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 Partner selection criteria

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PostSubject: Partner selection criteria   Partner selection  criteria I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 3:58 pm

Funny now to become a partner criteria. Do not believe it? Take a look at the beauty pageant program. All the pretty girls all say I like the funny man form.

If you want a happy relationship that you and she can always joke with each other, let's focus on seven types of positive humor. And if you want to avoid disagreements or unnecessary anger, know to avoid ungainly 5 types of humor at the wrong time.

You may not realize, but very easy for you to use 5 types of comedy at the wrong time than the other seven types.

These types of comedy positive

We will help you two closer together. You will not have fear of being judged or when tensions always at her side.

Humor: partner selection criteria

The humor of a partner makes life more interesting (Photo)

A. Self-ridicule themselves

Often you will get angry with someone near you at cause errors, because you do not want to get the error on his part. But by using this type of humor, you can just get the error and makes the air became more fun. This type of humor that you and became a mistake or accept funny style. It will make the air became more comfortable, and let her see that you do not feel angry or upset.

Two. Reviews

Have you ever complained about a TV program, or about a friend not acting uncomfortable? These are very bad joke, but as long as she agrees with you about situations or people, she will participate in the joke and the two of you will have a fun gossiping. Muskmelon trafficking on a topic that you two are excited to help you and her closer.

3. Practical jokes

Have you ever put on a show to tease her? It will be a happy anniversary and will cause each time you refer to laugh. But it also depends on the mental state of her anymore. If you are a person who loves forgiving, then the real joke will help keep your love forever between interesting and fresh.

4. Childlike jokes

This is very stupid kind of joking, but as long as you both are comfortable, then just apply. Please call each other stupid nicknames, patting her buttocks and ran to another room ... But you should remember not a malicious joke.

Humor: partner selection criteria

What kind of joking child can bring surprises (Photo)

Five. Situational joke

This type of humor that you use that situation to make a funny. It will help to reduce the odd embarrassing situations in public places, and she will feel very grateful to you. Two you use this type to support each other as much as the relationship between the two will become closer.

6. Playing in the bathroom

Have you ever flirt with her on something hard or wet? Innuendo jokes hidden meaning in terms of gender is the most obvious example of this type of humor. When she talks to you and you respond with a funny joke that related to gender issues, maybe you'll be eating a smack on the hand, but the conversation will be much more fun.

7. Type shared joke

When she's sad, please share your funny stories about the failures occur in situations like that. This type of humor is most effective when you want to do the bizarre situations become more eccentric support. Take advantage of the situation to understanding and speaking words of comfort to her feel better.

These types of negative body

We will make the distance between two people, and she makes you feel comfortable and annoying together.

A. Ironic

You will easily slip ironic mouth that is angry with her. For most people, irony is how to protect themselves or to hurt others while posing calmly. But this is not a kind of joking should be used, especially in love. It will only make her angry because you can not be argued.

Two. Insults

Have you ever joke to upset her? by talking bad about the family or a malfunction in the past? Never offend people you love. Whether you're just joking, but it will leave an impression does not fade.

Humor: partner selection criteria

Do not joke about her weakness because it makes her hurt (Photo)

3. Delicate

You answer the question with an answer nature compliments her self? Like when she asked "I look like?" And you reply "I go with you should be sure they will look then." If she knows you, the sophisticated humor will be amusing, but if misused will make her angry. The result is that she can become traits that you hate continuous strong breeze.

4. Jokes about disadvantages

If you do not like her behavior, do not talk about it when playing. If you do, she will be strong because the psychological impact statement criticizing your looks, but she could not argue because you're joking.

Five. Playing style council

Have you played along with the crowd on his friends to tease her for fun? Can you feel happy, but she'll find a lonely, frail and suffering. It is different than being bullied in school but where?

If she just bought a new shirt that you do not like, do not other people have played along by a general agreement with you. Joke would cause her discomfort and sadness.
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Partner selection criteria

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