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 Detoxification struggle ... iPad for children

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Detoxification struggle ... iPad for children Empty
PostSubject: Detoxification struggle ... iPad for children   Detoxification struggle ... iPad for children I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 5:08 pm

Detoxification struggle ... iPad for children V_t_v__cai_nghi_n..
After shopping and spent a high-tech toys for children, parents turn to find solutions was upset when their children become increasingly dependent on technology instead of recreational contact with the outside world.

Many parents considered entertainment iPad is a tool for human power (Picture only illustrative).

Throw iPad disease because infants

1 year ago, Thu Lan, deputy head an import-export company had boasted: "Since she bought the iPad last boy learning to play it really good, just threaten to pull out meals is to eat all the for new games as it sounds right. Technology really means. "

Yet only some time later, when she runs into, was upset that she complained: "Bo is going ... Cu detoxification iPad". Than one year old boy at her home which is now nearly 3 years old but since she bought the iPad, where learning can not see, just plug into the game cutting the fruit, but forget racing ... say, forget the usual reflection of the child is big.

So instead of bringing iPad to coax children to eat, teach school, the tablet becomes a sinner cause very harmful consequences for children.

There are also children who are preschool age, he Quang Ha is used for the iPad from baby to forget that since the popularization of technology, the boy he was no longer communicate with your friends or people around, but mostly the father out of the house is pending against the machine.

Suffering a place, the purpose of his iPad shopping is not for the play or interact with applications for home entertainment anchor person, per child at home so he does not buy peace of mind is sometimes referred to FaceTime for testing investigate the situation for this child.

He said: "From the day I found out there are abnormal, but I take it right away screaming machine and very intense reaction, not seen before. Try for me to see a doctor, the psychologist the doctor advised me to go out with the outward activity than would otherwise suffer from psychological disorders. "

One thing is obvious, just a weekend morning going through Hanoi's cafes, not difficult to catch sight of her, he sat absorbed in his game besides the parents are busy eight story in the mid-range cafes.

Just a small reaction to reclaim the machine or not to play the child is immediately attacks leading, negative reaction to not eat or even hold the camera straight away like throwing PV VietNamNet ever witnessed.

However, not many parents realize their children are having problems with your Apple equipment, but most are only making it because we are playing, should interrupt expression was selfish or unsatisfactory only.

It is not always tech equipment also is a good solution, especially for young children who are still developing.

Addiction struggle

Thu Lan, after almost 6 months "addiction" to child finally succeed and "how to" not let them touch on the iPad. Her method is gradually reducing her time to use the machine, and instead play with me or invite your friends to play the interactive games do.

"Easier said than six months, also travel very arduous. May not be your first child is determined not to cry stringent but softened. The following month she had to hide it better, but damn the machine and pulled at play is to control his side. The game is to remove all inappropriate, leaving only the educational game. Finally, to 'donate' a machine for quite foreign to her grandparents do not see the machine again, and when successful 'rehabilitation' iPad to their children is the addiction to ... grandfather, grandmother turn to cry, "Lan said.

And you Ha, after hearing the disease, doctors said left limb loss, no speak. Even he said the couple also home to the child gradually with therapy environment has nothing to machinery, clean air back to the psychological stability gradually, by which the civil engineer software should always put his house full of digital devices.

Finally, he offers a solution for children in extracurricular activities at a private school package for 3 months, with prices up to nearly 2000 USD, including the ability to teach these courses, swimming and of course the form of a teacher with a role. Fortunately I also began to integrate his home with friends and gradually forget digital devices, but also means that every iPad, iPhone in the house from now on he must be put into locked cabinets, "surreptitiously used as ... theft "as he describes.

According to Dr. Tran Trong Long is psychological: "Many parents consider technology as a versatile toy, solve problems when communicating with children. From then on led to the phenomenon of children being dependent on the set This device, reducing the communication with society as well as create their own reactions, reflections usually affected by the long process by interacting with the virtual screen. high technology but not necessarily good there is also a major cause arising percentage of children with autism, current high, most of which are due to habitats. "

Although bring tremendous efficiencies in terms of communication, interactive but can not deny that devices such as iPad is make people "lazy". Adult behavior and perception can change in time but at my age children are forming the senses, the way children can become ... harm the hi-tech.
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Detoxification struggle ... iPad for children

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