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 River Phoenix - American actor who was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award

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River Phoenix - American actor who was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award Empty
PostSubject: River Phoenix - American actor who was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award   River Phoenix - American actor who was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 2:51 pm

River Phoenix - American actor who was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQFc4zRXFHR5r0_WbRJfi2CynYBzfY3PqxpbXNjEaxMTlgG8esEhoy4v-TBg
River Jude Phoenix (August 23, 1970 - 31 May 10, 1993) is an American actor who was nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes. He is on the list "12 promising newcomer of 1986", and River's talent was appreciated by critics such as Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. River in the two most famous film Stand By Me (1986) and My Own Private Idaho (1991). As a teen idol, one of the top young talents in Hollywood at that time, his acting career potential of River Phoenix was disrupted by the departure of him at 1:51 am on Halloween, in 1993, caused by the use of drugs overdose. In that year, River Phoenix was 23.

The early years

Name of the River Jude Bottom River. Both he and Ms. Bottom has decided to name the son of their first names River, based on the River of Life (the river of life) in his novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and the middle name Jude song Hey Jude by The Beatles. River Jude Bottom was born in Metolius, Oregon. His mother is Mrs. Arlyn Dunetz (later known as Heart Phoenix), a woman carrying two blood Hungary and Russia. His father was John Lee Bottom River, bringing the two blood flow Ireland and Spain. Both husband and wife are members of organized religion Children of God, and they do missionary task for this organization throughout the American South. They also have four more children: Rain, Joaquin (Leaf), Liberty and Summer.The source of Details magazine in November 1991, River said that he sexually abused at age 4 in sect. But then, River then claim it was just a joke. However, continued later in an interview the other, River was really angry when asked about this organization: "They're disgusting ... they destroy the lives of others" [citation needed source]. Bottom After the family left the organization and returned to America in 1977, they changed their Bottom of Phoenix, with implications toward a new life.River spent time in childhood poverty and nomadic life. At age 5, along with her sister, Rain, River playing in the streets to feed their families.CareerPhoenix All five brothers are encouraging parents to follow the path of art. Tuesday his brother in the family, Joaquin Phoenix, later became a famous American actor.River Phoenix to participate in a 1982 television movie Seven Brides for Seven titled Brothers [citation needed]. Then he had a starring role in film film explores the first in 1985 with Ethan Hawke. The following year, River to participate in the classic genre film coming-of-age Stand By Me (1986) directed by Rob Reiner, based on story by Stephen King. This film gave names to the ranks of River Phoenix star teenager. That same year, River to participate in the film The Mosquito Coast (1986) Peter Weir's star alongside Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Charlie Fox River's role in this movie has inspired the famous Brazilian composer, Milton Nascimento, wrote the song River Phoenix: A Letter To A Young Actor in 1989. A later series: A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988), Little Nikita (1988) next to Sidney Poitier, and was nominated in 1989, at New River 18, for supporting actor category Export Best Oscar and Golden Globe Award, and won the honorary award of the National Board of Review for her role as Danny Pope in the movie Running On Empty (1988) directed by Sidney Lumet. In 1989, River plays the character Indiana Jones boyhood in the third installment of the series: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).Marked a turning point in the career growth of River Phoenix as Mike Waters role in the film directed by Gus Van Sant: My Own Private Idaho (1991) - Gold Volpi Cup for Best actor award at Excellence Contact Venice Film Festival, as well as the National Society of Film Critics.After the reputation of My Own Private Idaho, River Phoenix became one of the young actors are the most fans and cat Moses leading the United States. River is also a 1 in 10 American actor best known in Japan at that time.In 1992, River have the opportunity to cooperate again with Sidney Poitier and Robert Redford in a "blockbuster" entitled Sneakers. After a few more films, River Phoenix starred in the movie about country music directed by Peter Bogdanovich, The Thing Called Love (1993) starred with Samantha Mathis. This is the last film completed by River Phoenix.After his death in 1993, the last film debut as Silent Tongue (1994), though The Thing Called Love (1993) is the final filming of River Phoenix. In addition, the River is participating in a project called Dark Blood film directed by George Sluizer. Only about 11 days before the film wrapped, the post moved to the sudden death of River made the film can never completed.River Phoenix is ​​the first choice for the character Jim Carroll, addicted teenager in The Basketball Diaries (1995). After he died, young actor Leonardo DiCaprio was replaced and the film has caused much controversy. Also, the character Lestat in the film classic vampire Interview With the Vampire (1994) writer Anne Rice is writing based on the inspiration of River Phoenix. But then, the film's producers wanted to show Tom Cruise role, and therefore, the director of the film used for the River plays the interviewer, Daniel Malloy. And then unfortunately had to be replaced promptly by fellow actor Christian Slater.However, in the final years of life, showed little River to concentrate on his career. He is focusing their efforts for the music project with Aleka's Attic own band, as well as a few songs to cooperate with friends like Flea, John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers band and Michael Stipe of the band REM Music is the biggest passion in the life of River Phoenix, from the years of nomadic living inside his guitar guitar barrel.

