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 Dead turtle for decades are suddenly crawling

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Dead turtle for decades are  suddenly crawling Empty
PostSubject: Dead turtle for decades are suddenly crawling   Dead turtle for decades are  suddenly crawling I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2012 2:58 pm

On a rainy night mid 7/2011, identified "specific" capital dried turtle is on display from decades in the Nguyen Thi Sam (live Nam Hong commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi) crawling away suddenly "escape" that both the blue eyes looking for. [/ B]
The work is not only difficult to explain that homeowners fear shaman, but also invited to keep the glass "metal god rules."

Determination turtles ... "wake up"

Mrs. Sam share, more than 20 years ago a friend gave her husband's family identified a "specific" dry turtle, estimated hundreds of years old and his family as a souvenir turtle placed in the position identified in the formal living room . A year ago, she thought of Sam put the turtle up the garden area exhibited by both her home often focus here, rarely fully present at home.

The owner said: "" Instrument "is a turtle as an ornamental object, just as spiritual things the family had carefully placed neatly on a side plate, close to the main altar in the spacious house, in the middle of the garden ecology ". Who doubt the "not" specific "quiet place" leads to many strange family have made a terrible loss chickened phen.

From turtles to determine when to move the garden, visitors to visit more and more crowded. Who to also admiring, fascinated at the image of a large body dry turtle nearly 1 meter in length, brown shells are clearly imposing imposing shadow lies between the garden. Also do not understand putting "stuff" here that turtles bring good luck or not the business of her family which is also very "smooth sailing", the company's employees are "on the one heart", quarrel not occur or what the language.

A manager inside the glass to "Tools" turtle

Determination turtle is not only her family Sam, that nearly 30 employees here also see things that are "family protection", no one dared to touch anything. "I also appointed a staff watch" stuff ", if the children come to visit battered leg naughty open hand on the" Tools "turtle is this staff to intervene must be timely, prompt immediately", Sam told her.

Suddenly, strange thing happens on a day between 7/2011. After a rainy night, lightning used correctly, her brother Sam is also the manager of this amusement park from early morning wake up and recognize the horror that identify missing tortoises.

Looked around the altar area and look around the main house nor of time, fear of animals "family security" stolen, he ran all the way out the main gate and saw the door still locked quiet. Protected, talk to know the person does not hear unusual or suspicious phenomenon.

The manager said: "It was said that the turtle could hardly out of the area so I called to protect the entire staff looking shine. Wide area 3 ha pond sentences should each be divided into search in a corner, from kitchen to dining, children's play area, garden ecology .... Find near noon smooth where sweat is not seen. When a break to prepare the second search, we came to tea table near the main gate then suddenly the turtle found lying a few meters. "

The turtle is found and returns the normal position. However, the cause of this strange disappearance makes people here are questions. The defense said the restaurant could hardly be burgled as thieves do not want to get the correct dry turtles. "With restaurants you can turtle by spiritual values ​​but with no meaning outside the what", the defense analyst. As restaurant manager inside the burning function: "I think any child should lead the turtles to tease hidden people."

Invite shaman "retain" "tools" turtle

The story he will drift into oblivion if the "chorus" is not repeated exactly one month later. Also a meeting early in the morning, people woke up to management throughout the restaurant, then check again that the turtle "is wiped out."

To suddenly remember the old story, he ran all the way to the tea table where previously found this turtle but found nothing. Protection staff was mobilized to hunt an animal phen "family protection". A store employee lucky enough to find "stuff" is located between the main entrance from the garden space, a position often "managed" more than 50m.

Identify turtles that close ... "escape"

Again, though testing and analysis, managers can not find signs of people moving to this carnival. Sam also has to meet her all the employees of the restaurant but everyone also have "shook his head" because no one wants to bother with useless jokes like that.

"No one dared to believe turtle had dried up but can no longer move any satisfactory explanation. There is a strange thing both times turtles are missing the rainy sky, floating storm. Because of rain, but stick to the time of its hind legs had been broken item and left the body ", the manager could not hide his curiosity, skepticism when I recall the story.

Ms. Samson said, which tortoise is sacred animals should not superstitious but despite many rumors, said to be "omen", she also "worried right now". The following is the second turtle "out into the garden to play," she quickly went to find the same and the "command" of this "locked glass cabinet to do" tortoise mind "back", fresh from her family all run up and down Sam to care for "rest" of the "turtle god".

The manager quickly close a glass case sure, seasoned and put into the turtle. The dresser is not displayed in the main hut as always that was transferred out of the artificial floating island resorts.

States work more, the island in the middle of the lake north of a bridge is also designed as a small family tree. Although the region is "sacred" of the garden by Buddhist Army where sound but the words "advice" of the "master" offerings, this turtle is also the "honor" not least when the cabinet put "turtle god "located right next to her statue of Buddha. Since that day is so, the restaurant manager must get up early in the morning and the incense floating islands "donating" the "spirit turtle".

There clearly is "god" or not but more than half of this year, the question "Why do tortoises suddenly dry themselves move and shift how" makes Sam and her family's garden staff has always silently curiosity, thinking to find the answer. The owner said all this time has repeatedly demanded questioned whether employees take turtle away playing hide but who also refuses stirring bar.

Led us to determine where the turtles visit, the manager pointed to the hind legs of the "turtle" was broken after two "campaign": "That time are constantly worried about the glass case so I frantically grab white tape glued legs for "stuff". Now look back and see ... no higher aesthetic. Mong "stuff" that does not charge fines ignore me, "smiled the man assigned Luxembourg.
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Dead turtle for decades are suddenly crawling
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