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 In the summer, alert accidents in children

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In the summer, alert accidents  in children Empty
PostSubject: In the summer, alert accidents in children   In the summer, alert accidents  in children I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 5:09 pm

At first summer, but the Children's Hospital 1 and 2 Children (HCMC) has more emergency cases in children caused by accidents careless play. Doctors warn cases have fun always dangerous to life "the season" increase in summer days.

Play is also dangerous to life

In early June, 2 Children's Hospital to receive aid for boys NTN (11 years old, home in Lam Dong) in a Blooming severe.

In the words of the children, she was electrocuted by playing kites with their children. In particular, the kite string is not in charge ... but with copper. While playing, kite string entangled in wire outdoor power passed to her slightly burnt clothing, much of the skin of the chest and legs, severe burns all over.

According to Dr. Nguyen Quoc Hai, departments, Children's Hospital 2, if the skin is not healthy, then the hospital must conduct a skin graft for pediatric patients.

Drowning patients were followed at Children's Hospital 2 - Photos: Raw Mi

In the Emergency Department, Children's Hospital 2, the doctor is actively treating cases VCD boy (8 years old, house Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City) is still in coma, damage brain injury due to drowning.

Weekends, he was taken to the family pool. Instead of children swimming in the lake according to regulations, to watch her swim for adults and sank. When it is discovered and picked up the baby had cyanosis, apnea, not captured vessels.

According to the Children's Hospital 2, in the first two weeks of June, the hospital has continued to receive two cases of drowning in the pool by sinking.

Meanwhile, Dr Tan Dinh Phuong, Deputy Director of Emergency Department, a Children's Hospital said, burns, electrocution, falling by carelessness, snake or insect bites, foreign bodies are suffering accidents children typically increases during summer.

According to the Children's Hospital 1, each year, the average hospital received 20 cases of drowning, which always have 2-3 very tragic drowning deaths; 2,000 examinations, with 500 cases of severe burns to hospitalization. In particular, most of these accidents are concentrated in the summer months.

Emergency properly

According to doctors, electrical simulation is a simulation of the types of harmful heavy and difficult to treat. Most cases are burned nearly the entire body, even in places where electricity bones go through.

In addition, the current also impact on the cardiovascular system, nervous. In addition, scarring sequelae follow-shrinkage, for her depression.

Parents should supervise children to play safely to avoid accidents - Photo: Diep Duc Minh

Meanwhile, through carelessness lead to burns, electric shock lies very close reach of children. The doctor said that many cases of children who were electrocuted by the electric light color against the altar in his Land lying on the ground, the power outlet, the electrical equipment in the broken shell, leakage current, do not use but do not power down. Apart from electric shock burns, the children's hospital also often young emergency cases boiling water burns, car po.

In particular, the summer free time, hot weather, children are away at swimming pools, rivers, streams ... so drowning accidents also happen much.

For the simulation cases, parents should clean the wound, do not cultivate folk medicine, chemicals such as toothpaste, vinegar, just wash the burn with water. Since the cover, apply the chemicals did not help anything, but also cause infection.

For the case of drowning, the most important thing is to quickly cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the victim to lung air and blood to the brain before. Apply first aid by: the victim picked up from the water, lies in a dry, breathed rescue breathing, heart print.

Dr Tan Dinh Phuong, Deputy Director of Emergency Department, Children's Hospital 1

Dr. Tran Dac Nguyen Anh, Emergency Department, Children's Hospital 2, said the drowning cases were taken to hospital, most likely recovery is very low.

"When I was drowning, only 4-minute" golden time "to stimulate the heart, lungs of patients with active again. For if the patient's heart to stop beating, lack of blood and oxygen to the brain will cause brain damage. Then, even after the patient circuit shall also fall into brain damage, coma is very difficult to recover, "said Dr. Nguyen Anh said.

Meanwhile, the fastest usually take 20 minutes, the patients were taken to hospital. Therefore, initial first aid is extremely important.

However, recorded at Children's Hospital 1, multiple drowning cases where patients are brought to emergency in the state of cyanosis, apnea, skin blisters as burns or multiple injuries. These lesions caused by the "emergency phase" is not properly styled folk like rolling rollers, shock or water taxi, carrying the patient's head upside down running around in circles.

"Doing so has not helped the heart, lungs, patients have become active again causing more accidents. The patient died from drowning but did not die from burns or trauma, "Dr. Phuong said.

So doctors recommend that method, with the drowning cases, the most important thing is to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the lungs to the victim to air and blood to the brain before. Apply first aid to victims by: rescued victim from the water, to place a dry, breathed rescue breathing, heart print.

"Children should not swim in the water bath and need some adult supervision of swimming activities," the doctor recommended method.
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In the summer, alert accidents in children

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