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 Endangered animals - Students super short film to protect the rhino

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Endangered animals - Students  super short film to protect the rhino Empty
PostSubject: Endangered animals - Students super short film to protect the rhino   Endangered animals - Students  super short film to protect the rhino I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 3:53 pm

Endangered animals - Students  super short film to protect the rhino Te-giac-vtc-news-2
Super Stop Motion short film "Horn of Hope" were two students created any public awareness to protect the rhino from extinction.

He hotboy Do Quang Minh, nickname Minh "beautiful" and you Trinh Thuy Linh knew since high school education by the mutual interests of art enthusiasts. When the same in Vietnam within a month, you have agreed to meet both make a little art project, just to satisfy your interests, just to learn discipline and collaboration, teamwork, preparation for later work. The two are studying in the specialized graphics in New Zealand.

The idea stems from the first couple wanted to do something to promote environmental awareness. When joining discussions with lots of ideas, a lot of plot, has also been introduced, such as movie on garbage, on the marine environment, on environmental resources.

And finally when you think of wild animals, and understand information on extinction of rhinos in Vietnam, the group decided to make a short film about super rhino.

Determined by early environmental film, so all materials, tools made during the Ming and Ghost movies are reused as much as possible. This is also why both of you choose to use newspaper, magazine covers to collage, not buying new cardboard. Ghost Ming and assign each person to find in stock instruments, furniture, and bring back each one contributing something, to make sense of this film project.

Boys Minh "beautiful" said: "Honestly, stop-motion film was very tired, because we were only 2 people, including two just keep struggling regulates the puppet character, just took one frame one, and then edit, re-capture for several days to complete the puzzle to create images of the footage. The most difficult thing because we were no specialized equipment supplies, so the background, trees in the film are glued together with sticky tape, while taking that wiped away the limbs are modified so that struggling match the previous frame. "

The group said you have to learn and take inspiration from the animated 2D projection Vietnam usually 90s as "Miss Cat, How fragrant as flowers, Bear v. .. v nice." and seek to create a puppet attached parts fit together, so when creating easy operation and a more natural look.

"The implementation process also has many interesting little, as if to find random pieces of paper with the word Money economy, the two were thought to use this piece of paper for rhino horn, to insist on situation because of money that hunters killed viciously mixed Rhino series. "

Minh also hope to have time to cooperate with other young people have apparently been interested with the art form for Stop Motion stop motion continue to introduce audiences to Vietnam

"It's unfortunately we were after the implementation of this project is to read the news last rhinos in Vietnam had been shot dead painter. But I also hope to Spirit and its performance will be a partly contribute to the propagation and protection of wildlife in Vietnam and other countries. " Minh "beautiful" to share.
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Endangered animals - Students super short film to protect the rhino
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