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 Tips to keep the love of modern women

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Tips to keep the love of modern women Empty
PostSubject: Tips to keep the love of modern women   Tips to keep the love of modern women I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 4:00 pm

Confidence, know all their lives and see things that optimism is the secret of her beautiful, more attractive in the eyes of love.

There is a saying like this: "You can not give away what you do not have." So as not to appreciate and love yourself, then do not rush to show someone love ignorance. It would be difficult to build a happy love, long on that platform. Conversely, if your romance is a little trouble, the psychologists also recommend how to improve it by love myself more. Two steps below will be helpful hints for you:

A. Commit to yourself to living in peace no matter what happens with

When you're single, people and made myself this promise very seriously. However, when asked, then things began to change gradually. You do not spend much time to care little for his image again, no shopping, no de-stress play a show ... Instead, put most of their attention on him, go, eat anything, buy anything and want to share with him.

You do so instinctively, unconditionally and think that he would be emotional, appreciative of you. This may be correct but only for a short time only. If the interest to go on forever and the growing level will create pressure for him. Also, in yourself you also appear to the demands on him to respond to your rage situation. If you do not get what you want, you'll be disappointed, urgent and frustrated lover. You yourself have brought joy and happiness put into the wrong hands. This is not good.

Two. Find ways to make you smile even when suffering the most

Do not wait until the beautiful new love for the planning of their play activities. You must always remember that you are the owner of this life and happiness is their decision. Please sign up for a community class on cooking, dancing, boating, music ... Also, can make a list of tourist destinations or homes of relatives, friends you want to visit. Each passing day with many interesting activities will give you the necessary life skills.

Once you've built yourself an active life is natural, you yourself will become more attractive. The single person who will attract many admiring eyes of the opposite sex. And lovers will be partners better care. Because he understood that there are many who are not afraid to attack "rumors that the enemy".
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Tips to keep the love of modern women
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