A legend

To this day, River Phoenix is ​​one of the X-generation actor best known in America, and still there are many who walk the path voluntarily become a vegetarian like River. One thing is certain: his life and his death still haunts people.At the age of 5, in a union fishermen by fishermen off, saw the great good friend of the parents caught, fish eaters, River boy decided to slaughter the animals that will not As a part of his life. Along with his brother Joaquin River persuaded the family to become vegetarian. And throughout the rest of his life, River has become a vegetarian and excellent, always deeply concerned about issues of animal welfare and the environment. River Phoenix was an activist environmental famous teenager, and a PETA spokesperson of the Association. In addition, the River has always refused to participate in films that use tools, clothing made from animal fur and leather, as well as products tested on animals.He has acquired many tropical rainforest regions around the islands Costa Rica for the purpose of conservation.People also true of River Phoenix is ​​a story still to be discovered. By the same person exists, most face very different personalities. On the one hand, the famous River is a loving young man, bright and sensitive. On the other hand, River was disgusted with the pressures of life from their own popularity. And not hard for fans to witness the change is very worrying over the years of River Phoenix: a boy from elegant, lovely, cute and speaks fluently ... become a moody young man, dressed sloppy, and amazingly, no longer speaks fluently as before ...The sensitivity of the River is also considered a hypothesis for the cause of this tragedy. A sensitive story about his being told that, during a lunch at a restaurant, to see his girlfriend Martha Plimton ordering crab, River has dropped out and tears of disappointment. River also once said "Sometimes, I wish I did not so sober as I am now."The departure of River Phoenix is ​​considered one of the most tragic and shocking event in the history of the entertainment industry.With many things difficult to explain, as well as the mystery of severe events, so far, friends, family and fans of River Phoenix remains silent when I talk about this actor.

October 31, 1993

On the evening of October 30, 1993, River along with lover at the time, actress Samantha Mathis, and two brothers Joaquin and Rain into The Viper Room club on famous Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood to play music, and meet some of his friends as the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, actor Johnny Depp ... A few minutes after being denied the stage play, River have left and use a large variety of drugs including heroin and cocaine synthesis. People have reported back that River back to the table and said that he could not breathe ... Everyone quickly took him out, and immediately, River collapsed in front of the club. All the celebrities and the paparazzi are present at the time around here are confused and panicked. Finally, Joaquin Phoenix rush for 911 (this call was then transmitted across the U.S. media). River Phoenix was taken to Medical Center Cedars-Sinai, but all attempts to revive him were too late. His death was announced at 1:51 PM pm PST, October 31, 1993. The owner of the club, and also a friend of River, Johnny Depp, has closed the club The Viper Room on 31/10 per year to remember River Phoenix.

Dedicated and concerned

* River Phoenix: A Letter To A Young Actor in 1989 by Milton Nascimento* Book of River Phoenix: Hero & Hearthrob of Grace Catalano (1988)* The band REM album dedicated to River Phoenix MostersTranscending song on the group and Give It Away Red Hot Chili Peppers* Kurt Cobain sang all Jesus Do not Want Me to a Sunbeam to River for two performances* Sam Phillips album dedicated to her Martinis & Bikinis for River* Nada Surf River Phoenix's album North 6th Street* Of The Stereophonics Chris Chambers (10/1997)* Calliope's Ode To River Phoenix* River Phoenix from Hannah Marcus* Song For River Phoenix (If I Had Known) by Dana Lyons* Matinee Idol Rufus Wainwright* Grant Lee Buffalo's Halloween* California's Belinda Carlisle* River from Natalie Merchant, Tiger Lily album* River of Ellis Paul, album Stories* River Phoenix's band Flicker* The Legacy of Oz song mentions four people: Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix, Elvis Presley and Kurt Cobain* (He'll Never Be An) Ol 'Man River TISM group* Book of River Phoenix: A Short Life of Brian J. Robb; Lost in Hollywood: The Fast Times and Short Life of River Phoenix by John Glatt; In Search of River Phoenix: the Truth Behind the Myth by Barry C. Lawrence ...* The main male character in Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leonhart by designer Tetsuya Normura published are based on inspired by River PhoenixFilmography List* 1985: Explorers ... Wolfgang Müller* Stand by Me ... 1986 Chris ChambersThe Mosquito Coast ... Charlie Fox* 1988 A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon ... Jimmy ReardonLittle Nikita ... Jeff GrantRunning on Empty ... Danny Pope / Michael Manfield - Academy Award Nomination: Best Supporting ActorGolden Globe Nomination: Best Supporting ActorNational Board of Review: Best Supporting Actor (won)* 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ... Young Indy* 1990 I Love You to Death ... Acts Devo Nod* My Own Private Idaho in 1991 ... Mike Waters - Venice Film Festival: Best ActorNational Society of Film Critics: Best ActorIndependent Spirit Award: Best ActorDogfight ... Eddie Birdlace* 1992 Sneakers ... Carl Arbegast* 1993 The Thing Called Love ... James WrightEven Cowgirls Get the Blues ... PilgrimDark Blood ... Boy* 1994 Silent Tongue ... Talbot RoeA few other titles* As one of 10 classic teen idol in the 80s. As one of the sex symbol, gay idol in the early 1990s.* Rated 69 on the Top 100 movie star of all time (British Magazine 2003)* As one of the 100 sexiest actress of all time, top 100 sexiest men of the 20th century (No. 11)* Rated 9 out of 100 greatest teen star of VH1 2006
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River Phoenix - American actor who was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award

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