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 Henry cavill shirtless - The cold light of day

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Henry cavill shirtless - The cold light of day Empty
PostSubject: Henry cavill shirtless - The cold light of day   Henry cavill shirtless - The cold light of day I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 3:14 pm

Henry cavill shirtless - The cold light of day Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGa0UXud_jCC4HQtlmprtQYHnpX2Pj7l4UUoCYGrDTNIGbs_YytmAO_qGC
Try to put aside the problems of doing business due to unfavorable, Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) to Spain to stay with his family. But the trip has become a fateful turning point in my life Will, including the loss and suffering. Must do what a man should do, Will finally got out, people can do all things for the family, even to die.

The first thing that Will afflictions faced as it arrived at the Spanish airport is not good news from the airline said that his luggage had been stranded in San Francisco. Welcomed by the father riding the bay, where his mother and younger brother and his girlfriend of the moment I have fun on a white yacht, Will goes on the phone. Doing his job not only progress which tends to deteriorate.

Of course, Will feel uncomfortable attitude of his father seeing his son is "the one place, an anchor soul." Status dinner that lasted through the night until the morning of the next tempestuous. Martin Shaw (Bruce Willis plays), father of Will, so Will try my best to enjoy the moment with the family but all his efforts failed.

While busy with the phone, Will indirectly caused an accident for her little brother's girlfriend. Will angry father threw his phone into the sea. Will decided to leave the boat, swim to shore excuse to buy disinfectant for the wounded. Bay is pretty crowded, but when Will came back, he did not see a yacht. It was pulled out the corner behind a cliff overhanging the sea. Will Four family members were missing when he found the yacht.

At the local police station, after a debate, Will be a few police extradited a coastal sand. A scuffle took place, Martin Shaw suddenly appear. He saved his son Will the truth and who I am, what are you doing? Also ask to see Will go with one that he says can help save your family from kidnappers. It was a woman, was introduced by Martin Shaw colleague, Jean Carrick female secret service.

Martin Shaw had been assigned to retrieve a suitcase and his secret was successfully completed, bringing traffic to Jean Carrick. And now the suitcase is also a life-changing gift for his wife and children, as requested by the kidnappers. Of course, when Martin refused to take back the suitcase, rather, he was murdered in front of his son. Try to avoid the bullets purged from his father's colleague, Will be responsible for saving the family burden, reluctant to stick to things he did not understand at all.

Trace the phone call from the father, Will find the house of a friend of Martin, but who also was killed. Spain girl Lucia was stunned to know Martin, whom she knew so long as the name of Tom, the father of Will. Because Martin or Tom is also the father of Lucia. Jean Carrick Will determined to destroy to end all unnecessary trouble related to the secret suitcase.

Will come to see groups of people kidnapped mother and child, for they know his father was killed. Will the kidnappers used as bait Jean Carrick won the suitcase down, before information about it is sold. With the help of a friend of Lucia and support group kidnapped, Will plunge into a dispute with a female Secret Service suitcase cold, cruel Jean Carrick. Over the life and death moment, Will was finally meet his mother and children, while he offered a job at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency CIA - where before, his father, Martin, was the cause of which have generally secretive about their body parts, such as secret suitcase which he had to change our lives but was still not know what it contains inside. Of course, Will, too, but with him, that is not as important as saving the rest of the family.

Under the category of action, dramatic, suspenseful, The cold light of day is full of breathtaking screen gunfight, car chase tuop baits on a busy road - is considered very favorable to the scene of donors is the car makers have the opportunity to advertise their products a bit too far on the show! However, the attractiveness, looking for meat of The cold light of day well just stop at a moderate level by a general formula for the American action film has a budget reasonable in times of economic downturn, movies, after all is just a commercial product for the purpose of stress reduction entertainment fast payback as quickly as possible.

Action star Bruce Willis plays the father figure is the local CIA employees ... died early in the film feels Th f cold light of day just want to ask Bruce Willis to pull the viewer question if they believe the content on the summary line flyers movie accept the comment by the copywriter. However, the offset is hard to resist attractive appearance of Henry Cavill (British actor, 29, who plays Will) help The cold light of day have more female viewers love the handsome guy, tall stature, athletic ...
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Henry cavill shirtless - The cold light of day
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