportunity to become partner of James Bond in GoldenEye file (1995) so as to not lose valuable time at the next family, also as her modeling career.Paulina has appeared in several television programs like The Colbert Report18-04-07.


Paulina Porizkova recently published novel A Model Summer (translation: great summer pattern) (ISBN 1401303269) (ISBN 978-1401303266). The story is about a 15-year-old girl who happened to be chosen Sweden to a model management company reputation; she was invited to Paris to work in summer.May 09 1992, she released the book The Adventures of Ralphie the Roach by her children wrote (roughly translated: The Adventures of Ralphie Carp) (ISBN 0385424027) (ISBN 978-0385424028), co-author: Joanne Russell, illustrated by Adam Ocasek.

Personal life

On 23 May 08, 1989, Paulina married Ric Ocasek, lead singer of pop-rock band The Cars. They met in 1984 while recording music clip "Drive", directed by Timothy Hutton. Then, Paulina Porizkova and Ric only 19 were married. The couple have two children: Jonathan Raven Ocasek, born on November 4, 1993, and Oliver Orion Ocasek, born on 23 May 05, 1998.Paulina is the main theme of the song "Friends of P" (translation: Friends of P) in Return of the Rentals album release in 1995 of The Rentals, write: lead singer Matt Sharp, and former members Weezer; the song "Paulina" in the group's debut album, No Doubt"It's about Paulina Porizkova, who is Rick Ocasek's wife, who used to come down to Electric Ladyland studios when we were recording the Blue album. And she would read our palms, and she was pregnant and she would just hang out. And we were like, "Wow, a pregnant supermodel is reading our palms." And then she would complain about how only bands like Warrant and all these '80s heavy metal bands are the only People who would write songs about her. And so she was really bummed out that nobody cool was writing songs about her now, so I wrote That Song for her while we were at Electric Lady as an attempt to get her out of the '80s hair metal rut she was stuck in. "Currently, Paulina is recognized as a legal citizen of the U.S. citizens tap name: Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek.
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Paulina Porizkova - is a supermodel and actress Czech-American

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