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 The role of soy and soy milk in the rhythm of life time

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The role of soy and soy milk in the rhythm of life time Empty
PostSubject: The role of soy and soy milk in the rhythm of life time   The role of soy and soy milk in the rhythm of life time I_icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2012 3:19 pm

Today, as the quality of life increasing, people increasingly take care of health problems. Demand for food today not only provide nutrition but also other functions such as prevention and treatment. Soybeans and soy products has long been a delicacy for each Vietnam, but the nutritional and health benefits from soy are also less well known.

Soybeans are a source of nutrient rich

On average, soy protein contains about 35-40%, 15-20% fat, 30% carbohydrate, 10-13% humidity and 5% minerals and ash. An interesting fact is that compared with other grains, soy protein contains all amino acid needs of human use. Because of this, that soy is an indispensable resource in the diets of vegetarians. Besides, with high-fat, soy also be used to produce vegetable oil. Soybean oil contains no cholesterol, in addition, which also contains unsaturated fatty acids are omega-3 fatty acids can reduce cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis ...

Soybeans contain many components of biological good for human health

Numerous studies indicate that soy ingredients in beneficial effects to human health and contain compounds that are bioactive phytochemicals known as isoflavones are, saponin, lecithin, lectin, oligosaccharide Although ... it has no nutritional value and accounted for a small amount of soy but has special effects on human health such as reduced use of blood cholesterol, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer , Antioxidant ...

Soy milk

Soy milk is produced with raw materials are soy beans. Mixture after soaking, wash and finely ground residue was filtered to collect the juice, cooked with soy milk. Can use modern equipment such as soy milk to maintain maximum flavor, color and nutritional value.

Milk is a food that contains nutrients with proportions very important for the health of humans, especially infants and young children. But there is a group of people can not use milk because they can not consume the lactose in cow's milk or breast milk. But fortunately, in soy milk contains no lactose, so it will be a source of nutrients for this group of people, especially infants and young children.

Because soy milk is made from soy beans is it retains most of the ingredients in soy, such as omega-3 fatty acids, compounds with biological activity against cancer likely , antioxidants, lower blood cholesterol ... In addition, soy milk can be used directly to replace cow's milk or raw materials for processing soup, yogurt, ice-cream or pudding.

Soybeans and products made from soybeans are an important food source in the diet of man. Food source not only provides nutrients but also a positive impact on health. Thus, to ensure the health, education and work in today's modern life, every family should use soy and soy products in your diet.

Prof. Dr. KS TRAN THI NGUYEN achievements and Tran Van Linh - - - - - - - - - -

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The role of soy and soy milk in the rhythm of life time

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